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Promise Kept Week 1

Promise Kept Week 1

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Published by slittle92
Promise Kept Week One
Promise Kept Week One

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Published by: slittle92 on Jan 23, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Promise Kept - Week One:
Before beginning your study this week, take some time to stand (or more appropriately, to kneel) before the cross of Jesus. Read through John chapter 19. Picture yourself there - at the foot of the cross, lookin
g unto Jesus, "the Author and Finisher of our faith."
Day One:
1)What are your reactions to the sacrifice Jesus made on your behalf?2)Go back and take note of the words Jesus spoke from the cross. What did He say?3)In verse 30, Jesus spoke His last words from the cross. In His dying, what was completed? 4)Take a look at John 3:16. What if all you had of Scripture was this verse andJohn chapter 19, would you understand the gift God gave us in Jesus? Have you accepted God's gift and received salvation? If your answer is yes, Amen! If it is no, why not accept this gift today? Why not turn away from your sin, turn to Jesus and ask God to forgive you and save you from an eternity separated from Him? Jesus is the greatest gift any of us could ever receive. I promise. 5)Let's stop here and spend some time praising God in prayer, thanking Him for His indescribable gift of Jesus.
Day Two:
Today, we'll follow the body of Jesus into the garden tomb where we'll witness the most amazing miracle of all time. 1)Let's read John 19:38-42. Who took care of the body of Jesus? 2) What seems unusual about the place where Jesus was crucified? (Verse 41) 3)What do you discover about the timing of Jesus' burial? (Verse 42) Oh! This factis going to be so huge when we journey through the Passover in Exodus. Tuck it away in your memory. John 20:1-20 describe six major happenings. Read through these verses and underline the following events: - Mary Magdalene discovers the empty tomb. - Mary tells Peter and John about the tomb. - Peter and John run to the tomb, discover the graveclothes and believe. - Jesus appears to Mary in the garden. - Mary tells the disciples she has seen Jesus. - Jesus appears to the disciples who were hiding in a locked upper room. He shows them His hands and feet - they believe and rejoice. Many emotional reactions are recorded in this passage. The unexpected often brings out an emotional response. But this was something more, something deeper. The recognition of Jesus as the Messiah, the understanding of His resurrection fills many with emotion. Think about when you understood for the very first time that Jesus was and is the Savior, sent to save you from your sin and an eternity in hell. Still gets me every. single. time... How about you?
Day Two:
4)Of course, we know emotion doesn't equal belief, but emotion often accompanies belief. As a matter of fact, just after the women told the disciples about the empty tomb, and just before He appeared in the upper room, Jesus took a walk beside two very emotional disciples who were on their way to a town called Emmaus. He began to ask them about their sadness. They did not recognize the stranger beside them to be the resurrected Jesus. (Luke 24:16 says their eyes were "restrained, so that they did not know Him.") They were shocked that the stranger would not know about the crucifixion of Jesus. After all, it had been three days and all of Jerusalem knew about it. The two shared how they had hoped Jesus was the One Who "was going to redeem Israel." They went on to explain that His body was missing from the tomb, but they had not seen Him. Little did they know...Can you imagine? 5)Verses 25-27 of Luke 24 are astounding. Run over there and take a look... Did you see that?! Jesus started at Moses and went through the Prophets of the Old Testament (including John the Baptist) explaining how they all told about Him- The Redeemer of Israel! Jesus preached His own Messianic sermon, and from the Old Testament! Verse 32 explains the disciples' reaction to the teaching of Jesus. After their eyes were opened; they recalled their feelings as Jesus spoke to them. What happened in their hearts as Jesus spoke? The Holman Christian Standard version says, "Our hearts were ablaze..." I pray our hearts are set ablaze as we continue our study together of God's grand redemption plan.

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