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Important Issues of Modern Life

Important Issues of Modern Life

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Published by pratheekprince

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Published by: pratheekprince on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The IITs, and IIMs, the AlEEEs; these three acronyms evoke fear,determination and tears among our peers. Pressure finds its waythrough the bones and veins of the youth of today. The Ills and the IIMshave become the present day Holy Grail of the youth. Samuel Skinneronce said, "Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains." Thissignifies the present-day troubles of man. He feels as if without doingsomething extraordinary in his life, his life is a waste. Parents tell theirsiblings to reach great heights in their lives. They pressurize them bytrying to cram things into their minds. Some plucky and string-heartedones rise and fly away into the sky to reach great ranks and heights.However, the majority are not eagles. They come crashing back to theground.Present day youth feel that their lives are nothing if they do notget into a good university or college. They struggle hard, go to tuitions,ignore sport activities and bury their heads in huge books. Childrenmerely into their 5th Grade read books and try to understand conceptsof college science in order to make their future easy. However, whenthere are more than 5 lakh children doing the same thing to get one of approximately six thousand seats as in this time's IIT-JEE, there areonly going to be a few smiles when the results come out.Out of every suicide case, one is a youth between 15 and 24. This statistics includes all those aged people who have a terminalillness and thus commit suicide. One in 5 teens thinks of suicide. This
shows just how much pressure teens have. To get a good job andconsequently good life, one has to study in a good college oruniversity. However, especially in India, good higher education is a rarething. Also, India being the second most populated country in the worldand an amazing 40% of the people being below the age of 20, thecompetition in our country is cutting edge. One will also have toparticipate competitively in extra-curricular activities to be a success inlife.There are several causes for suicide and self-harm in ourcountry. But the most important among them all is pressure put on theyouth by their parents to do well in their exams. In the turbulent timesof youth, people magnify even small ups and downs horrendously. Teens are famously known to be emotionally insecure. A rather badexperience like failure in examinations or inability to get into auniversity may just put them over the edge. The chances of notgetting into universities have increased these days with morecompetition.If one scans the newspaper, one can see several cases of suicideinstantly. The pressure that students go through has been going up andif one is not able to cope one feels despondent and unhappy and feelsthat life is not worth living. One in every twelve teens attemptssuicide. Some especially sensitive children get affected inordinatelyby bullying by rather overly boisterous children and get so depressedthat they commit suicide. The easy availability of firearms also helpsyouth who want to commit suicide. Some youth also haveundiagnosed mental illness such as severe bouts of manic
.It has been found by surveys that 20% of all youth have severe bouts
of depression. If unfortunate events happen to them, they may get thedesire to commit suicide.Another reason why youth commit suicide is excess loneliness. The social attitude of youths these days is not what it once was.Peers do not easily accept a lonely person searching for friendlycompany these days. Introverts are rarely accepted into gangs of extroverts and even if accepted are neglected, teased or bullied tothe point of tears.Another cause of suicide and self-harm is addiction to drugs oralcohol which increases the bouts and magnitude of depressionwhich again induces people to commit suicide. Also, if a dearly lovedone passes away, it may drive youth to depression. There have beencases of people committing suicide because of severe depressionbecause of the death of hero-figure. Also, there have been cases of people committing suicide due to an unfortunate national eventtaking place. Examples include people committing suicide because of India losing out in the first round of the 2007 Cricket World Cup. To prevent suicide among youth, cases of depression amongyouths must be found out as soon as possible. Also youth helpprograms must be set up in the country for youth who require help. Treatment must not be avoided by depressed youth. Several youthpull out of treatment at the slightest chance. They should beprevented or dissuaded from doing so. Also, parents should try to getan inkling of what thoughts are going through their charge's minds.Parents often do not talk to their children about their failures as theyfeel that it would be like applying salt to the wounds of the children.

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