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The File on the positions of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)

The File on the positions of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)



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Published by vaticancatholic.com
What is said in this section applies not only to the Society of St. Pius X, but to many other similarly-minded, independent “traditionalist” groups which resist the Vatican II apostasy and the New Mass by holding positions similar to the SSPX.
What is said in this section applies not only to the Society of St. Pius X, but to many other similarly-minded, independent “traditionalist” groups which resist the Vatican II apostasy and the New Mass by holding positions similar to the SSPX.

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Published by: vaticancatholic.com on Sep 27, 2009
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40. The File on the positions of the Society ofSt. Pius X (SSPX
Archbishop Lefebvre (founder of the SSPX) and the four bishops he consecrated
on June 30, 1988
 We are faced with a serious dilemma which, I believe, has never existed in theChurch: the one seated on the chair of Peter takes part in the worship of false gods
.What conclusions will we have to draw, perhaps in a few months’ time, faced with theserepeated acts of taking part in the worship of false religions, I do not know. But I dowonder.
It is possible that we might be forced to believe that the pope is not thepope
(Archbishop Lefebvre, Sermon, Easter, 1986)
What is said in this section applies not only to the Society of St. Pius X, but to many othersimilarly-minded, independent “traditionalist” groups which resist the Vatican II apostasy andthe New Mass by holding positions similar to the SSPX.]The SSPX is a “traditionalist” order of priests founded by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.Lefebvre was an archbishop in France who resisted many things about the post-Vatican IIreligion, recognizing them to be departures from traditional Catholicism. He recognized theNew Mass to be Protestant and opposed to Tradition. He also opposed the heresies of“ecumenism” and religious liberty, which were taught at Vatican II. He began seminaries for theformation of priests who would be offering exclusively the traditional Mass, and he ordainedthem in the traditional rite of ordination. In order to do this, he had to remain independent of theVatican II antipopes, even though he continued to take the position that they were legitimatepopes who held the office of the Papacy. He was also independent of the working communion ofthe “bishops” who had gone along with the new religion. On June 30, 1988, Lefebvre decided(independently of the Vatican II antipopes) to consecrate four bishops in the traditional rite ofEpiscopal Consecration, so that these bishops could continue to ordain priests for the traditionalrites. He was “excommunicated” by John Paul II within 72 hours, even though (as we’vediscussed already) no prominent pro-abortion politician has yet been excommunicated by any ofthe Vatican II antipopes. 
The positions of the Society of St. Pius X 
The SSPX has many traditional Mass locations around the world, and is a major force influencingand providing sacraments for those who profess to be traditionalist-minded Catholics. We wantto emphasize that the SSPX does many good things; it has been an avenue by which many havebeen introduced, and come back, to the traditional Catholic Faith. However, in various areas theSSPX’s positions are unfortunately heretical and contrary to the Catholic Faith. First, the SSPXholds and teaches that souls can be saved in non-Catholic religions, which is heretical.Fr. Schmidberger,
Time Bombs of the Second Vatican Council
, Angelus Press [SSPX], p. 10:“Ladies and gentlemen,
it is clear that the followers of other religions can be savedunder certain conditions
, that is to say, if they are in invincible error.”Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Against the Heresies, Angelus Press [SSPX], p. 216:“Evidently,
certain distinctions must be made.
Souls can be saved in a religion otherthan the Catholic religion (Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.),
but not by thisreligion.”These statements constitute blatant heresy against the dogma Outside the Church There is NoSalvation; yet they are printed in the very best-selling materials of the SSPX. In fact, almost allpriests who even celebrate the traditional Mass hold this same heresy.Pope Gregory XVI,
Summo Iugiter Studio
(# 2), May 27, 1832:
“Finally some of these misguided people attempt to persuade themselves and othersthat men are not saved only in the Catholic religion, but that even heretics may attaineternal life.”
 Also, while resisting the Vatican II apostasy, the SSPX
