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DVD Cover Analysis 3

DVD Cover Analysis 3

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Published by Devpal Sehmi

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Published by: Devpal Sehmi on Sep 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Main Images
There is no one main image,there is a collage, whichconnotes who may feature onthe DVD. They all seem to be wearing dark, black clothes and another iswearing red. This portraysthem in a negative way. Theycan be seen as antagonistsdue to the colour of their clothes. Also we see some of them holding guns and in the background there are imagesof explosions which canrelate to violence.
Format Logo
To let the audience know whereit can be played on, due to thenew technology introduced such blue-ray the audience need toknow what this is compatible to.
It can be classified as a titlesince it gives the informationthat a main title would. It can be classified as a tag linesince it gives the information“volume 1”, meaning it is thefirst of a series of the samekind of DVD’s.
Back Cover Image
The back cover image unlikethe front cover concentrateson one main person, whichconnotes his important andagain to show the audiencewho maybe casting in it. Themain person is dressedsmartly in a suit but with himwearing black and white andholding a cigar in his handthis connote a “gangster”stereotype. Behind him wesee a army of people allwearing black, who are allwearing balaclavas whichlike the front image connotesviolence. The image of thegravestone connotes death.
Blurb/Special Features
The images have giveninsight of you may feature inthe DVD, but the specialfeatures gives us a full idea of which artist will appear onthe DVD, so the audienceknow if there favourite artistis featured.
Billings Block 
Brief information about awebsite. It is in small print tonot attract the reader since it isnot as important.
Main Title
The main title is in a smallfont, however it in a brightcolour which makes it standout. With the title beingsmall, it makes the audience pay more attention to themain images.
Spine Title
The same colour scheme of, black, whiteand yellow is used as used in the front and back images. The yellow and white writingon a black back is useful since when theDVD is being purchased it can be readeasily, since it will catch the eye of whoever may be interested.
Institutional Logo
Brief information of who produced the DVD

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