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Destroy the Enemy in Hand-To-Hand Combat - Soviet Armed Forces 1941

Destroy the Enemy in Hand-To-Hand Combat - Soviet Armed Forces 1941

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Published by Chris Gordon
Soviet Hand to Hand combat of World War 2's The Eastern Front, Continuation War, and the Soviet–Japanese War,
Soviet Hand to Hand combat of World War 2's The Eastern Front, Continuation War, and the Soviet–Japanese War,

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Published by: Chris Gordon on Jan 26, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Major General  A. A. Tarasov Move faster and secretly throw grenades far and accurately, Bay bayonet and butt tight!
Destroy the enemies in Hand-To-Hand COMBAT
 Military Publishing House People's Commissariat of Defense of the USSR Moscow - 1941
Hitler robbers want to take our land, our bread and our oil. They want to restore our country to the power of the king and landlords, Germanized free peoples of the Soviet Union and turn them and slaves of German princes and barons. This will not happen ever! Death to the fascist vermin!
The enemy can not stand the Red Army bayonet attacks. Bay fascist bastards bullet, grenade, bayonet!
 Deadly and insidious enemy of your country - German fascism - armed to the teeth with firepower and the machinery of war. However fascist hordes avoid meeting with us in the melee, for our fighters showed that it was not and they have no equal in courage and dexterity melee. But with the technique and tactics of the enemy we should seriously be considered. It is necessary to master the art of the approach of the enemy, the arts closer to him on the battlefield. Must be able to move in the battle so that the enemy's fire, which would force it was, could not hold our maneuver, and our offensive attack. So fierce battles with our enemy: - to move faster and covertly - throw a grenade far and accurately, - beat with a bayonet and butt tight!
LEARN secretive, and deftly move around on the battlefield
 To quickly close with the enemy to kill him with a grenade and bayonet to carry less losses from enemy fire, every soldier should be able to technically and tactically correct move deftly overcome any natural and artificial obstacle. teaching and training methods of movement and overcoming obstacles in combat are one of the most important sections of combat fitness.
tactically correct and dexterous movement - the most important means of masking approach to the enemy surprise attack and provide for the destruction of his melee. The fastest way to travel is the way in which the fire of the enemy has the least impact.
Remember that the enemy is watching your movements, and therefore you constantly and vigilantly watch for his actions.
 If there ahead shelters to hide the movement in full growth, in the dead spaces (where not fly into enemy bullets) move at an accelerated pace and ran nonstop.
With decreasing shelters Pass on the movement of crouching.
Fig. 1. Crouching movement
To do this, sit down, bending your knees, body leaning forward, keep your back straight, look forward and freely unstrained step is to walk (Fig. 1). To accelerate the wider steps do or pass on running. O squat depending on the height of the shelter - shelter becomes lower than the deeper squat. If shelter lowered so that the movement does not hide crouching, pass on or climb "and short dashes.
Learn the technique rush.
 For quick jumping from a prone position tighten both hands at chest level, set on the left hand and the right with a rifle on the outer side of the brush, push hands off the ground and simultaneously pull up one leg forward, pushing sharply tightened foot tilt body forward quickly overrun by scheduled place and immediately go to the bottom position for shooting prone (Fig. 2).
Fig. 2. Jumping and throwing for rush:
a - the time of pulling the rifle to his chest and arms, b - point repulsion hands off the ground and pull the right foot forward, in the moment of the throw for the rush
Lie down quickly.
 With the last step rush to make a full attack on the right foot forward and slightly to the right at the same time put his left hand palm on the ground with your fingers to the right leg and leaning on consistently left hand and left leg thigh, lie on your left side (Fig. 3). Following this, immediately turn around on his stomach, and a rifle at the same time brought forward for loading or firing.
Otpolzanie aside
 rush after performance, relying on forearms and toes, body lifts so as not to cling to the ground equipment (Fig. 4).
Fig. 3. Transition and the "lying" after rush: a moment of deep-lunge with prigibaniem torso to knee and lowering his hands for further support; used in in - consistent lowering of relying on his elbow and hip to the "lying" Fig. 4. Orientation otpolzanii aside on the forearms and toes
Learn and train crawl.
 Most quickly and easily you can crawl
on poluchetverenkah
 (Fig. 5), but this method is applied in the presence of appropriate shelters (tall grass, low bushes, along the ditch, etc.). With the stroke or from the "lying" stand on the left (right) knee, tighten it maybe more forward under the belly and legs stepping on his knees and his hands on the forearm or hand (depending on the height of

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