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ForgetMeNots Workbook II, In the Land of Gingerbread

ForgetMeNots Workbook II, In the Land of Gingerbread



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Developed by Tatjana Kokalj and Anja Kokalj
Publisher: Sodobnost International, Slovenian Writers’ Association, Ljubljana 2008
Translated from Slovenian by Aleksandra L. Ceferin (September 2009)

Classroom activities - resource book for teachers.
Developed by Tatjana Kokalj and Anja Kokalj
Publisher: Sodobnost International, Slovenian Writers’ Association, Ljubljana 2008
Translated from Slovenian by Aleksandra L. Ceferin (September 2009)

Classroom activities - resource book for teachers.

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Developed by Tatjana Kokalj and Anja KokaljPublisher: Sodobnost International, Slovenian Writers
Association,Ljubljana 2008
Translated from Slovenian by Aleksandra Ceferin (September 2009)
1. Tell / Listen
The teacher shows you the first picture in the book
In the Land of Gingerbread 
(p. 6)Describe the house, the greenery, think about what are rivers, mountains in this landmade of, and what kind of creatures live here. Describe the life in the Land ofGingerbread.Would you like to visit the Land of Gingerbread? Lisa and her friend Crunchy are waitingfor you there. (
Spice Cake Town 
, pp. 7-10)Tell. Why was Lisa so angry? Whom is she missing? Why? How do you feel when youare alone? What do you do then?
2. Listen / Play
Lisa entered into the candy mine (Candy Mine, pp. 10-17)Build a mine. Draw together the tables and cover them with blankets. Hold hands and goin. Sing the song
Round the mulberry bush 
or some other.
3. Listen / Make
Lisa decided that she will search for her parents (
Quick Chocolate Sand 
, pp. 18-21). Sheput on her adventure hat and left.Describe her adventure hat.What would your adventure hat be like?If you had a naughty hat or a hat for climbing trees? What would they be like? Makeyourself a hat for happy days or a hat for listening to stories, a hat for baking cakes, or ....
4. Listen / Tell
Lisa and Crunchy came through the Spice Cake Town (
Pirates from Raspberry Lake 
, pp.23-28).
Where is the town located? What is the lake made of? Why are the townspeoplefrightened? Why is the town dangerous. Who attacked Lisa and Crunchy? What did thepirate girl Ninette wish for?
5. Listen / Draw
Ninette got her gingerbread heart (
The Mighty Ginger 
, pp. 29-31). As the Mighty Gingersays: “ Whoever has a gingerbread heart can easily find a true friend.”And that is Ninette
s great wish. Will she find a friend? Who will become her friend?Who are your friends? Who is the best singer? Who is the best in drawing pictures? Whocan build the best sand castle?Draw hearts and into them draw your friends.
6. Listen / Tell / Stick on
Lisa, Crunchy and Ninette climbed on the Three-Scooped Ice Cream Mountain (
The Three-Scooped Ice Cream Mountain,
pp. 36 - 39) and entered the Chocolate Cave. Whatwas The Three-Scooped Ice Cream Mountain like? How many peaks did it have? What isit made of?Tell the the class about an outing with your dad and mum. Where did you go?, and whatinteresting things did you see and do? Into your workbook stick a photograph or postcardfrom your outing.
7. Listen / Tell
In the cave the travellers were frightened by chockfish (
, pp. 35-39). Whatanimal did chockfish resemble? How did he scare the visitors? Did he help Lisa, Crunchyand Ninette to find the Black Hole? What did he ask in return? The three friends jumpedinto the
Black Hole. What do you think will happen to them? Where will end up?
Listen / Draw
Lisa, Crunchy and Ninette landed in another world (
The Black Hole 
, pp. 40-42).What is this world like? Who lives in it? Perhaps the heroes peeped out of the dad
s sockin your home. What did they see? Draw, how you decorated your home for Christmasseason or for a birthday party.
Listen / Play a game
The three friends were joined by Lisa
s mother and father (
Big Mouth 
, pp. 43-47) Beforereturn home, they had to do battle with the rat.What did the rat wish? Whom did she catch? How did Ninette and Lisa try to persuadethe rat to let Crunchy go? Did the rat keep his promise? Who scared the rat? How did ourheroes return to the Land of Gingerbread?Lisa
s adventure ended well. You can join her on her exploration of Gingerbread Land(Workbook p. 12).You need a dice and figurines for each player. They are placed on Lisa
s house and endon the sock. Whoever reaches the sock first, is the winner. The players that land on afield with pirate flag, miss a turn.

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