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ANB61 Thank You Lord

ANB61 Thank You Lord

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Published by Byron Howell
A Christian Bible study and exhortation to encourage Christians to do exploits for God. exploitsforgod.com
A Christian Bible study and exhortation to encourage Christians to do exploits for God. exploitsforgod.com

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Published by: Byron Howell on Sep 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ANB 61, Thank You LordDuring this season we must always strive to remember exactly what we are celebrating. WhatJesus did for us, why He came to earth for us, is an act that goes above and beyond every otheract that has ever occurred or will ever occur throughout every age that will ever pass. Jesusstarted everything, Jesus changed everything, Jesus is everything. Without Jesus we would havenothing. We should all spend our whole lives trying to understand more fully what exactly Jesusdid for us. We can only put human words to it, we can never understand what all took place, atleast we can’t understand this until we are no longer thinking with our flesh dominated minds.Let us put the life of Jesus like this, perhaps this will help you understand the importance of Hisexistence. God understood that He would be eternally separated from His most beloved creation,man, unless there could be an intercessor to bridge the gap between God and man. Man sinned,there was therefore a gap between God and man, and unless there was an intercessor, or bridgeback to God, man would never be able to reconnect with His Creator. God realized only aPerfect Being could be such a bridge. This Being had to be both God and man so He couldconnect with both God and man. So God allowed Himself to be born as a man. God knew whathad to be done, He knew that sin required blood for forgiveness under His law. So He letHimself be cut for us. But it was far worse than that. When Jesus died He paid the full penaltyfor every sin that was ever sinned. Think of how bad the wrath on Egypt was, or the wrath onSodom and Gomorrah. Jesus experienced worse. I know that sounds crazy, but you have tounderstand the law.God is just and He is Justice. Unless Jesus was the adequate sacrifice then Justice could not bedone. Sin required death under God’s Old Testament Law. There are many other cursespromised sinners. Jesus came to redeem us from all of these curses. He couldn’t just half redeem us, because if He did then if we sinned some more then we wouldn’t still be saved. No,He had to pay the price for every sin that would ever be committed. Because He did this I don’tlose my salvation each time I sin again. Jesus came to save us once and for all. He was going todo the job right the first time. He was going to pay the fine, for every sin that ever was or everwould be committed. Only through this could everyone have the chance to be saved. Onlythrough this would salvation be secure. He had to pay the fine for us all.God is the opposite of evil. God hates evil. God hates people that do evil. God hates every evilwork. God has wrath for the wicked. Jesus, who had known no sin, became sin for us. (2Corinthians 5:21). Think of that, He became the opposite of God. He became totally ungod. Hebecame the embodiment of everything God hates. God had to turn His face from Jesus. Think of how Jesus said, “I thirst” when He was on the cross. This man habitually fasted for longperiods of time. It had been no more than four days this time. There is no way this God-Manwas considering His flesh. He was thirsting for righteousness (Matthew 5:6), because He had tobecome sin before He died so that He could enter hell. His righteousness was removed fromHim. Then the full wrath of God came on Him.Jesus didn’t have an easy hell experience. Jesus had the worst hell experience anyone will everhave. There will be no worse. (Now of course we must remember that Jesus wouldn’t haveforgotten God’s promise to raise Him up, so it must have been somewhat better). But aside from

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