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Published by: Sanjay Yadav on Jan 24, 2014
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For Optics Professionals
What is FEC?
Forward Error Correction is the addition/interleaving of redundancy in a data stream allowing for correction of errors during reception of data without retransmission.
FEC is a bandwidth efficient solution to increasing the BER. No need for retransmission.
Based on highly complex mathematical field known as sets and finite field theory.
Provides increased gain which can be DIRECTLY applied to the optical link budget
FEC decreases the BER
FEC is a bandwidth efficient solution to improving the BER.
Allows correction without retransmission
Allows decreased receiver cost for equivalent performance
What is FEC..contd
FEC is a coding technology widely used in communication systems. Using a classical block code as an example, the FEC encoder at the transmit end uses kilo bits of information as a block code. During the encoding, FEC adds n-k redundant check bits to the information bits, constructing an n-bit codeword. After the codeword is transmitted to the receive end over a channel, the FEC decoder detects and corrects bit errors during decoding
 if the errors are within the correction range. In this manner, FEC prevents interference from channel transmission and improves the reliability of an optical communication system. This shows that FEC can efficiently reduce the system BER with only a small number of redundant overhead bits, thus extending the transmission distance and reducing system costs.

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