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The Bunologist Feb09

The Bunologist Feb09

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Published by Karen At Boing
February's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, fictional story about Clarence the SUPER SPY & his school friends, Adoption bunnies & news from the Do Hop Inn
February's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, fictional story about Clarence the SUPER SPY & his school friends, Adoption bunnies & news from the Do Hop Inn

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 2009
Clarence the SUPER spy
Adopt me!
Bunzette update
What’s News?
February is“Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month”
If you’re looking to adopt a rabbit, this is the month to getout there & find a new friend!It doesn’t take long post Christmas to hear the many storiesof animal presents no longer wanted.To find a bunny friend, contact your local shelter, council orveterinary clinic and let them know that you are would liketo adopt a rescued rabbit.http://www.adoptapet.com.au/ (RSPCA)http://www.aaps.org.au(Aust Animal Protection Society)http://www.lortsmith.org.au(Lort Smith)
Heatwave horrors
10 February 2009 – Leader Newspaper
Elderly people have died during Melbourne’s heatwave andhundreds of beloved family pets also fell victim to thesoaring temperatures.Last month’s three day spell of temperatures over 40C tookits toll on the community and many animals.Melbourne’s animal hospitals and veterinary clinics wereinundated with hundreds of calls from panicked pet ownersas dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs suffered the wrath ofthe summer heat.Monash’s Animal Emergency Centre senior vet RachelPeacock said 10 dogs died from heat exhaustion in theMonash area in 24 hours after being left outside in theheat.“Because it was so hot, a lot of animals weren’t making it tothe clinic, they were dying before they even got here andthat’s very unusual,” Dr Peacock said.
Victoria in flames
Victoria made world headlines this week after the worstbushfires ever have devastated our state. Over 1800homes have been destroyed, an undisclosed number ofpeople have perished and more than 330,000 hectareshave been burnt out. Fires continue to burn and authoritiessay some fires could take weeks to contain.Now as the animal toll now starts to emerge, authorities areestimating more than 1 million animals have been killedand thousands more need emergency care. This includespets, wildlife & farm animals.
Animal Bushfire Support
If you would like to help anyof the animal victims, pleasevisit any of the websitesbelow.
http://www.animalaid.com.au/support-to-bushfire-victims.html http://lortsmith.com/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=397&srcid=-2 http://www.rspcavic.org/campaigns_news/news_bushfires.htm 
We are so very pleased to present this wonderful storywritten by one of our very talented & creative young bunnyfriends. We never knew that our BOING bunnies were upto so much when we weren’t looking!
Clarence the SUPER-SPY.
And his school friends
By James Robertson (age 10)Clarence the Bunny was getting all his spy equipment intohis Mitre Pack bag. Today was special for him because hewas going to see his old spy school friends at lunch.James was helping him pack some of his stuff. James isClarence’s pet owner and spy student.‘So, Clazey are you going to let me come to this party’,asked James, flatly.‘It’s not a party it’s just an, um, meeting’, he stammered,but James knew he was lying. ‘And, no, sorry this is onlyfor me and my school friends only’.James just shrugged and opened the ladder hatch on theceiling, shifted the tile and climbed out. ‘See ya’.Clarence was all ready with packing, now. He steppeddown the stairs and came to his super fast Purple Scooter.He peddled it down the tunnel and had a good look at hispaintings, before he came up the secret ramp. Under himthe concrete sealed up and he was riding on AiredaleAvenue.Clarence parked his scooter in the scooter racks whereother brightly coloured scooters were placed.He could see a very long tablewhere a lot of familiar faces sat.At the end of the table sat hisoldest and most trusted friend….Pumpkin, with his big round (fat)body and his tiny head.Along side him was Princess,Dingleberry but they all called herDingle, Ally who was sittinguncomfortably next to Princess, Pancake, Peanut with hisidentical girlfriend Sarah, Stuart Little was there(surprisingly), Missy and Charlie not to forget, Tinkerbelle inall her glory of jewels, Tessa, little Kitty and last but notleast Molly.The BOING bunnies!