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Project of Denim Dyeing

Project of Denim Dyeing



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Published by dani

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Published by: dani on Sep 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In line with recent trends toward high-quality production and diversification in the textile processing , much efforts is being exerted to improve the performance of mixed fabricsof natural and synthetic fibres and to introduce the new product with new values.This technical information presents a detailed description of the standard working procedure adopted under normal practice for continous dyeing of polyester/cellulosic blended fabrics,a and series of important suggestions over the selection of dye sftuff.As continous dyeing polyester /cellulosic blended fabrics involves a large variety of fibresubstrates, processing methods and recommendable dye stuffs, in this information two possible dye stuffs are described—one is disperse vat combination and second is dispersereactive combination . 1
All thanks are due to Almighty “ALLAH” most beneficial and merciful who enable us tocomplete this project.The completion of this project is perceived as the fruitful result of and incredible effort,devotion and hardwork. It can be stated without any hesitation that this subject is theoutcome of the joint effort of all concerned by successfully negotiating the varioustedious problems and hurdles. We are particularly thankful of 
S.M Qutab ,
our project advisor for the guidance andvaluable cooperation render by him at any stage regarding this project. He full indulgedhimself to facilitate our job whenever approached him to seek guidance regarding thisstudy.Finally we acknowledge a debt of gratitude to our parents and other encouragement, wholed us to complete this project work.
Denim is more than a cotton fabric; it inspires strong opinions from historians,designers, teenagers, movie stars, reporters and writers. In 1969 a writer forAmerican Fabrics magazine declared, "Denim is one of the world's oldest fabrics, yetit remains eternally young." If continuous use of and interest in an item makes it"eternally young," then denim certainly qualifies.Legend and fact are also interwoven when scholars discuss the origin of the namedenim. Most reference books say that denim is an English corruption of the Frenchphrase "serge de Nimes;" a serge fabric from the town of Nimes in France. However,some scholars have begun to question this explanation.
There are a few schools of thought on the derivation of theword "denim." The serge de Nimes fabric traces back to France prior to the 17thcentury. At the same time, there was also a fabric known in France as
Bothfabrics were composed partly of wool.Serge de Nimes was also known in England before the end of the 17th century. Thequestion then arises: was this fabric imported from France or was it an English fabricbearing the same name? Fabrics which were named for a certain geographic locationwere often also made elsewhere; the name was used to lend a certain cachet to thefabric when it was offered for sale. Therefore a "serge de Nimes" purchased inEngland was very likely also made in England, and not in Nimes, France.There still remains the question of how the word "denim" is thought to havedescended from the word "serge de Nimes." Serge de Nimes was made of silk andwool, but denim has always been made of cotton. Again, this relation betweenfabrics is in name only, though both fabrics are twill weave. Is the real origin of theword denim "serge de nim," meaning a fabric that resembled the part-wool fabriccalled nim? Was serge de Nimes more well-known than serge de nim and mis-translated when it crossed the English Channel? It's likely we will never really know.

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