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Zizek-Descartes and the Post-traumatic Subjetc

Zizek-Descartes and the Post-traumatic Subjetc

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Published by cgonzalez1

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Published by: cgonzalez1 on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Filozofski vestnik
 vum/l XXiXnumbr/Ša 220089–29
DesCARtes AnD tHePost-tRAUMAtiC sUBJeCt
s Žž*
if h radca mm f h augura f mdr phphy  h rf h Cara
, whr ar w day wh rgard 
? Ar w r-ay rg a p-Cara ra, r   ha y w ur uqu hrcaca ab u  dcr a h cquc f h
? WarBjam camd ha wr f ar f fuc  h a  a fmfr whch h dpr ha  y b dcrd,  ha  ha  wafr a fuur  udrad hm prpry. i  mhg mar happ-g wh
: day, w ha a ur dpa h dpr  udrad prpry.i wha, h, d h dpr c? Wha ma ur hrcamm uqu? l u bg wh a uxpcd ca: Grg sr  audubdy h humaara wh op scy fuda, amghr hg, mr r  g-haddy ad crca ca hg p-Cmmu cur. Y a dcad r  ag, h am sr gagd pcua wh h dffr ra bw currc ad ard hu-drd f m, hrby caug h ud uffrg, pcay  hsuh-ea Aa: hudrd f huad g jb, wh a h cquc-. th  day’ “abrac” c a  pur:  h  xrm, hfaca pcua gg    w phr, wh  rapar  h ray f huma ;  h hr xrm, a pud-aura caar-phy (uddy ad uxpcdy g jb) whch h huad  auam, wh  appar ra a a. tday’ c   a Hgapcua “f judgm” whch p h dy f h w x-rm.th phphca bacgrud fr h gap  prdd by Mabrach
Fzfa faua, Urza  ljubja, Ašrča 2, 1000 ljubjaa, s- ja.
wh radcazd Dcar’ duam: f ur u ad ur bdy bg  way dffr ubac wh  drc cac, hw ar w  xpahr crda? th y u  ha a hrd, ru subac (Gd)cuuy crda ad mda bw h w, uag h m-bac f cuy. Wh i h abu rag my had ad my hadffcy ra, my hugh cau h rag f my had  drcybu y “ccaay” – up cg my hugh drcd a rag myhad, Gd   m h hr, mara, caua cha whch ad my had ffcy bg rad. o ca , aga, hw h prpc f radca ruaza bw  h cmpur h p whch  rcyhmgu  ha f Gd  h Mabracha ccaam: c hcmpur crda h rahp bw my md ad (wha i xp-rc a) h mm f my mb ( h rua ray),  ca aymag a cmpur whch ru am ad ar  ac  Dcar’
malin génie 
, durbg h crda bw my md ad my bdy f-x-prc – wh h ga f my md  ra my had  updd r curacd  (h rua) ray, h m fudama xprc f hbdy a “m”  udrmd… Ad    mar wh sr g  hnw Yr ffc, prg h bu  h cmpur ad uawar f hca cquc f h pcua? – th pychgca cqucf h r f h w frm f “abrac” c ar h pc f CahrMaabu’
 Les nouveaux blessés (The New Wounded).
if h Fruda am fr h “uw w”  h Uccu
,h Fruda am fr h “uw uw” 
, h  -ru f mhg radcay uxpcd, mhg h ubjc wa ab-uy  rady fr, mhg h ubjc ca gra  ay way.Maabu prpd a crca rfrmua f pychaay ag h; hr arg p  h dca chg bw ra ad xraRa  pychaay: fr Frud ad laca, xra hc, brua ux-pcd cur r ru, du hr prpry raumac mpac  hway hy uch a pr-xg raumac “pychc ray”. Maabu rradag h  laca’ radg f h Fruda dram f “Fahr, ca’ yu i’m burg?” th cg xra cur f h ra (h cadcap ad fam h ch crg h dad chd, ad h m f hm durb h fahr  a gh-wach) rggr h ru Ra, h u-
Cahr Maabu,
 Les nouveaux blesses 
, Par: Bayard 2007. numbr  bracrfr  pag f h b.
“Aay cam  auc  u ha hr  wdg ha   w,wdg ha  bad  h gfr a uch”. (Jacqu laca,
, nw Yr:nr 1998, p. 96)s Žž
barab faay-appar f h dad chd rprachg h fahr. i hway, fr Frud (ad laca), ry xra rauma  “ubad,” ra-zd, wg  mpac  h way a pr-xg Ra f h “pychc ray” arud hrugh . e h m  ru f h xra ra –ay, h hcg ffc  h cm f bmb-xp  war – w hrraumac ffc  h rac hy fd  prr machm,  dah-dr,  uccu gu-fg, c. tday, hwr, ur c-pcaray f mp mup r f xra ru, rauma, whchar ju ha, mag brua rrup ha dry h ymbc x-ur f ubjc’ dy. Fr, hr  h brua xra phyca c:rrr aac  98/11, h Us “hc ad aw” bmbg f iraq, rc, rap, c., bu a aura caarph, arhqua, uam,c.; h, hr  h “rraa” (mag) druc f h maraba f ur r ray (bra-umr, Azhmr’ da, rgac crbra, c., whch ca ury chag, dry , h cm’ pra-y; fay, hr ar h druc ffc f c-ymbc c (caxcu, c.). (n hw h rad ch h rad f cmm: h cm-m f xra aur, f r aur, f ymbc ubac.) M f h frm f c ar, f cur, w fr cur, m  frmh ry prhry f humay. Wha  w day  ha, c w   a“dchad” p-rgu ra, hy ar much mr drcy xprcda mag ru f h ra, ad, fr h ry ra, ahughury dffr  aur, hy appar a bgg  h am r adprduc h am ffc. (Rca h hrca fac ha rap wa cagrzda rauma y  XX
cury…)thr  y ahr dc  hud bar  md hr. Wh fru,  h dpd W, rauma  a a ru xprcd a a mmaryru whch y durb ur rma day f (a rrr aac,bg muggd r rapd, uffrg a arhqua r rad…), wha abuh fr whm rauma  a prma a f hg, a way f f, ay, h a war r cury  suda r kg? th wh ha whr rra frm hr raumac xprc,  ha hy ca  cam ha,g afr h rauma h, hy wr haud by  pcr: wha rma  h rauma’ pcr, bu h rauma f?Maabu’ bac rprach  Frud  ha, wh cfrd wh uchca, h uccumb  h mpa f mag: h   rady  accph drc druc ffccy f xra hc – hy dry h py-ch f h cm (r, a a, wud   a urdmab way) whurag  ay r raumac ruh. i wud b buy bc , ay, h pychc daa f a “Mum”  a naz camp  h ma-
D   P-t s

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