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Part 4 E-May08

Part 4 E-May08

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Published by heri_fauzi

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Published by: heri_fauzi on Sep 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part 4: Vessel Systems and Machinery
American Bureau of ShippingIncorporated by Act of Legislature of the State of New York 1862Copyright
2007American Bureau of ShippingABS Plaza16855 Northchase DriveHouston, TX 77060 USA
Rule Change Notice (2008)
Rule Change Notice
The effective date of each technical change since 1993 is shown in parenthesis at the end of thesubsection/paragraph titles within the text of each Part. Unless a particular date and month are shown,the years in parentheses refer to the following effective dates:
and after 1 January 2000 (and subsequent years)
9 May 1996
12 May 1999
15 May 1995
13 May 1998
9 May 1994
19 May 1997
11 May 1993
Listing by Effective Dates of Changes from the 2007 Rules
 Notices No. 1 and 3 (effective on 1 January 2007) and Notice No. 4 (effective on 1 July 2007) to the2007 Rules, which are incorporated in the 2008 Rules, are summarized below.
EFFECTIVE DATE 1 January 2007
– shown as
(based on the contract date for new construction between builder and Owner)
 Part/Para. No.Title/Subject Status/Remarks
4-4-1/9.17(New)Additional Requirements for ShellType Exhaust Gas EconomizersTo align the requirements with IACS UR P6.(Incorporates Notice No. 3)4-6-2/5.9.1(a) General To align the requirements with IACS UR P2.11.(Incorporates Notice No. 1)4-6-2/5.9.2 Testing of Mechanical Joints To reinstate the requirements for testing of mechanical joints to alignthe requirements with IACS UR P2.11. (Incorporates Notice No. 1)4-6-2/Table 12 Testing Requirements for MechanicalJointsTo reinstate the references to 4-6-2/5.9.2 to align the requirementswith IACS UR P2.11. (Incorporates Notice No. 1)
– shown as
(1 July 2007)
(based on the contract date for new construction between builder and Owner)
 Part/Para. No.Title/Subject Status/Remarks
4-6-2/6.9.1(a) General To clarify the requirements for testing and approval of mechanical joints. (Incorporates Notice No. 4.)4-6-2/5.9.2(e)v)1.a <No Title> To align the requirements with ISO standards reference in IACS UR P2. (Incorporates Notice No. 4.)4-6-2/5.9.2(e)v)6 Fire Endurance Test To incorporate ISO Standard 19921/19922:2005 (E) for consistentimplementation of the fire test requirements.(Incorporates Notice No. 4.)4-7-3/3.1.9i) <No Title> To incorporate the IACS interpretation (UI SC 204) of SOLAS Reg.II-2/10.4.3 and the FSS Code Para of Chapter 5.(Incorporates Notice No. 4.)
EFFECTIVE DATE 1 January 2008
– shown as
(based on the contract date for new construction between builder and Owner)
 Part/Para. No. Title/Subject Status/Remarks
4-2-1A4/3 Spare Parts for Main PropulsionDiesel EnginesTo align the requirements with IACS Recommendation 26 (Rev. 1).4-2-1A4/5 Spare Parts for Auxiliary DieselEnginesTo align the requirements with IACS Recommendation 27 (Rev. 1).4-3-2/1.5.1 For Propulsion Shafts In line with the change to 4-3-2/15.9.1, which requires the sizing of coupling bolts to be based on a shaft diameter “
” that considers thetotal torque (static and dynamic).4-3-2/3.3 Weldability To refer to 2-3-7/1.1.2 for the chemical composition of forgings andweldability.4-3-2/ Fitted Bolts To require the sizing of coupling bolts to be based on a shaftdiameter “
” that considers the total torque (static and dynamic)acting at the shaft in the vicinity of the respective coupling flanges.To clarify the requirement for the bolt fit.4-3-3/Table 1 Propeller Materials To clarify the determination of elongation numbers, in line withchanges to the
 Rules for Materials and Welding (Part 2)
.4-3-4/19.7 Components Shop Tests To align the requirements with IACS M42.14.1 to require hydrotesting for all components to a pressure of 1.5 times the relief valvesetting (or system design pressure) for all materials.4-3-5/3.1 General To clarify the requirements for the materials for thrusters steeringsystems.4-3-5/7.3 Instrumentation To clarify that not all of the instrumentation in 4-3-5/Table 1 isapplicable to all types of thrusters.4-3-5/15.1.3 Plans and Data to be Submitted To indicate that the FMEA is only required for DPS-2 and DPS-3vessels.4-3-5/15.1.4 Failure Modes and Effect Analysis To clarify that the FMEA is to address the entire vessel and only theDP control systems.4-3-5/15.1.5(New)DP Operations Manual Relocated from 4-3-5/15.13 and expanded to provide guidance onthe information that is expected to be contained in the operationsmanual.4-3-5/15.5.3 Power Management System To require at least two power management systems to account for the possible failure of one power management system, and for DPS-3vessels, to require that loss of a single compartment be consideredfor the locations of the power management systems.4-3-5/15.5.4 Uninterruptible Power Systems(UPS)To require one uninterruptible power system for each independentcontrol system and to clarify that each UPS is to supply power for 30minutes, in accordance with of IMO MSC Circular 645. For DPS-3 vessels, to require that loss of a single compartment beconsidered for the locations of the power management systems.4-3-5/15.7.2 Vessels with DPS-2 Notation To require a third wind sensor and third gyro-compass, in accordancewith 3.4.3 and 3.4.4 of IMO MSC Circular 645.4-3-5/15.7.3 Vessels with DPS-3 Notation To require the third wind sensor for DPS-3 vessels to be directlyconnected to the back-up control station, in accordance with 3.4.4 of IMO MSC Circular 645.4-3-5/15.9.2(b) Emergency Shut-down To clarify that the emergency shut-down facility is required only atthe main dynamic positioning control station and that it is to bearranged to shut down each thruster individually. Also, to specifythe systems that are to be independent of the emergency shut-downfacility.4-3-5/15.9.3 Position Keeping Control SystemRedundancyTo clarify the requirements for redundancy for each DPS notation.

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