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Dome cafe research

Dome cafe research

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Published by june707

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Published by: june707 on Sep 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The buyer behavior forDomecafé
In the modern day life style, many people don’t have time to cook at home nor bring foodto work. That where all-in-one café were born, which in one place most of the people can enjoy adelightful meals, hang out for teens after a hard day study, elegant place for big businessmandiscuss their million dollar business and a simply carry on living outside which individual able to
enjoy a cup of coffee to release all the stress.In Malaysia everyday is busy doesn’t matter in the city or country.Domewas the firstcafé which pioneered to café culture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Domehad the leadership tolead in the café industry in Malaysia.Domewas original from Perth, Australia.Domeformally enter to Asia market when the Melium Group introduced the international café chain to thenation in 1995 and now in Malaysia have 16Domecafé which made a focus local point to provide a all-day-one-stop café experience for the Malaysian. ComparingDomecafé with other café like Starbucks, the coffee bean, old town white coffee and other more café,Domeis havingits own personal style with its own chestnut and oak-wood environment which provide a comfy,cozy and elegant atmosphere for the customer to enjoy their sweet creamy coffee. Nowadays Malaysian had made a very close relationship with café because café is easy tofind and it have a comfortable environment for the customer to enjoy. Example most of theMalaysian now likes to hang out in the café with their friend then working office ladies love tohave their lunch in ca, some time even dinner they will have it in ca! This is the bigadvantage for the café approach to the consumer market, according to the buyer behavior modelshow the influence of the consumer are as follow, on this August 2, 2009 Tuesday we had visitDomecafé in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. The first reason is to observe the environment aroundthe café and the customer flow in the café. Then the second reason is to check the food in thecafé. From the research we did, we notice the customer flow in weekday is average which inaverage one hour got around 10 to 12 customers, but in weekend the average can get to 30 to 50customers per hour. Most of the customer who visitsDomecafé are tourists because touristshave more willing power to spend inDomethen part of it is local customer which mainly are theemployee who work around the Mid Valley. These will be the factor in the buyer behavior model.
Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)
Marketing and otherstimuli
Customerdecision box
What thedecision theywillmake?????????
Consumer willconcern about????
Product choice
Brand choice
The buyer behavior model
This is the buyer behavior model which shows the basic graph of how a human think while buying every single item. Most of the human consider many factors while shoppingexample like their own income, every people have different job and their income too will bedifferent. Higher income will purchase item which help represent its image, then middle incomewill have the choice to choose the item they buy, last is lower income that in some time have nochoice to choose and force to use what they can get. The black box which is in the model is the part of the consideration about many thingswhile a person buying things. Example like:
Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)
‘Miss Henna just got her salary and she is planning to go for dinner with her  friends. Then she saw a “Dinner at  Dome” promotion at the shop window then she went in the shop and look at the menu, in a sudden she found out that all of the food in the menu is too expensive.
Will she have her dinner in Dome?2.Will she finish all of her salary there?3.Do I have the money?4.It is worth it to try?Then after a few minute later, she left  Domewith her friend!!’ 
This is the more consider problem which every person will NOT think about but theconcept of impulse buying always happen. In another hand, there are more other facts that willaffect a person buyer behavior like culture, friends and family, lifestyle, occupation, price andmany more. Example of culture:
‘Daniel Lau is a very religious Chinese which he doesn’t allow any black in thehouse, food and clothing. He doesn’t like to spend too much of money. Then,when he is on the way shopping with his family, they visit  Domebecause therehave a very comfortable environment and didn’t have too many of black color  furniture, and the food there are very good too………hmmmm……
This is the example of the fact of culture because in Chinese culture red bringluck for the family and that is the reason Daniel visit all the places which not all things is black! Cultures also consider one of the main factors that much manufacturing consider about. It also goes the same with service industry; some of the different races customershave different believe which unable to eat some particular foods. Other that culture,occupation also related with income because different job have different income andevery job have different working environment which affect the employee buying behavior.Example of occupation:
 Non-executive job: is consider house keeper or cleaner but they still have the spending power to go to the café to have but not very frequently.
Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

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