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Red Star - April 2009 - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Red Star - April 2009 - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

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Published by Communist Party
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

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Published by: Communist Party on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Red Star April 2009
Press Statement
Defeat UPA and NDA!
Expose and Oppose CPI(M)-led Third Front!
Rally For Anti-Imperialist People\u2019s Democratic Alternative!
THE ELECTIONS to the 15th Lok Sabha is taking place at a critical time. In continuation to the

barbarous imperialist globalization policies, the present unprecedented imperialist meltdown has led the country to devastation and the vast masses of the people to unprecedented unemployment, price rise and pauperization. The neocolonial domination of imperialist powers, especially US imperialism is intensifying day by day. The religious fundamentalists, communal fascists and casteist forces are unleashed by the ruling classes and the political parties serving them to divert people\u2019s attention from their burning issues. Even the forces of terrorism given birth by the US imperialists have surfaced in a big way in our country. As a result of all these, people are facing unprecedented economic, political, social and cultural crisis.

The Congress-led UPA rule for last five years have intensified this crisis. It has aided and abetted communal fascism and casteism. It has surrendered the country to US Imperialist domination in all fields. Following the global economic crisis, instead of helping the workers and other toiling masses, it is bailing out the scoundrels responsible for the crisis, as the US and other imperialists are doing. As far as the BJP-led NDA is concerned along with its commitment to intensify imperialist globalization, it is intensifying communal fascism and helping terrorist forces. Both UPA and NDA are two sides of the same coin which should be defeated.

Propping up the UPA government at centre for more than four years and implementing imperialist globalization policies in the states where it is in power, the CPI(M)-led LF has exposed its opportunism in all respects. Its Third Front is nothing but a gimmick to cheat the people . It is once again going to support the UPA after the elections in the name of opposing communal BJP or going to repeat another United Front exercise like 1996-98 experience.

In order to hide the fact that all these fronts \u2014 UPA, NDA and Third Front \u2014 have no basic disagreement on any of the important economic and political issues, and that whichever front or combination comes to power after the elections, the same policies will be continued more speedily as the UPA which replaced NDA was doing during the last five years, people\u2019s attention is diverted in numerous ways from fundamental problems faced by them through all sorts of diversionary tactics including communal, casteist, chauvinist propaganda, fielding cinema stars, mega spending to purchase votes, etc.

In this situation the interests of the country and the people can be served only by the revolutionary left, democratic , patriotic forces who are committed to throw out imperialist globalization, kick out IMF-World Bank-MNCs and WTO, and standing for revolutionary agrarian reforms based on land to the tiller slogan. Against the imperialist dictated development policy, a national, self-reliant, people oriented development policy ensuring food, housing, education, health-care and employment for all and social justice and security should be fought for.

It is with this perspective the CPI(ML) in its Election Manifesto has called on the masses to rally for an anti-imperialist people\u2019s democratic alternative against all ruling class alternatives. It has fielded 33 candidates in 11 states for the Lok Sabha elections (the list is enclosed). It is also supporting around 30 candidates of revolutionary left, dalit, adivasi organizations in 15 states.

We appeal to all left masses, the toiling classes, all secular, democratic, patriotic sections to support the CPI(ML)\u2019s call and extend all support and vote for the candidates fielded by the party and its anti-imperialist peoples democratic allies.

Central Committee
New Delhi
Intensify Political Campaign for Anti-Imperialist People\u2019s
Democratic Alternative
EVEN WHEN the filing of nomination for the first phase of 15th Lok Sabha elections have started,

the squabbling among the political parties representing the comprador ruling system have intensified creating aya rams gaya rams of parties and leaders. On seat sharing Congress has quarrelled with and separated from RJD of Lalu and LJP of Paswan in Bihar, while doing the same in UP with Mulayam\u2019s SP. These former rivals have joined hands leaving aside Congress to form a power group. Another party from UPA, the PMK in TN has gone over to the AIADMK front. Though Congress has settled seat sharing with NCP in Maharashtra, their feuds have not stopped. Meanwhile the statement of Gulab Nabi Azad, a Congress leader, that what is needed at centre is a single party rule, has become another hot subject of debate. Thus it is becoming clear that though Congress may gain in W. Bengal and Kerala, it is going to lose much more everywhere else, with the erosion of the credibility of the UPA government.

