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Stories From India and Around the World

Stories From India and Around the World

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Published by varunprince

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Published by: varunprince on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Second World War caused the death of millions of young,brave people with promising futures. Even though the Allies won thewar, it can be said that this war had no winners, only losers.Altogether, it is estimated that fifty million people lost their lives.Among these fifty million people, two brothers, Captain Bill Smith andOberstadtfuhrer Roy Smith stand out. The father and mother of these two exceptionally good pilots haddivorced at the time of the Great Depression. The mother had migratedto Germany and had taken the younger son, Roy Smith. The fatherstayed on in England with William Smith in his custody. William grew upto be a striking young man. Exceptionally intelligent and physicallystrong, he was one of a kind. His brother in Germany, Roy was madeup of the same mould as his brother.When war broke out, both these men turned out to be primeexamples of what their respective countries wanted to have in theirarmed forces. Roy and Bill had stayed in contact with each other forsome time, but had later lost contact. Both of them were drafted to theair force of their respective countries.When the Battle of Britain started in 1941, both these two youngmen fought valiantly for their respective countries. They both grew upto be ace pilots and rose up the ranks very quickly. In a fight for lifeand death, the weak get cut down quickly.
In 1944, when the Second World War was nearing its end, theGermans became more and more desperate. They often sent theirsoldiers and pilots to suicide missions hoping for miracles that just didnot happen. Both these brothers had become legendary by that time. Amere sighting of these two youth’s aircrafts would result in theopposing sides not sending their pilots out.Bill Smith had by that time become a Group Captain and hisbrother Roy, an Oberstadtfuhrer, roughly equivalent to the rank of aGroup Captain in the British Air force. The Germans were cutting off thevital supplies needed by the rapidly advancing British Army. Withoutthese supplies, the British troops would be stranded without fuel andhampered with no food, water and other necessities. This would resultin the Germans having more time to regroup and world result in thewar being prolonged which would in turn result in more deaths,something which the British High Command was anxious to avoid. The man who was in command of the German fighter-bombersquadrons affecting such damage on the British was Roy Smith. He hadbecome a talisman for the Germans. With him, they could not lose. The British High Command realized this. They sent squadronsupon squadrons of planes, but they all were annihilated. In the end,they entrusted this mission to their best pilot, Bill Smith.So, on a fateful evening in the winter of 1944, Captain Bill Smithtook off from one of the dilapidated old airfields in Alsace, in Francewith a mission, to kill his own brother. However, he did not know thathis opponent that evening was his brother. He only knows that hisadversary that day was called as “Terror in the Air”.
Roy, on the other hand had no inkling that anything special wasgoing to happen that day. “Just another day killing Tommies”, hethought as he sat inside the cockpit. That evening, fourteen German Nighthawk bomber-fightersfought against twenty Lancaster fighter-bombers led by Bill Smith. Turmoil and carnage followed. The Germans and Britishers fought withequal enthusiasm and patriotism. In the end, only two planed werelest. One German and one British. Roy and Bill.Bill recognized his adversary and was determined to kill him. Inan epic dogfight, they circled and traded shots only to see theiropponent evade them. Their respect for their adversary grew. In theend, Roy saw a new squadron of British bombers approaching.While fleeing, he heard over the plane radio the words, “Welldone, Captain Bill Smith”. He was so shocked that he was not able tocomplete the turn properly and while he was off-balance, his brothershot the engine away. However, they were so close to each other thatthe explosion that followed a split-second later took both of their lives. Just before they died, they were thinking of each other, one with sadirony and the other with anguish that he would never see his brotheragain.
Gopal was a young man in king Krishnadevaraya’s court. He wasa friend of a minister in the king’s court. He was a poor and foolish

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