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The Fargo Beat 1-23-14

The Fargo Beat 1-23-14

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Published by The Fargo Beat
Stuff & Things going on this week.
Stuff & Things going on this week.

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Published by: The Fargo Beat on Jan 23, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fargo Beat Fargo-Moorhead Social & Word of Mouth Network January 23, 2!"
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how awesome Fargo is and how it’s because of all the cool people. I don’t tell people that they are awesome enough. Go tell someone today they are awesome. Do it NO !unless the person you want to tell isn’t with you now" then wait until you see them#
We(t Fargo Winter )ay(
 $ %an &'. www.wfparks.org (oday is you )*+( ,-*N, to do wintery things in est Fargo.
Wo*en+( Startu Weekend 
/0&1 $ /0&2. hether you have an idea to pitch or you  3ust want to participate4 check out their site for more information for what this fun weekend includes5 http500northdakota.startupweekend.org
2!" .ed .i/er 0alley Boat & Marine 1roduct( Show
 6 Fri /0&14 noon 6 7 pm 8 +at /0&96+un /0&24 /: am 6 9pm4 Fargodome. ,heck out the latest models of Fishing ;oats4 <ontoons4 =unabouts4 +peed ;oats 8 <ersonal atercraft. +ee the newest innovations in marine electronics 8 accessories G<+4 Docks (railers4 =iggings and so much more. <)>+4 there is a live trout pond. +ee you there? I haven’t heard anything about the skiing s@uirrel this year. Isn’t this usually where they have that or am I thinking of something elseA (his was going to be my year to see it and I’m feeling a little discouraged.
"th nnual .ed .i/er 0alley $oin $lu Show
 6 +at4 /0&94 7 am 6 9 pm 8 +un4 /0&24 /: am 6 1 pm4 Doublewood Inn 8 ,onference ,enter.
.TS & 4NT4.T%NM4NT .TSul(e
 $ )ook to (he *rts <artnership’s *=(+pulse for daily info for what is going on and interesting in local arts 8 culture. ,heck this link to sign up for their email4 Facebook4 (witter4 (umblr4 <interest4 and GoogleB. http500theartspartnership.net0artspulse0
Throughout the Weekend
$ourtney+( $o*edy $lu
 $ /0&'6/0&94 ,omedian ;uCC +utherland www.courtneyscomedyclub.com 
Thur(day January 23
The Fa Four
 6  pm4 (he Fargo (heater
Willie Wald*an 1ro5ect featuring 6er*an 7reen
 6  pm4 -oDo )ounge
6ar Mar Suer(tar
 $ (he *@uarium
The .oo(ter(
 $ 7pm4 indbreak +aloon
Friday January 2"
S8#8'8 Band
 $ 75': pm4 +pirits )ounge
Jo(h 6arty
 6 E5': pm4 (he )istening =oom
The Singer(
 6 E5': pm4 emorial *uditorium at ,oncordia ,ollege
" Watt
 6  pm4 %( ,igarros
San 6a/en $huckle
 6 /: pm4 Dempseys
Blind Joe
 6 7 pm4 OHellys
Saturday January 2
S8#8'8 Band
 6 +pirits )ounge4 75': pm
Mu(ic of the Sun
 6 E5pm4 =oland Dillie ,enter for the arts4 +>
Monday January 29
Future of .ock 2!"
6 25': pm4 (he enue
6 7 pm4 (he *@uarium
F.7# T64T.4
www.fargotheatre.org for show times
)alla( Buyer( $lu ;.< -
atthew c,onaughey is electrifying as =on oodroof4 a real life (eJan hustler who formed an unlikely band of renegades to help *ID+ patients get the black market medication they needed.
!2 =ear(  Sla/e ;.< -
One of the year’s most acclaimed films tells the true story of +olomon Northup4 a free black man who is abducted and sold into slavery. +tarring ,hiwetel 3iofor4 ichael Fassbender4 <aul Giamatti4 ;enedict ,umberbatch4 8 ;rad <itt.
Nera(ka ;.< 
*fter receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail4 a cantankerous father !;ruce Dern# thinks hes struck it rich4 and wrangles his son !ill Forte# into taking a road trip to claim the fortune.
>id( Flick Serie(?
 (urbo $ +at /0&9 at /:am 8 /pm. K' admission.
The Fa Four 
