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0803611560 Nursing Diagnosis

0803611560 Nursing Diagnosis



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Published by liviandrea

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Published by: liviandrea on Sep 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ACTIVITY-EXERCISE PATTERNactivity intolerance, risk for, 47–49activity intolerance [specify level], 43–47airway clearance, ineffective, 53–58autonomic dysreflexia, 82–85autonomic dysreflexia, risk for, 85–88bed mobility, impaired, 372–75breathing pattern, ineffective, 111–16cardiac output, decreased, 116–22development, risk for delayed, 205–8disuse syndrome, risk for, 214–20diversional activity, deficient, 220–23fatigue, 251–56infant behavior, disorganized, 330–36infant behavior, readiness for enhancedorganized, 337–39infant behavior, risk for disorganized,336–37intercranial adaptive capacity, decreased,354–58peripheral neurovascular dysfunction,risk for, 437–41physical mobility, impaired, 375–80surgical recovery, delayed, 580–83tissue perfusion, ineffective [specifytype], 617–25transfer ability, impaired, 625–28ventilation, impaired spontaneous,665–70ventilatory weaning response,dysfunctional, 671–75walking, impaired, 683–86wandering [specify sporadic orcontinual], 686–90wheelchair mobility, impaired, 380–83COGNITIVE-PERCEPTUALPATTERNconfusion, acute, 150–54confusion, chronic, 154–58decisional conflict [specify], 142–46environmental interpretation syndrome,impaired, 227–31knowledge, deficient [learning need](specify), 358–63knowledge, readiness for enhanced[specify], 363–65memory, impaired, 368–71pain, acute, 417–22pain, chronic, 422–28sensory perception, disturbed [specifytype], 510–17thought processes, disturbed, 607–11COPING-STRESS TOLERANCEPATTERNadjustment, impaired, 49–52coping, community: ineffective, 184–87coping, community: readiness forenhanced, 190–92coping, family: compromised, 169–75coping, family: disabled, 175–79coping, family: readiness for enhanced,192–95coping, ineffective, 179–84coping, ineffective community, 184–86coping, readiness for enhanced, 187–89post-trauma syndrome, risk for, 453–57post-trauma syndrome [specify stage],447–53self-mutilation, 503–6self-mutilation, risk for, 506–10suicide, risk for, 575–80ELIMINATION PATTERNbowel incontinence, 96–99constipation, 158–63constipation, risk for, 166–69diarrhea, 209–14urinary elimination, impaired, 633–38urinary incontinence, functional, 640–43
Gordon’s FunctionalHealth Patterns Index
urinary incontinence, reflex, 643–46urinary incontinence, stress, 646–50urinary incontinence, total, 650–54urinary retention, acute/chronic,660–65urinary urge incontinence, 657–60urinary urge incontinence, risk for,654–57HEALTH PERCEPTION-HEALTHMANAGEMENT PATTERNenergy field, disturbed, 224–27falls, risk for, 235–39health maintenance, ineffective, 305–8health-seeking behaviors, 308–11infection, risk for, 342–46injury, risk for, 346–50noncompliance [specify], 391–95perioperative positioning injury, risk for,351–54poisoning, risk for, 441–46protection, ineffective, 465–66sudden infant death syndrome, risk for,195–98suffocation, risk for, 571–75therapeutic regimen: community,ineffective management, 592–95therapeutic regimen: effectivemanagement, 589–92therapeutic regimen: family, ineffectivemanagement, 595–98therapeutic regimen: ineffectivemanagement, 598–601therapeutic regimen: readiness forenhanced management, 601–4NUTRITIONAL-METABOLICPATTERNallergy response: latex, 58–62allergy response: latex, risk for, 62–64
Copyright © 2005 F.A. Davis
)body temperature, risk for imbalanced,93–96breast feeding, interrupted, 108–11breastfeeding, effective [learning need],100–103breastfeeding, ineffective, 103–8dentition, impaired, 201–5failure to thrive, adult, 232–35fluid balance, readiness for enhanced,260–63fluid volume, excess, 272–76fluid volume, risk for deficient, 276–79hyperthermia, 319–23hypothermia, 323–27infant feeding pattern, ineffective,340–42nausea, 383–87nutrition: imbalanced, less than bodyrequirements, 395–401nutrition: imbalanced, more than bodyrequirements, 401–6nutrition: imbalanced, risk for more thanbody requirements, 406–9nutrition, readiness for enhanced,409–12oral mucous membrane, impaired,412–17skin integrity, impaired, 525–31skin integrity, risk for impaired,531–35swallowing, impaired, 583–89ROLE-RELATIONSHIP PATTERNattachment, risk for impairedparent/child/infant, 78–82caregiver role strain, 123–28caregiver role strain, risk for, 129–32communication, readiness for enhanced,138–42family processes, dysfunctional, 244–48family processes, dysfunctional:alcoholism, 240–44family processes, readiness for enhanced,248–51grieving, anticipatory, 287–91grieving, dysfunctional, 291–95parental role conflict, 146–49parenting, impaired, 428–33parenting, impaired, risk for, 433–34parenting, readiness for enhanced,434–37relocation stress syndrome, risk for,477–79social interaction, impaired, 548–53social isolation, 553–57verbal communication, impaired,132–38violence, risk for other-directed, 675–83SELF-PERCEPTION–SELF-CONCEPT PATTERNanxiety [mild, moderate, severe, panic],64–70anxiety, death, 70–74body image, disturbed, 88–93fear [specify focus], 256–60hopelessness, 315–19loneliness, risk for, 365–68personal identity, disturbed, 327–30powerlessness, risk for, 462–65powerlessness [specify level], 457–62self-concept, readiness for enhanced,490–92self-esteem, risk for situational low,497–99self-esteem, situational low, 499–503SEXUALITY-REPRODUCTIVEPATTERNrape-trauma syndrome [specify],467–72sexual dysfunction, 517–21sexuality patterns, ineffective, 522–25SLEEP-REST PATTERNsleep, readiness for enhanced, 535–38sleep pattern, disturbed, 543–48VALUE-BELIEF PATTERNspiritual distress, 561–65spiritual distress, risk for, 565–68spiritual well-being, readiness forenhanced, 568–71
Copyright © 2005 F.A. Davis

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