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The Bunologist Jan09

The Bunologist Jan09

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Published by Karen At Boing
January's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, latest happenings at the Do Hop Inn, story about an illegal bun in Queensland
January's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, latest happenings at the Do Hop Inn, story about an illegal bun in Queensland

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2009
Dear Diary
Dedication to Fluff
Adopt me!
What’s News?
Thrown out with the rubbish!
10 December 2008 -
 A student had the shock of his life when he put his bin outfor collection - only to find a giant rabbit dumped inside.Dusty the bunny is lucky to be alive after being callouslythrown out with the rubbish in Bournemouth, Dorset.The largesilver rabbitwas founddumped in awheelie bin byhorrifiedstudentJoshua Marksas he took outthe bins lastweek.
TelevisionproductionstudentJoshua said: 'I woke up and took the bins out and just had aquick check in the bin to make sure it was full.'I opened the bin and thought it was a massive rat - then Iwent to take another peek and noticed it was a rabbit.'I was just shocked. I assume someone had put it in there. Itwas quite a cute rabbit.'They empty the bin on Wednesday morning so it wouldhave been gone about an hour later - it might have gotcrushed.'Joshua phoned the RSPCA straight away before headingoff for his studies.He joked: 'I was just going off to work to do a film shoot so Icouldn't be late - but this could be my new blockbuster.’'Luckily it was a happy ending for Dusty. RSPCA InspectorGraham Hammond took Dusty to the RSPCA BournemouthAnimal Clinic where he was checked over before beingplaced temporarily with a fosterer.Insp Hammond said: 'It is very lucky that this rabbit wasspotted when he was as he could easily have beensuffocated in the rubbish or crushed in the jaws of therefuse lorry.'There is never any excuse for abandoning an animal and Iwould urge anyone who recognises this rabbit to contactus.’'
Sad time for dumped “gifts”
6 January 2009 – The Leader Newspaper (Victoria)Victorian RSPCA shelters havebeen inundated with hundreds ofanimals over the Christmas break.RSPCA Spokesman Ray Lordsaid the dumping would continuethroughout January."People are away on holidays,and they come back, and suddenly the kids are back atschool, and the pet's not a toy anymore, it's an arduoustask - it's a real issue. Keep in mind that we'd still muchrather people take their animals to a shelter rather thandump them though - that allows a second chance for thepet to be adopted."From November to February, RSPCA shelters andinspectors in Victoria will care for about 16,000 unwanted,injured and abused animals.Mr Lord said it was a frustrating and sad time for staff andthe animals. He said it was important to think carefullybefore buying a pet, and to make sure they are desexedand vaccinated. 
Get your dog away from my bunny!
30 November 2008 – New York Times Metropolitan Diary
Dear Diary: Most mornings before work, my dog, Mooshi, and I stroll through Columbus Park in Chinatown. Recently, a group of men were playing Hacky Sack there. Mooshi, who is used to seeing elderly Chinese men performing tai chi, was intrigued by this new game, and kept staring at the men.But it wasn’t the Hacky Sackers who had caught Mooshi’s attention: it was the little white rabbit chewing the grass next to them. As a native New Yorker, I’m not surprised by the unusual, but a rabbit? In Chinatown? Mooshi ran toward the unknown creature, barking. Soon, a shirtless and muscular Hacky Sacker jogged toward us. I assumed he wanted to know why Mooshi was barking in their direction, or maybe he wanted to share a laugh about the rabbit.Instead, he stopped a few inches away from me and, with a stern face, looking me straight in the eyes,said, “Get your dog away from my bunny!” Lillian Baharestani 
Topsy Is Comfortable in his Own Skin
25 November 2008 – 
What's the differencebetween a full-length furcoat and just a little fur trim?Nothing, says famedAustralian singer, actor, andmodel Natalie Imbruglia,who took time out of herbusy schedule to pose for asexy new anti-fur ad forPeople for the EthicalTreatment of Animals(PETA).In the ad, Imbruglia isholding Topsy the rabbit toher naked chest next to thetagline "Tell
It's Just aLittle Fur Trim."
Tim Gunn’s Plea: Be Fur Free!
21 December 2008 -http://extratv.warnerbros.com "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn is teaming up with PETA tourge designers to just say "no" to fur in their collections.Gunn, the chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne, filmed apersonal video for
Giorgio Armani
and Donna Karan toask them to stop using rabbit fur in their collections."Any designer in the fashion industry who does not wantto watch the PETA
and see exactly what happensto animals and how they're treated and how the productthat they use comes to the marketplace, I believe, isegregiously irresponsible," said Tim in an interview aboutthe video, as reported by
Page Six
.PETA spokesperson Michael McGraw told the newspaperthat Armani and Karan were singled out because "theyhave both made pledges to be fur-free, but have goneback on their word when it comes to rabbits, as if rabbitsaren't fur-bearing animals."In response to the claims, an Armani rep tells the paper,"Despite the fact that we have previously sold productsmade from animal fur, the Armani Group has now decidedto renounce making such items with the exception ofthose in rabbit fur, the by-product of an animal that is astaple source of food... We must stress that PETA isexploiting our name to stir up public opinion withoutacknowledging that we actually include very few fur itemsin our collections, while certain competitors of ours basemuch of their business on furs."A spokesperson for Donna Karan told Page Six, "There isno fur in any of our lines for Fall 2009, and we currentlyhave no plans to use fur.".
Meet Vincent
23 December 2008 -
 For a moment teenager John Haig thought a guinea pighad found its way into his family of young rabbits.One of the young animals that came bouncing out of ahutch with the rest of the brood was lacking something - apair of ears.But the little creature was indeed a rabbit, otherwisehealthy and part of a family of ten brothers and sisters.
