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CS Puzzles, Games & Algorithms Summer Academy Course Syllabus
 Robert R. Snapp [
],  Votey.
 Session (July –, ): Monday–
ursday,:am – : noon, and :–:pm; Location:
Online coursework 
: July  – August , , Internet postings.
Web Page:
 An introduction to computer science that exploresthe history, rules, and strategies for puzzles and games, such asRubiks cube, chess, and go. We will introduce both mathemati-calandcomputationaltoolsthatallowcomputerstosolvepuzzlesandplaygames. Wewillalsointroducetheschemeprogramminglanguage with an emphasis on
 computational thinking 
e following materials are required:Two (or more) six-sided dice.Fiy counters (e.g., pennies, buttons, poker chips, driedbeans, Skittles, M&Ms).A standard 
  Rubik’s cube, available at many toy stores, Barnes & Noble, and amazon.com.Students should bring a laptop computer (running either Win-dows, MacOSX,orLinux), sotheycandevelopRacketprogramsinclass,inthedorm,andduringtheonlineportionofthecourse.Wewillmakeanefforttoaccommodatestudentswhodonotowna laptop.
Computer Soware:
. You may download this forfree from the web site
, forMS Windows, MacOS X, and Linux.
Grading Policy:
e final letter grade you receive on your tran-script will be an absolute measure of your achievement and un-derstanding, as follows:Percentage Grade Percentage GradeA+ C+A CACB+ D+B DBDF
e course grade will be based onclassroom attendance & participation (%),graded homework (%),quizzes (%, aer dropping the lowest quiz),midterm exam (%)online-session coursework (%).
ere will be many opportunities for extra credit: motivated stu-dents can complete an approved project, lead a discussion in alab, or lecture session, etc.
Attendance and Participation:
 You are required to attend andactively participate in every class session.
 Homework, which includes reading, writing, prob-lem solving, computer programming, puzzle & game creation,and experimental play, will be assigned on a regular basis. Latehomework will be penalized % credit per day.Some assignments will involve reading and writing simple pro-grams in the Racket programming language using
, apedagogical interactive soware development environment.
 Approximately six “pop” quizzes will be given duringtheterm. Eachquizwillconsistofoneortwoshortexercisesthatare usually similar to the homework, or to recent laboratory orclass activities.
e lowest quiz grade will be dropped.
ere willbe no make-ups for missed quizzes, however, some quizzes haveextra credit questions.
 Onemidtermexamwillbegiveninclass, :–: pm,
 Friday, July , 
Online Session
: During the online session (July  – August ,), students will have some additional reading, and will com-plete and submit exercises. We will make frequent use of the pi-azza web site, so students should plan to have regular access tothe internet during this period.
Studentsentitledtospecialaccommodationmustnotifytheinstruc-tor by the second week of the semester.
toshareyourknowledge,dis-coveries, and ideas with other students outside of class. How-ever, all work (e.g., ideas, opinions, analyses, algorithms, data,and source code) generated by others should be properly cited,preferably with an archival source (e.g., a printed book or a peer-reviewed article). In general, sources that appear only on the in-ternet (such as
) are not sufficient. Every phrase thatis not your own should appear between quotation marks, with afootnote or end-note that indicates the source.
Do not plagiarize. Do not cheat. Do not collude. Do not fabri-cate. Absolutely no collaboration or unauthorized material is al-lowed during any quiz or exam.
 All violations will be forwardedto the University Coordinator of Academic Honesty, followingthe
 policy of Academic Integrity posted at
e first deliberate violation of academic integrity by an under-graduate normally results in a course grade of XF; the second,with a second XF and expulsion.
Online Discussions:
 We will be use Piazza for class discussion.
e system is highly catered to getting you help fast and effi-ciently from the instructor and your peers. Rather than emailingquestions to the instructor, please post your questions on Piazza.If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email
. You can login to piazza at:
,aer you have responded to the piazza invitation email. Youshould check the CS  piazza page regularly, as well as “What’snew?” at
 If you own a laptop computer, you should bring it toclass.
e the use of cell phones or other personal electronic de- vices (MPs, iPods, radios, etc.) is not allowed.
 Absolutely no
Robert R. Snapp © Compiled on the
Jan,  (: PM)

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