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Recession Enforced HRM to Change

Recession Enforced HRM to Change

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Published by Jayesh Chaudhari
This Paper consist of information of topic Requirement of skills and general technology to combat recession.
This Paper consist of information of topic Requirement of skills and general technology to combat recession.

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Published by: Jayesh Chaudhari on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Name of Authors:Jayesh Vilas Chaudhari. ( jayesh2400@gmail.com, 9823382400)Ketan Chaudhari. (kcketanchaudhari@gmail.com , 9271599825) MBA II Year,G. H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management, Jalgaon
Paper Title:
Recession: Enforced HRM to change!
Introduction:Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. Knowledge is the part of skill and throughintegration of various skills with knowledge valuable technologies were developed continually.Many times technology developed was not utilized properly. It also a skill that how where whenand which technology should be used.Research and Development take these skills and technologies at very pinnacle stage. Withdevelopment of information there had been a rise in need for managing these knowledge, skilland technology to implement it where ever these were necessary. Many times we have difficultythat how we can overcome from any situation with managing and implementing skills andtechnologies. Likewise Recession is the biggest lesson to everyone in this world. Manyorganizations brought to a halt due to current recession. Human Resource Management alsochanged and developed in this tough situation. Human Resource Professionals had integratedSkills and Technologies fruitfully to combat recession and geared up industry to survive in thishard-hitting state.
Recession:-As there is slowdown in the United Status due to which global recession arrived. Itcaused industries to change their strategies and policies to overcome from it and survive in thishard-hitting situation. Recession is a general slowdown in economic activity over a long periodof time, or a business cyclecontraction.
September 26, 2009 1
Skills:-Skill is an ability that has been acquired by training. In other words a skill is the learnedcapacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or  both.Here we are going to analyze skill as per human resource point of view. According to useveryone has various abilities but only few can utilize these fully. We have differentiated abilitiesof employees according to their utilization of these abilities (skills) as follows.
Physical (0 - 10 % utilization of skills)2.Physical + Mental (Brain) (25 % utilization of skills)3.Physical + Mental + Heart Feeling (50 % utilization of skills)4.Physical + Mental + Heart Feeling + Direction (80 - 90 % utilization of skills)5.Physical + Mental + Heart Feeling + Direction + Ability that How to deal with Situation?(Full utilization of skills)
Technology:Technology means the application of science especially to industrial or commercialobjective. Science is what? It is a systematic study, analysis, and research for particular thing. Aswe know that there is great progress in Research and Development. As human being man alwaystried to change according to situation and develop himself along with resources being used byhim. Many new technologies were originated. Technology is the part of this development.Technology refers to the application of Science used in industries and commerce. Some timesthere was a trouble while using and implementing technology successfully.Before this recession we have skills and technologies too. But no one has thought thathow we can integrate these both to get optimum output. Current economic slowdown imposedeveryone to think on it and work according to it. Here we will see how this economic slowdownchanged Human Resource Management.
September 26, 2009 2
Human Resource Management is the soul of any organization. And HRM have to suffer mainly if there is any problem. In current recession Human Resource Managers applied thisconcept to combat this current recession. They just integrated various skills along withtechnologies fruitfully which helped industries to gear up from this downturn.Following are the Skills which are used to combat Recession:-
Diversification of Skills:Diversification means the condition of being varied and if an employee have morethan one skill will be helpful to increase productivity and minimize the cost.Human Resource Professional acquired this skill and provided various training toexisting employees to variegate them in different working skills. This is helped todelegate more responsibilities to one person and minimize labor cost by not appointingextra employees for same responsibilities.
Recruitment of Multi Skilled Employee:This is the most significant change in HRM processes. Human ResourceProfessional always tried to search “right person for right job”. But now it is changedRecession enforced them to minimize cost and search for “One person who consist of varied skills to perform more task with perfection”. It is very beneficial to industry aswell as employee also. When a person is doing more than one work with accuracy it ishelpful to organization in reducing their labor cost. On the other hand employee isworking with his full capability which enables him to develop on his own and becomemore successful in his career.Recruiting multi skilled employee facilitates industry to reduce various cost whichare directly or indirectly related to employee. Like Salary, Wages, Incentives, Cost of  providing welfare facilities, Cost of resources being used by every another employee.Recruiting multi skilled employee serve up organization in direction of reducing cost andwhich is the most essential weapon to combat recession.
Training Programs:
September 26, 2009 3

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