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Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka

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Published by Dave Hall
wakan tanka great spirit god/godess prayer connection infinity
wakan tanka great spirit god/godess prayer connection infinity

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Published by: Dave Hall on Jan 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wakan tanka The experience of Great Spirit is a perceptual state of expansion, to facilitate this experience, following the example that was shown to the Lakota, first one turns in a circle, honouring the four directions. Though it should be noted by the practitioner, who begins ceremony in this way first facing west and honouring that direction, inviting the higher aspects of divinity found within that direction into self and then turning to face the north, not forgetting the west as one proceeds. Though it may seem this way, in fact, what one dose, is first they look west placing their attention on all things happening in the west in that very moment and as one relates in this way, within the essence of all things being perceived from within that direction, a reflection of the divine, a mirror to self, that provides understanding to self of self and of what
s ones place in the universe is, teaching us through the physical attributes of consciousness manifestation, which from our perspective give and sustain life, can be perceived, And so as one calls these conscious aspect of divine into self. the 4 direction who are 4 but they are also one,
one see’s
 that they reflect the cycle of life, creating the perception of time, through the experience of the finite sphere of self
 contained within and contains inside infinity, that requires a finite existence to reflect the finite limits that consciousness (self) has taken to perceive that idea of self from, reflecting that from this perspective of self, one will always experience the illusion of birth and death, and so as one calls to the directions thus invoking them within, one calls to them one at a time turning in a circle creating a hochoka, a sacred centre ,which is the divine altar of self ,who is but factual containing the total of
 without within, As one faces the west and remembers this, perceiving all that is and
 within ones frame of view, one remembers, all that what one is perceiving outside, they also experience emanating from within, then when one moves to face the north, one still remains with their attention focus on everything in the west, whilst now also becoming totally aware of everything in the north, also calling It into ones being, perceiving all
 observed in the outer world, within the self ,then we continuing on the same through to the east and then south, until ones perception is focused on all things in all directions whist also perceiving all
s without within the space of own being, next one looks up and calls to the grandfathers, taking our awareness to the sun, bringer of light and warmth that give life, the sky who is the power that gives breath and movement to all things and the wind, dancing the dance of life, perceiving all
 observed outside above the self ,within the self,. then one looks down to the grandmothers, the Earth, the nurturing mother who feeds from her bosom, the Rock she is all knowing and indestructible, never forgetting grandmother Moon, who reminds us the universe
 birthed from a man and she teaches us that for the conception, it requires two polarities, both the contracting feminie and the expanding masculine, inviting them into the centre of self as one, again perceiving what is without within finally we call Wakan tanka, the great mystery, that which is the unified totality of all these divine aspects of consciousness, who can be perceived by self, through expanding the consciousness to all these places of consciousness manifestations through time space both outside and within the self,

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