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Big Five Model

Big Five Model

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Published by sukritee

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Published by: sukritee on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Factor 1: Agreeableness (A)
How do you react to others’ opinions? When you agree to them easily,you are considered agreeable. However, your strong reactions qualifyyou as challenger in the words of Howard and Howard (2001). There aresome other correlated traits for agreeableness.
A Higher Degree in ‘A’
 The five factor model of personality considers you as good natured,sympathetic and forgiving. You are considered as tolerant, agreeable andcourteous. You prove an excellent team member. You strive to bringharmony amongst your mates. You are friendlier, approachable andappeasing. You can ignore your own needs for others’.However, you are not a good leader. You prefer to work in background.You keep your opinions to yourself to avoid conflict. You are easilyinfluenced. But you are a born social reformer. You can prove anexcellent teacher. The psychology is one of the best fields for you.
A Lower Degree in ‘A’
 Five factor model of personality considers you as critical, analytical andtough. You are expressive in your opinions. You don’t hide your reactions. You want your efforts and achievements to be acknowledged.You can challenge. You are a born leader.However, you may not prove a good team leader. Extreme degreesqualify you as a rude, callous and self-centered person. You are viewedas hostile. You are not considered cooperative. Your love for power canlead you to be an autocrat.You are considered suitable for those careers where you are givenfreedom to exercise your will. Military leadership, public administrationand management are the best career dimensions for you.
Factor 2: Openness to Change (O)
Five facto model of personality considers you open for change when youaccept new thoughts, ideas and changes.However, you are considered close to change when you avoid newexperiments and follow rules and regulations very strictly. The other 
correlated personality traits with different degrees are mentioned below.
A Higher Degree in ‘O’
 You qualify to be counted as original, creative and curious. You believethat change is more than essential for social evolution. You loverevolutions. You enjoy complexities of things and strive to find out their solutions. You can handle new systems, technologies and tools withgreat ease. You always build a big picture but tend to ignore vital details.You are considered suitable for the careers where a lot of creativity,novelty and originality is involved.
A Lower Degree in ‘O’
 The five factor model of personality qualifies you as a resistant tochange. You are traditional. You love peacefulenvironment, secure jobs and serene family life. You spend a lot of timeon details. You can execute plans very well.However, you are not a good planner. Your focus on details may causeyou to ignore big picture. You accept change only when there is no wayout. The careers where rules and regulations are to be followed verystrictly are considered suitable for you. You can prove a good judge,accountant and auditor. No one can be better financial manager than you.
Factor 3: Extraversion (E)
Do you love gatherings?Or you prefer solitude?Five factor model of personality considers your preferred way to handleyour environment very important. Different criteria are adopted whenyou apply for a job of cricket commentator and for a position of a scriptwriter. You can identify what level of degree you require to go for your dream job.
A Higher Degree in ‘E’
 The five factor model considers you social, friendlier and talkative. Youare often assertive and energetic. You can do many tasks successfully ata time. You prefer to lead others. You are charismatic. However, you relyupon others without knowing them very well. You are considered fit for 
 politics, sales and public related careers.
A Lower Degree in ‘E’
 You are considered private, serious and skeptic. You don’t rely on otherseasily. You keep your secrets to your self. You are often quiet. You prefer environment where you can work alone. Production management,natural sciences and art related careers are considered suitable for you.
Factor 4: Conscientiousness (C )
How do you take your work?
A Higher Degree in ‘C’
 The five factor model of personality considers you an organized, focusedand timely achiever of your goals. You plan things and follow that routestrictly. You are not easy to be distracted. However, you tend to beworkaholic. You are self-disciplined. You are considered confident,dutiful and reliable. You often prove a strong executive in anyorganization.
A Lower Degree in ‘C’
 The five factor model of personality considers you careless, relaxed andunorganized. You don’t plan things and pursue your goals with a flexibleapproach. Some day you work a lot and other day you go on vacations.You are spontaneous. However, you are not considered good for projectswhere deadlines are to be followed.
Factor 5: Neuroticism (N)
How do you handle depression?
A Higher Degree in ‘N’
 The five factor model considers you nervous, unstable and vulnerable tonegative emotionality. You are never satisfied with your life. You areinflamed easily. You are reactive and often fail to recover fromdepression shock easily. You always feel a need for stability. In extremecases, you may be advised clinical treatment. You have optimisticapproach to life.
A Lower Degree in ‘N’

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