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101 Kids Busy

101 Kids Busy

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Published by psychictruth

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Published by: psychictruth on Sep 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 101+ Waysto Keep Kids Busy 
101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy
He or she? Him or her?
Please note:
In this and all Better Kid Care publications we take turns referringto children as “he” or “she.” When we use he or she, we include all children.
To the Caregiver 
As a caregiver, you havea very important job. Formany hours each dayyou take the place of the
-ence the child in manyways.The early years of thechild’s life are extremelyimportant. The child isgrowing and developing.You can help the childgrow and develop to thefullest.Not long ago, a caregiverwas discovered who al-lowed the two childrenshe cared for to watchTV for hours and hours.These two children soonbecame dull children.They weren’t interestedin running and jump-ing, reading and singing.They became small-sizedcouch potatoes.Another caregiver, justdown the street, plannedevery day and had hertwo children active and
and doing many fun ac-tivities. These childrenwere alive. They smiledand laughed and cried andgiggled!Which of these two familychild care homes do youthink was the happiest?Which one had the most
children’s growth anddevelopment? Of coursethe answer is the familychild care home wherethe children were activeand doing things. Thesechildren were growingand developing to thefullest.
101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy
can help you helpthe children you care forto grow and develop. It’sfull of wonderful ideas of things you can plan and dowith your children.Young children aresupposed to be active,curious, questioning,busy, and a host of otherthings.We hope you’ll use
101+Ways to Keep Kids Busy
and we hope you’ll makeevery effort to help yourchildren grow and de-velop to the fullest.
101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy
Have a TelephoneConversation
A homemade telephone canhelp younger children buildtheir vocabulary skills andalso be a lot of fun. Thephone can be made frompaper or plastic cups.The phone line should havetwo “receivers.” Punch asmall hole in the bottomof each cup, and push theends of a 15 to 20 footstring through the holes.Tie a large knot at each endof the string. The childrencan stretch out the stringand begin their conversa-tion.
(Due to strangulationhazards, this activity is not intended for children under three years of age.)
Let’s Jump
Have the children standwith their toes at a startingline, which can be madeusing a strip of masking
you give a signal, have the
forward. The distance eachchild jumped can be mea-sured with chalk or string.Let the children jump againto see if they can improvetheir distance.
Obstacle Course
An obstacle course can beset up either in or out of doors. Chairs, old tires,stools, and cardboardboxes are just a few thingsthat can be used. Make andshow the children the pat-tern of the course so thatthey know what they haveto crawl over, under, orthrough.
Make a Necklace
Empty thread spools thatare painted different colorscan make a safe necklacefor younger children. Theycan even help you makethe necklace.Take the spools and stringthem together with a softstring or shoe lace. Theyounger children will enjoyhelping you do this.
Colored Sand Art
Take dry sand from thesand box and put a handfulinto several small contain-ers. Add some food color-ing into each container andmix together until the sandis colored.Give the children somepaper and glue. Have themmake patterns with the glueto make a design. When
sprinkle the glue with thecolored sand.
Counting theDishes
Have the chil-dren help set thetable for meals or snack and ask them to counthow many napkins, forks,dishes, and spoons will beneeded.
Make a MusicalInstrument
A musical instrument caneasily be made with twosmall paper plates andbeans. Place the beans onone plate. Cover with theother plate. Tape, glue, orstaple the plates together.Encourage the child to playthe instrument to music.
(Due to choking hazards,this activity is not intended  for children under three years of age.)
Learning ImportantInformation
Help a child learn histelephone number and ad-dress while playing. Tapethe house number on a playhouse or the bedroom door.The telephone numbercan be taped to a playtelephone. Ask the childhis telephone number andaddress frequently.
HouseholdItemsCan Be Fun
Egg cartons, milk cartons, emptythread spools,
coloring can be used tomake fun, safe educationaltoys and materials for thechildren.
 101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy 

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