‘Hey, Clarence, come and sit next to me’. Called Pumpkin.Clarence walked over and took the spare seat next toPumpkin and Dingle. Everyone was making sure they gotto talk to Clarence, because he was kind of the leader ofthe pack.He finally got to chat with Pumpkin (alone). ‘So, Clarencehave you got a girlfriend, yet’? he asked.‘Yep, her name is Pepper. But she’s a cat’, mutteredClarence.Pumpkin burst into laughter the moment Clarence said‘cat’.They’d had their party lunch, which was a bunch of sugaredcarrots, party water; mint leaves and sweet tasting hay.And now they’re playing their traditional game ‘Crack theWalnut’, (How to play: they take it in turns to try and crackthe supreme walnut of the year and who ever cracks it firstgets to have a different assorted prize).But when they were just about to start playing the game,the party turned into a problem.‘What is that’? cried Dingle.She was looking up to thesky and there was a hugeflying ship with metal robotsfalling out of the trapdoorand landing right out sidetheir party room.
Dingle looks up to the sky
‘They must be from our evil enemy, Mr. Beaver. Don’t youthink so Clarence?’ asked Ally.‘You are right, Ally’, replied Clarence.Kitty started running outside, over to the robots. ‘I’m goingto rip you apart for ruining our party’, she snarled.One of the robots lifted up its weapon arm and shot a giantplunger right at Kitty, and she went flying back into theparty house.‘Ouch’.‘Arm yourselves’, chorused Missy and Charlie.They all got out their mini laser blasters and ran out of thehut and started blasting the robots.‘Uh, I don’t think it’s working’, muttered Tessa. ‘Retreat’!They all squeezed back into the hut.‘What do we do now?’ asked Princess. ‘They’re surelygoing to pull the hut out of the ground.’Bingo! Tinkerbelle had an idea! ‘Hey, Pumpkin, rememberthat tunnel me and you were building?”
‘Of course’, mumbled Pumpkin. ‘It leads to the Do Hop Innand that’s where our deactivating weapons are’.A furry, dusty and small hole led down to a tunnel.Pumpkin squeezed through first, then Clarence, thenTinkerbelle, then Dingleberry, then Stuart Little and thenthe rest of the BOING bunnies.Their fur was getting dirty with dusty earth. Thumpingsounds were still being heard from the hut. But they werehardly getting anywhere because of Pumpkin.‘Hey, Pumpkin you’ve got forty times bigger since I last sawyou. And, two words…. work out’, strained Clarence.He was trying to push Pumpkin through the tunnel; it took avery long time to get to the house.There was a big cracking and crashing sound from the hut.Finally they came to a plank of wood on the roof of thetunnel, and Pumpkin quickly pushed it aside and they wereall squishing out.‘Finally, we’re out’, gasped Sarah, while shaking off the dirtand dust.They were in a part of the house that was placed near thegarden and they could see the robots’ confusion. Emptycages lined the room and a bunny mobile attached to theceiling.‘Tessa, you go get the weapons, ok. You know where theyare’, ordered Clarence.‘Aye, Aye, captain.’ Tessa saluted.She climbed upthe cages withher claws andclambered intoher own bigcage. She pulleda little metal box(it had a bigglowing buttonon one side) outfrom under herpink and blackbunny bed (left).She nudged the button with her nose and watched the boxopen up and let millions of spy technology pour out of it.‘It’s my special stash.’Everyone picked up one of the deactivating devices. ‘Ok,everyone lets show those robots what we’ve got’, yelledMolly, Tinkerbelle and Ally.‘Hooray’!They all ran out of the house, with the little devices in theirpaws.The job had been done. They’d placed the deactivatingweapons on the heads of the robots. And they totallyexterminated the robots.They’d gone back to the party hut and finished playingCrack the Walnut. Unsurprisingly, Kitty won, using hersuper powerful teeth. She won a factory new Ice BlockBlaster.‘Good for you,Kitty’, cheeredPeanut and Sarah(relaxing at left).‘Hey, Clarence youknow how the DoHop Inn is trying toadopt Kitty’,whispered Dingle.‘Yeah’, whispered Clarence, in reply.‘Well, I was wondering if you could take Kitty with you andmake her part of your team’, said Dingle.‘Really, well, cool, good. Well, ok me and Chief Guinea pigwere talking about getting a new team mate’, mutteredClarence.So it had been arranged. Kitty was now a part of Clarence’steam. After they’d said their goodbyes, Clarence and Kittygot on their scooters (Kitty’s scooter was bright yellow) andzoomed off to Clarence’s hutch.
Kitty rushes to her scooter!
He gave her the grand tour of his underground hutchsystem and around the house. He introduced her to histeam mates who were surprisingly at his house at the time:He introduced her to James, Bunneary and Chief Guineapig.They all got along well.So that’s the end of one of Clarence’s happiest endingstories.
The End!

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