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Lesson Plan Touch

Lesson Plan Touch

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Published by: jaketaylortheeducator on Sep 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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:Mr Taylor 
Date of Lesson
: Friday 25
September 2009
Lesson Topic
: Touch Football
 Year level
: 11
General Objective
: Students will apply the theoretical components of the energy systems as used in touch footballStudents will develop understanding of the role energy systems and fatigue has on player performance in relation to touch football.Students will further develop skills and strategic plays for touch football that utilise their theoretical knowledge of energy systems and the effects of fatigue on player performance.Students will cooperatively work individually and with partners in a modified and full scale game environment whilst demonstrating safety at all times.
Teaching SequenceSpecific ObjectivesTeaching StrategiesLearningExperiencesOrganisationResourcesFormative Assessment
Theory – Introduction tofatigue and the impact ithas on performance-What is fatigue-Types of fatigue – Mental& physical-Strategies to minimisefatigue
8 Minutes
Students will be ableto implementstrategies thatminimise individualand team fatigue.Teacher asks studentsquestions in relation tothe fatigue and todemonstrate a basicunderstanding.Teacher asksquestions to reinforceunderstanding. e.g.effects on player performance-What is fatigue andhow is it caused?-Ask students to givean example of physical and mentalfatigue-
Strategies to minimizeindividual and teamfatigue and to increaseopposition fatigue
Students take part inan open discussion inrelation to fatigue andthe effects it has onperformanceStudents applyknowledge andunderstanding toanswer questionrelating to fatigue andplayer performance.Students are seated infront of teacher duringthe teacher ledintroduction.A handout resource isdistributed to eachstudent.Fatigue handoutResourceAre students successfullyanswering questions?
Warm up – Bull Rush7 mins
To be able to warm uptheir bodies inpreparation for physical activityTo be able workcooperatively within ateam environment.Teacher provides anoutline of the lessonintroducing the skillsand rulesTeacher introducesstudents to the Bullrush!! warm up andselects 2 students tobe the taggers.Teacher asks studentsquestions in relation tothe game todemonstrateunderstanding andquestions relating tothe energy systemsrequired during thegame.Students will listencarefully to a teacher led instruction and willhave an insight intothe progression of thelesson and what willbe required of them. Students throughquestioning are ableto recall theprocedures, rules andsafety concernsassociated with thewarm up activityDuring the warm upactivity students willdemonstratecommunication skillsto work cooperativelywith team mates.Students line up atone end of thedesignated fieldwaiting for the taggersto call out “Bull rush”Students try and maketheir way past thetaggers to make it tothe other end. Thiscontinues until allstudents have beentagged.MarkersWhistleHave students thoroughlywarmed up?Are the studentsdemonstrating cooperationand communication withpeers during warm up?Are students engaged withthe activity?
Activity 1
Settlers – Offense &Defence
8 mins
In a modified closedenvironmentsimulating a gamesituation students willunderstand anddemonstratestrategically soundplays for offense anddefenceTeacher explains‘settlers – offense &defence’ using twostudents todemonstrate theexerciseDivide class intothree’s and proceed inlines off base pointsStudents willdemonstrate ability toperform play in closedenvironment whilerehearsing basictouch skills e.g.Rucking, scooping,playing the ballStudents will be in agroup of three thatperforms the plays.Once one group hascompleted the drill thenext will proceed4 x BallsMarkersWhistlesAre students performingtask fluently?Do students understandwhen to motion and whereto run?

Activity (3)

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