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MadeBig Basic and Premium Listing Terms of Service

MadeBig Basic and Premium Listing Terms of Service

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Published by MadeSmall

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Published by: MadeSmall on Sep 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MadeBig Basic and Local Listing Terms of Service
Section 1 – Overview and Acceptance
The following Terms of Service (hereafter “Local TOS”) are for the Local section of themadebig.com Web site and signify the agreement between your business and MadeBig. Byagreeing to the Local TOS you also agree to the general Terms of Service for the entire MadeBigsite. Any person who accesses the site and acts on your behalf is also bound by the Local TOSand any violation by you or anyone acting in your interests may result in a termination of youraccount.By accepting the Local TOS you are agreeing that the information you are submitting iscomplete, accurate, true and current at the time of submission. You are also stating that you are18 years of age and that your business has obtained the necessary licenses to be considered abusiness both by your county, state and the federal government.Be advised that MadeBig may change these policies (both within Local and the site as a whole)at any time without notice. MadeBig is not obligated to notify you of these changes; howeveryou may view the most up-to-date document athttp://local.madebig.com/local_listing_login.asp.
Section 2 – Services Offered
MadeBig Local offers businesses the opportunity to post a listing of their business on the site aswell as some additional services depending on the type of package you choose for your business.MadeBig Local has two packages available for any business – Basic and Premium.A Basic listing is free for any business. This type of listing will provide your business with alisting within the Local site in the categories of your choice. You may choose up to six differentcategories for your business; when a user opens one of these categories your business listing willappear. You will also have the ability create coupons for your business that will appear when auser clicks on your listing. These coupons can be altered at any time by you and users can printthe coupons off of the Local site to bring to your establishment. You have the ability to placeunlimited coupons within your listing and they will remain on the site until you remove them oruntil the expiration date (if you choose to include one) is reached. Finally, the other services thatyou will have access to are to have a computer generated map and driving directions tailored toyour business. The map and directions will appear within your listing. A Basic listing iscompletely free of charge and will remain on the site indefinitely without the need for renewal.A Premium listing costs $599 per year for a business. A Premium listing includes all of theservices that a Basic listing provides – online directory listing, the ability to create unlimitedcoupons, a computer generated map and driving directions – along with several other features.First, your business will receive exposure on major search engines, including MSN, Google andYahoo!. Also, your business will have a Premium listing icon within the online directory. YourPremium listing will also allow you to include your business’s logo as well as pictures of yourestablishment. In addition to having the ability to choose up to six categories for your business toappear under, you will also have the opportunity to choose up to 10 keywords to associate with
your business that will cause your listing to appear when a user enters those words into a searchwithin the Local site. Another service available to businesses with a Premium listing is the abilityto add events to their listing. There is a clickable tab within the Premium listing where you maypost text about upcoming events for your business and users may view these posts. The finalservice that is offered to businesses with a Premium listing is the option of having a blog postedwithin your business listing. A blog is short for a web log, an online service where users have theability to write text about any subject. This blog may be used to write about your business, newspecials coming up or to showcase certain features or personnel from your business.The other service offered through the Local site is not available for you to use but it does affectyour business. Registered users of MadeBig may post reviews of your business, including arating of one to five stars and a text description of what they loved or hated. These reviews willbe posted within your listing and available for viewing by you, users and visitors to the Localsite.
Section 3 – Coupons
If you choose to use the Coupon feature offered for both Basic and Premium listings, youwarrant and represent that you have the authority to offer such a deal and you promise to honorthe terms of that deal as they are presented to the user through MadeBig Local. You specificallyagree to indemnify MadeBig against any claims by consumers who use said service when and if the terms of the coupon were not honored.
Section 4 – Requirements for Listings
You are not required to be a registered user of MadeBig to post your business in MadeBig Local;however, after you submit your listing you will become a registered user. Your username will beyour e-mail address and your password will be e-mailed to you after the three day waitingperiod. MadeBig requires three day waiting period before your listing is activated so that we mayverify that your business is legitimate. This three day waiting period is also required so thatMadeBig may process payments for a Premium listing.The following information is required for any business listing, both Basic and Premium:
First and last name of the person acting as the contact for MadeBig
E-mail address of the contact
Telephone number of the contact
Business name
Telephone number of business
Full address of business, including street address, city, state and zip codeThe following information is optional for you to include in your business listing:
Web site address for your business
Toll free number for your business
Fax number for your business
Company e-mail address
Additional phone numbers
Hours of operation
Methods of payments that your business accepts
Year the business was established
Products and services offered by your business
Languages spoken at your business
Any professional associations that your business may belong to
Brand names carried
Specials offered by your business
Pictures of your business – for Premium listing ONLY
Section 5 – Information prohibited by MadeBig
All of the information you provide to MadeBig in MadeBig Local is subject to review by theMadeBig staff. You are prohibited to post multiple listings for your business unless they havedifferent locations. You may not post the same business under different usernames. It isprohibited to post information about a business that does not exist or is not recognized aslegitimate. Any business listed within MadeBig Local must be located within the United Statesof America. All text that appears in a listing (with the exception of the name of the business)must be in English. While MadeBig does not wish to censor any business, it is at our discretionto remove any images or content deemed inappropriate or offensive.Any information that violates the Local TOS will be removed and the subscriber is subject tohaving their account terminated. MadeBig also reserves the right to remove a listing forviolations not listed in this section at our discretion.
Section 6 – Renewals and Cancellations
If you choose to have a Basic listing for your business, you are not required to renew yourlisting. MadeBig encourages you to keep your information up to date, but the information willnot be modified or removed from the site without the express permission of the user who postedthe listing. You are required to renew your listing each year if you purchased a Premium listing.It will cost $599 per year to have a Premium listing.You may modify or remove content from your listing at any time. If you wish to cancel yourlisting and remove it from the Local site altogether, you must contact MadeBig atcustomerservice@madebig.comand we will remove the listing for you. You may cancel yourlisting at any time.By accepting the Local TOS, entering your payment information and clicking “Submit,you are authorizing MadeBig to charge your credit card the fee for a Premium listing (if this isthe option you choose). No part of this amount is creditable or refundable, even if you choose tocancel the listing. You acknowledge and agree that the charge of your credit card does not in anyway guarantee the acceptance or display of your Premium listing or portions thereof in any form,or any measure of performance or success of your listing.
Section 7 – Release of Information

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