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Recap Technological Innov

Recap Technological Innov



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Published by katonyo

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Published by: katonyo on Sep 24, 2009
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PROFESSOR: DR. PABLO T. MATEO JR.______________________________ R E C A P I T U L A T I O NTECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT (PHD 803)PROFESSOR: DR. PABLO T. MATEO JR.The course is intended to enhance the Mega Trends and Innovativetechniques in the educational delivery system by identifying and understandingthe scenarios and changes in education formal and informal and the innovativeeducation delivery approaches that may be employed.Gina Agus discuss the delivery systems for institutional servicesspecifically the Bureau of Elementary Education, Multigrade Program inPhilippine Education (MPPE) including its projects: Multi grade Demo SchoolsProjects (MDSP), Pupil Learning Enhancement Program, Little Red SchoolProjects (LRSP) by the Coca-Cola Company, and Integrated Curriculum for Multigrade Classes (IC-MG).Other programs such as Pre-School Contracting Program, SPEDPersonnel Enhancement Program, Resource Materials Development for Childrenwith Special Needs (CSNS), Early Intervention Program for Children withDisabilities, Standards for Quality Elementary Education (SQEE), ThirdElementary Education Program (TEEP), Save the Children’s Parent Volunteer Program, BEC Curriculum adding the fifth subject Makabayan introduce by thelate Sec. Raul Roco and EO.266 issued by Pres. Aroyo the Strong RepublicSchool (SRS).The second reporter is Elmer Martin whose topic is all about Bureau of Secondary Education has the following programs: Secondary EducationDevelopment Program (SEDP), PRODED, and INNOTECH. RA No. 9155 or theBasic Education Act of 2001 focuses on the following key programs: GovernmentAssistance to Student and Teachers in Private Education (GATSPE), CommunityService and Public Safety Training (CS-PST), Thinking Skills Development for Maximized Cognitive Performance (TSD-MCP), Adopt – school- Program, BalikPaaralan Para sa Out School Adults (BP-OSA), Project EASE (Effective andAffordable Secondary Education), School Based Education, Indigenization for Cultural Community, Revitalized Homeroom Guidance Program, PopulationEducation Program, Information Network (POPEDIN) Population Education,Home Partnership Program, and Remedial Instruction Programs in High Schoolor the High School Bridge Program. To gauge the success of the program theNational Education Assessment Test is administered yearly in random sampling.Melchor Placino the 3
discussant for the topic Philippine EducationalSystem Legal basis, the 1987 Philippine Constitution Article XIV Section 1 and 2,BP. 232 Education Act of 1982 Part III Rule.1.Sec.5, RA 7722 the Creation of Commission on Higher Education, CMO 35 s 2000 Updated Policies Guidelineson Open Learning and Distance Education (OLDE). The educational deliverysystem are Open University, Teacher Training and Development for On-Line
PROFESSOR: DR. PABLO T. MATEO JR.______________________________ Lifelong Learning, Certification and Equivalency Programs, Expanded TertiaryEducation Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), PhilippineEducational Placement Test (PEPT), Non- Education through PD 1139 in 1977,Education For All (EFA) movement by UNESCO, School On Air.Jerry Buraga talks on the different educational funding scheme andsources such as: Government Assistance to the Students and Teachers inPrivate Education (GATSPE), Study Now Pay Later Plan, Private EducationStudent Fund Assistance Program (PESFA), State Scholarship Program (SSP)under RA 4090, Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program(SEGEAP) thru MOA of PANAMIN and DECS on July 10, 1997, and RA 7687Instituting a Science and Technology Scholarship Program and other purposes.Delivery systems to improve educational standards by TeresitaEvangelista in the form of accreditation by the Accrediting Agencies in thePhilippines under Federation of Accreditation Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP)for private higher educational institution; Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU); Association of Christian Schoolsand Colleges Accreditation Agencies (ACSCAA); Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities-Commission on Accreditation (PACUOA); AccreditationAgency for Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACUP) and Association of Local Colleges and Universities –Commission on Accreditation for governmenthigher institution.A continued report by Virginia Sobrenisana on the delivery system for educational systems covers Higher Educational Development Plan, MediumTerm Higher Development Plan (MTHEDP) 1996-2005; Long Term Higher Educational Development Plan (LTHEDP) 2001-2010;Vision and Goals of Higher Education; Internationalization of Higher Education; International Cooperation of Higher Education; Higher Education Research; National Higher EducationResearch Agenda and its policy; Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency andAccreditation Program (ETEEAP).Delivery System for Academic Supports that includes library as mandatedin RA 7743 An Establishing of Congressional, City and Municipal Libraries, andBarangay Reading Center; Public Libraries Information Network; Library for theBlind, Research grants in line with National Higher Education Research Agenda;Types of Academic Museum; Financial Management System of DEPED: BudgetDivision, Accounting Division, Payroll Services Division, Systems Division,Management Division, and Cash Division; Human Resource DevelopmentService, and Public Relation Responsibilities this was presented to the class byDarcy Dave Moreno.A more advance topic was delivered by Tony Antonio the ManagementInformation System with the use of computer for Lower, Middle and TopManagers in making tactical and strategic decisions; Internet and its Feature. He

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