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English Early Irish Word List

English Early Irish Word List

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Published by Centrul de Cultura

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Published by: Centrul de Cultura on Jan 27, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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abandoned dérechtach (dérechtae) abandoning (a place, thing or person) fácbáil (a) abandoning legitimate line of succession líne abandoning tradition líne abandoning indéirge abandoning léiciud abandonment déirge abandons dílsid (díles) abandons do-érig 1 (a) abandons do-léci III abandons druitid (d) ó (drut) abandons éirgid (h) a(s) abandons fo-ceird (cuirid), do-beir druim(m) IV (e) abandons in-dérig abandons léicid abasement ísliugud abases (?) fo-beir (a) abases deróilid (deróil) abases deróiligid (deróil) abases inísligid (inísel) abasing doírugad (doír) abasing inísliugud abatement maithemnas abates (intrans.) do-airindi II (b) abates (trans. and fig.) do-airindi I (b) abates do-tuit 1 (b) abates frithbúailid abates ísligidir (ísel) abates maelaid (mael) abates maelaigid (mael) abates maithid abating maithem abbatial luamda (luam) abberration merbal(l) abbess abatisa abbot ap 1 (a) abbotship apdainecht = adpaine abbreviation athchummairecht (athchummair) abdomen blonac abdomen brú 1 (a) abdomen bruinne (b) (brú 1) abdomen medón abducting (?) fothla(e) abducting fúatach (also fótach ?) abduction fochsal (foxal) (b) abducts fo-tien vx tlenaid abducts lám aberrance folúaimnige aberration éccíall aberration meraige (mer) aberration merballach (merbal)
abhorrence déistin abhorrence fúath abhors adúathaigid abhors fúathaigid (fúath) abides anaid 1 (a) abides drúbaid (drúb) abides feidligidir (feidil 1) abides foaid (c) abiding (?) fois abiding by airisem for abiding folk foss (fos) abiding comnaide abiding drúb (a) abiding fossad abiding-place manóir ability accmaing (b) ability cáemachtu ability clistecht (cliste) ability commus (b) ability cumang 1 ability forcumang abjures fo-ceird (cuirid), do-beir druim(m) IV (e) abjures fris-toing ablative case (gramm.) díupartach (b) (díupart) ablative case fochsal (foxal) (d) ablaze lasad able (?) aipéil able (person) folaid able to be traversed imthechta able to beget idna, indna able to fly etegail I able to perform feats monach (mon) able to perform tricks monach (mon) able to see faicsenach (faicsin) able coimsech 2 (commus) able commusach (commus) able cuimgech (cumang 1) able étir, éter 1 able fedmmar (feidm) able imm-cumaing able murrach able-bodied (?) fedmach (feidm) ablution dínech 2 (a) abode (oft. of a chiefs residence) domgnas, domnas (dom + gnás) abode in general imdae abode 1 adba abode aite 2 abode árus abode bruig (c) abode domsod abode drúb (b)
abode etsad, estad, autsad, itsad (b) abode fossad abode fuiriud, -ed abode inotacht abolishes do-lega abominable adéitig abominable déistinech (déistin) abominating adéitched abomination (?) cuillend abortion in cattle forláeg, farrláeg abounding in (?) waggons fénach (fén) abounding in [little] trees (?) fidánach (fid) abounding in acorns dercnach (dercu) abounding in ale = hospitable coirmech (cuirm) abounding in ale cormach (cuirm) abounding in animals mílach (míl) abounding in animals mílta (míl) abounding in beasts bledech (bled) abounding in brakes muinech (muine) abounding in cattle mílta (míl) abounding in cups ? íanach abounding in drinking-cups bleidech (bleide) abounding in ducks lachnach (lachu) abounding in faggots cúalach (cúal) abounding in feasts fledmar (fled) abounding in firewood cúalach (cúal) abounding in fish bratánach (bratán) abounding in fish íascach (íasc) abounding in flocks eltach 1 (elta 1) abounding in foliage duillech (a) (duille) abounding in food bíadmar (biad) abounding in game mílta (míl) abounding in graves lechtach (lecht) abounding in holy men érlamach (érlam) abounding in horsewhips echlascach abounding in hosts (?) dínech 1 (díne) abounding in islands ailénach (ailén) abounding in little lakes lochánach (lochán) abounding in mast mesta (mes) abounding in mead medach abounding in milk lachtmar (lacht) abounding in monsters bledech (bled) abounding in oaks dairbrech I (dairbre) abounding in oaks dairech II (dair) abounding in patron saints érlamach (érlam) abounding in pools linnmar (linn) abounding in produce mothach abounding in provisions fuirigech abounding in rapidly flowign streams es(s)ach (es 3) abounding in river-mouths inberach (inber) abounding in roots frémach (frém)