The separation of BJD in Orissa was a major setback for BJP. Thus it is left with much smaller number of allies compared to the time of NDA rule. Its Hindutva card is increasingly isolating it from the still surviving allies also. Though UPA government has helped it from much embarassment by slowing down the Malegaon blast probe which clearly showed Sangh Parivar\u2019s involvement in the spread of terrorism, the emergence of Ram Sene in Karnataka, Varun Gandhi\u2019s hate speech in UP, etc. have left it with nothing else but verbal fights with Congress to keep itself afloat. BJP\u2019s chances of even maintaining its present strength is dim.

As far as th e so-called \u2018Third

Front\u2019 is concerned, while the CPI(M)-led Left Front\u2019s strength is sure to go down the regional parties of various hues are bound to gain, increasing the number of non-Congress, non-BJP MPs. This may even give rise to the emergence of a 1996-98 type UF government at centre after the elections. But it shall not bring about any positive shifts in policies as all of these parties have no firm stand against the imperialist dictated ruling class policies including imperialist globalisation.

There is an argument that a weaker government of these parties at centre is better as it may not go like Congress and BJP for outright comprador policies. But the experience of 1996-98 UF rule with Congress support give no hope for such a possibility. Can a government even without Congress support is possible? Will it go for atleast populist policies? Or, on the contrary, the die- hard comprador bureaucracy will become stronger serving the imperialists, especially US imperialists cause more faithfully? The present election debates in media and outside focussing on petty issues do not give any indications about these post-election possibilities.

But whatever may be the character of the coming government, it can be compelled to reverse present policies and go for more progressive policies only through massive people\u2019s movements. It is with this perspective the genuine left and democratic forces should approach the election campaign. It is in this context the Anti-Imperialist People\u2019s Democratic Alternative

call of CPI(ML) becomes more significant than ever. The election campaign should be
vigorously organised based on this call explained in the Election Manifesto.
Observe 40th Anniversary of Party Formation
ON 22ND APRIL we are observing the fortieth anniversary of the CPI(ML) formation at an

important juncture in the history of our country. The correctness of the struggle against the revisionist line of the CPI leadership, the neo-revisionist line of the CPI(M) leadership waged by the communist Revolutionaries during the 1960s is proved absolutely correct today with both degenerating irrevocably to the social democratic positions, engaging in opportunist alliances with the ruling class parties in order to save the ruling system from the ever intensifying crisis it is facing.

In 1960s the Dangeists leading the CPI had adopted the notorious National Democratic Revolution line depicting the class character of the big bourgeoisie and the Congress leadership as mainly national bourgeois and claiming that the democratic revolution can be completed peacefully joining hands with it, in line with the Krushchovite revisionism. The CPI(M) leadership in the party programme adopted in 1964 depicted the class character of the Indian big bourgeoisie as of dual character, collaborating on the one hand and struggling on the other hand with imperialism. But it left what is the principal aspect of this contradiction unexplained. As a result, soon in practice, it reached the CPI position. In 1969 when Congress splitted and a very favourable situation arose for a country wide communist offensive against the anti-people rule of Congress and against the reactionary ruling system, it went to the assistance of Indira Gandhi Government, which had lost majority support, along with the CPI. This deviation has led the CPI(M) leadership to its present outright opportunist positions. Its opportunism extends from implementing the imperialist dictated ruling class policies from Panchayats to state governments wherever its is in power, to pimping for the ruling system at Delhi.

Against this opportunist lines, the CPI(ML) had characterized the big bourgeoisie and the bureaucracy as comprador, that is, in the main, collaborating with the imperialist forces and implementing their policies. Their contention, if any, is transitory while collaboration is principal. Though both the CPI and CPI(ML) had attacked this characterization venomously right from the beginning, the experience of the last four decades has proved which is correct and which is wrong. Today, under imperialist globalization the public sector is mostly sold-out, all welfare policies are increasingly abandoned, whatever progressive character Indian foreign policy had and whatever sovereignty the country had is destroyed. Whether one call them comprador, collaborating, dependent, the corporate houses and the bureaucracy in India are serving the neocolonisation of India which is intensifying day by day.

Question of agrarian revolution

From the days of the Colonial Theses put forward by Lenin, the Marxist-Leninists all over the world had upheld that in the countries under colonization where the tasks of the bourgeois democratic revolution are not completed and feudal relations are not thrown out, according to concrete conditions the agrarian revolution should be carried forward based on the land to the

tiller programme, so that the revolutionary sections of the peasantry and the oppressed masses

can be mobilized for the democratic revolution, forging the worker-peasant alliance under working class leadership. After the 1947 transfer of power, with the penetration of finance capital in to all fields and initiation of green revolution like policies the land relations have undergone vast changes. Old feudal landlords are replaced by agricultural bourgeoise, rich

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