 (hurs /0&'4 pm. ;eatles (ribute show.
1'%NS .T M@S4@M
<lains *rt useum is pleased to present
The One Minute Film Festival: 2003-2012
 an eJhibition of hundreds of one6minute films created by more than ':: artists whose video vignettes range from the meditative and poignant to the startling surreal and outright funny. ,urated by New Lork6based artist %ason +imon4 the film festival comes to Fargo from %anuary &9 to ay &14 &:/14 as a traveling eJhibition created by the assachusetts useum of ,ontemporary *rt !*++ o,*#. * reception will be held at the useum featuring a talk by %ason +imon onarch E from 9 to E p.m. 
Fargo in 60 Seconds -
#en call for fil*( through March !98
(o eJpand on the creative vision of
The One Minute Film Festival 
4 <lains *rt useum invites submissions from area filmmakers age /1 and up to submit their best one6minute films and video creations. (here is no fee to enter4 and contributors may submit up to two movies. (he entry deadline is arch /E4 and the submissions will be showcased in a continuously looped screening on the useum’s (hird Floor from arch &1 to ay &1. ntries received before February /E will be considered for inclusion in the Fargo Film Festival’s &6inute ovie ,ontest held in arch. (he useum will also host a (een Filmmakers *wards Night on *pril /: for a special screening of films submitted by
filmmakers ages /1 to /. ,ash priCes will be awarded for /
 <lace 6 K/::4 &
 <lace 6 KE9 and '
 <lace 6 K9:. For more details and entry guidelines4 visithttp500plainsart.org0visit0public6
Free Work(ho on January 3? Making =our #wn #ne-Minute Fil*8
*rea filmmakers from innesota +tate >niversity oorhead will provide tips and insights on crafting short films on (hursday4 %anuary ':4 from E to 5': p.m. in the useum atrium. (he workshop is funded in part by Mcel nergy. http500plainsart.org0making6your6own6one6minute6film0 
=#@N7 1.#F4SS%#N'S N4TW#.>
www.fmwfchamber.com0ypn www.ndyp.net
=1N 6ay 6our? Fargo Brewing $o*any 
(hurs %an &'4 95/9 pm4 Fargo ;rewing ,ompany !2/: >niversity Dr N#. From a garage to a full6fledged brewery in five short year4 the Fargo ;rewing ,ompany is a dream come true for four Fargo natives. +ee and taste what all the buCC is about when you attend the %anuary L<N happy -our? *ppetiCers provided4 drinks on your own nickel.
www.fmderbygirls.com www.gobison.com www.msumdragons.com www.gocobbers.com www.fargoforce.com
Fargo Force /(8 Waterloo Blackhawk(
 6 Fri /0&14 E5:9 pm
Fargo Force /(8 Waterlook Blackhawk(
 6 +at /0&94 E5:9 pm
$oncordia MenA( 6ockey /(8 ug(urg
 6 Fri /0&14 E pm
$oncordia MenA( Ba(ketall /( 7u(ta/u( dolhu(
 6 +at /0&94 ' pm
$oncordia MenA( 6ockey /(
6 +at /0&94 & pm
$oncordia Wo*enA( Ba(ketall /( 7u(ta/u(
6 +at /0&94 / pm
MS@M Wre(tling /( SMS@
 6 (hurs /0&'4 E pm
MS@M Wre(tling /( St $loud State
 6 +at /0&94 & pm
N)S@ Wre(tling /(8 ir Force
 6 Fri /0&14 E pm
N)S@ Wo*enA( Ba(ketall /( South )akota State
 6 +at /0&94 & pm
S6M4'4SS 1'@7
MS@M lu*ni Night at )ragon( Ba(ketall
 $ Fri4 /0'/4 NemCek. ;OGO admission if you wear your Dragon gear. Hids under /& free. eet after the game at ;uffalo ild ings in oorhead. omen’s game starts at 2pm4 en’s starts at pm.
@ni/er(ity of Mary i( offering a rofe((ional de/elo*ent work(ho on #/erco*ing your Fear of 1ulic Seaking (tarting Feruary "
 (asha =ohlfs4 <ublic +peaking ,onsultant will lead the group on how to eJpress your message more clearly and concisely while also being confident with your delivery and message. (he course meets February 14 // and / from 15': $ 25': p.m. at the >niversity of ary in Fargo. *dditional information can be found at www.umary.edu0publicspeaking.
7##) $@S4 January

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