He has been named Vincent - in honour of Van Gogh, thepainter who cut off his own ear - by 16-year-old John.'I've never seen one like that before,' he said. 'He'sperfectly healthy, he's just got no ears.'The farmingstudent, who liveswith his motherCarol, 59, in Burn,North Yorkshire,has been breedingrabbits since hewas 11.He spotted Vincent when the youngsters emerged withtheir mother Rosie for the first time from their hutch at threeweeks old.Mrs Haig, who also has a dog, a cat, 12 guinea pigs, andsome fish, said that the missing ears could be result of agenetic defect.Another theory is that his ears may have been bitten off byhis mother. Female rabbits are known to attack theiroffspring if they are distressed.
I have an earless bunny too, Miss Inga ('missing-ear'). Her mother nipped off her ears shortly following her birth - which is probably what happened to Vincent.
Karen W, Ross-on-Wye, UK, 23/12/2008
Thai Topiary
A herd of topiary rabbits on the lawn at the king's summerpalace in Thailand 
Dear Diary…
By KarenThe last month has been a busyone at BOING.Nimal has been in & out of hospital& recuperating from his bonecrunching seven hour surgery.Now partly the bionic man &happily bouncing around oncrutches for the next few months,our bunny litter trays all have to bechanged by one person - me! Howexhausting to change most of our22 trays daily (no wonder we needlots of hay & newspaper!!).However, with all these traychanges & used hay, the garden is doing fabulously!! Allour paths are now lined & topped with used hay so no moreweeds popping up & definitely no mowing!! All the gardenbeds are benefiting from all that used hay too. Lots ofmulch means minimal watering – woo hoo!! The veggiesare in pots on the patio in good quality potting mix, gettingthe water & protection they need (we also have ravenouspossums so covers & cages for the veggies are sometimesnecessary). Growing chicory was a big hit this month andthe celery is back in now for the buns. For us, it’s thetomatoes, cos lettuces & fruits!! We’ve updated our gardenwebsite page, so please visit & see some photos – 
 We also welcomed two new foster bunnies – Kitty &Bernadette.They arrived after a phone call from a distraught womanlooking to rehome her granddaughter’s pets. As we are fullup to the ceiling with our own fluffballs, we can only offeradvertising but cannot take in new bunnies. As thegrandmother did not have a camera, I made a time with herto visit the vacant unit in Ringwood to take some photos ofthe rabbits. Upon arrival at the unit, it was apparent thatthis was not going to be a simple photo shoot.Someone had thrown eggs at the front of the unit. Thegrandma was obviously upset; this was not the first timethey had been omeletted.The family had abandoned the unit and taken the two dogs,but the bunnies had been left behind and were only beingfed every few days when someone visited. Seeing thesqualid conditions these two buns were living in andknowing that there was someone out to seek revenge onthe family, I decided that the bunnies would have to comehome with me & we would work out housing later!It was surprising to see two unspayed little girls livingtogether and as it turned out it didn’t take long (post spay,with good food, exercise & luxury accommodation) to seethat they were barely tolerating each other before WW3broke out. Kitty, being the rather dim witted fluffball, tookher lack of trust & patience out on Bernie and so they wereseparated for Bernie’s sake.Fortunately Bernie, being the affectionate little girl that sheis, has now been adopted by two of our bunny friends.Kitty &Bernadette inour laundryAfter recentlylosing theirbeloved bunny,Fluff (seededication), theydecided to adoptBernie (brownbunny on theleft) & give herthe love & attention that she never had in her previoushome. Nick & Karen were two of the first people we evermet that had an indoor bunny. We are so happy thatBernie has a new home with two wonderful & caringpeople.Kitty on the other hand needs quite a bit of rehabilitationbefore we try & find her a new home. She doesn’t seem totrust people at all and bites anything and everything. Supercute to look at but watch your fingers (and your nose, as Ifound out recently when she wrapped her teeth around theend of my nose when I was placing some food in herenclosure)!!Having so many bunnies in our family, we can only take inone boarder bunny at a time now. The lucky bunny thatstayed with us this Christmas was Willow. Willow lives inTasmania but took the boat over, as he required doublecataract surgery by an animal eye specialist in Melbourne.Willow was such a good boy & obviously very happy togain his sight back again. By the time he went home hewas very confident and running around like mad whichmade us feel very happy for him.We’re now looking after Rose. We’ve been looking afterRose for years now & he’s just such a brilliant bun. I’mvery impressed with the amount of hay he’s eating now &the wonderful size of his poos (I’m a poo girl!!).With all that moulting that bunnies do over the summermonths, we’ve had our hands full with fluff. It’s all over theplace but mostly in my eyes & up my nose. Two bunnies(Tinkerbelle & Peanut) both had minor tummy upsets dueto their moulting but both buns bounced back after a fewhours which was great! Princess is pooing strings of pearlsat the moment so we have to keep an eye on her.Talking about Princess! She pushed open her door lastweek & ended up in the territory of Missy & Charlie. After anasty scuffle, Princess ended up with a bite in her side &Missy has hurt her toe. There’s now a lock on Princess’sdoor so that she’ll never be able to open it on her ownagain! Missy is doing fine & Princess’s injury has nearlyhealed but what a lesson to learn!!Talking about Missy!! She turns outto be a terrible patient and hatesMetacam (pain relief). I now have aninjury of my own where Missy’swarning nips turned into a deep bite inmy index finger (oh well…. anotherscar!).We’ve also updated the “our buns” section so you can meeta few extra buns that came to live with us last year.

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