maintains an allegiance to themanifestly heretical “bishops” of the Novus Ordo/Vatican II Church, as mentioned above. Atthe same time, however, the SSPX doesn’t operate in communion with what it calls “the NewChurch” – the Novus Ordo Church – the Church of the Vatican II “bishops” and “popes” (whoare actually antipopes). Their position is a contradiction. It’s an affront to Catholic teaching onthree counts: 1) They recognize manifest heretics (the Novus Ordo bishops and the Vatican IIantipopes) as Catholics who possess authority in the Church, which is heretical They need torecognize that these heretical bishops are outside the Church and have no authority at all.
St. Robert Bellarmine,
De Romano Pontifice
, lib. II, cap. 30: “Finally, the Holy Fathers teachunanimously not only that heretics are outside of the Church, but also that they are "ipsofacto" deprived of all ecclesiastical jurisdiction and dignity.”St. Robert Bellarmine,
De Romano Pontifice
, II, 30:"A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically (
 per se
) ceases to be pope and head, justas he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore, hecan be judged and punished by the Church.
This is the teaching of all the ancient Fathers
 who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction."2) The SSPX
operates outside of communion with the Novus Ordo hierarchy, eventhough it recognizes it as the Catholic hierarchy. This is actually schismatic. In fact, the SSPXboldly refuses communion with the Novus Ordo Church (see below), even though it recognizesthe Novus Ordo hierarchy as the true Catholic hierarchy!
The positions of the Society of St. Pius X 
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre,
of August, 1976:
All those enter into schism who cooperate in this realization of this upheaval andadhere to this new Conciliar Church
, as His excellency Bishop Benelli designated it inthe letter he addressed to me in the Holy Father’s name last June 25
.” (Quoted in
)Fr. Franz Schmidberger, former Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X:
 We have never wished to belong to this system which calls itself the ConciliarChurch, and identifies itself with the Novus Ordo Missae
The faithful indeed havea strict right to know that priests who serve them are not in communion with acounterfeit church.”
(Quoted in
The Angelus
, Official publication of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), May, 2000:“This current of renewal
has given birth to a new church within the bosom of theCatholic Church, to that which Msgr. Benelli himself called ‘
the conciliar church
 whose limits and paths are very difficult to define...
It is against this conciliar churchthat our resistance stands. We do not refuse our adherence to the Pope as such, but tothis conciliar church
, for its ideas are foreign to those of the Catholic Church.”
 To refuse communion with the Novus Ordo Church and not the head of the Novus Ordo Churchis like saying that one refuses communion with the Communist Party but not the head of theCommunist Party! It’s a contradiction.Moreover, by its recognition of the Vatican II “popes” and “bishops” as the Catholic hierarchy,the SSPX is in communion with this “counterfeit Church.” At the same time, the SSPX is inschism with this “counterfeit Church” because it blatantly refuses communion with the membersof this Church, as we see above. (If it sounds contradictory, that’s because it is.) The position isschismatic.Canon 1325.2,
1917 Code of Canon Law
: “One who after baptism… rejects the authority ofthe Supreme Pontiff
or refuses communion with the members of the Church who aresubject to him, he is a schismatic.”
 St. Ignatius of Antioch,
Letter to the Trallians
, (A.D. 110): “He that is within the sanctuaryis pure; but he that is outside the sanctuary is not pure. In other words,
anyone who actswithout the bishop and the presbytery and the deacons does not have a cleanconscience
 For decades now, the SSPX has been obstinately working outside of communion with the“bishops” and “pope” it deems to constitute the Catholic hierarchy. This is schismatic.St. Jerome,
Commentaries on the Epistle to Titus
, (A.D. 386): “Between heresy and schismthere is a distinction made, that heresy involves perverse doctrine,
while schismseparates one from the Church on account of disagreement with the Bishop
 3) The SSPX holds that the Catholic Church has become a “New Church,” a modernist sect – anon-Catholic sect which is rife with heresy and apostasy – which is impossible. The Church is theimmaculate Bride of Christ, which cannot officially teach error.Pope Pius XI,
 Mortalium Animos
(# 10), Jan. 6, 1928: “During the lapse of centuries, themystical Spouse of Christ has never been contaminated, nor can she ever in the future becontaminated, as Cyprian bears witness:
‘The Bride of Christ cannot be made false to

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