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D2: Foundations of Special Education: History and Systems of Services for Individuals with Disabilities and their Families
Course number: EDSP 201 (Hybrid)Instructor: Colby Kervick Ed! D"## $%term%n &uildin'*1"2+ckervick,uvm!eduCredits: - 'r%du%te credits t.rou'. /niversity o ermontPrereuisites: 3r%du%te student st%ndin' or Instructor PermissionD%tes: 4%y 1#
*5une 2+t. Course Structure: EDSP 201 is % .ybrid course! 6.is me%ns t.%t some o t.e course 7ill be delivered in % tr%dition%l %ce to %ce orm%t %nd some 7ill be delivered t.rou'. online le%rnin'! 8or t.is summer oerin' t.ere 7ill be one %ce to %ce session 4%y 1#
rom "*#:009m in "2+ $%term%n! ttend%nce is reuired! 6.e rest o t.e course 7ill be delivered in 7eekly online le%rnin' modules! &ec%use t.e course is bound 7it.in  7eeks students s.ould 9l%n to s9end 10*12 .ours 9er 7eek en'%'in' 7it. t.e course content com9letin' re%din's %nd %ssi'nments! Students must .%ve %ccess to .i'.*s9eed Internet %nd be %ble to lo' on sever%l times 9er 7eek durin' t.e course d%tes!
Course Description
This course examines the leal and ethical issues embedded in the provision of special education services to individuals with disabilities and their families! The course addresses the historical treatment of people with disabilities from a service delivery model perspective! Sinificant leislation and court decisions will be addressed alon with current special education leal re"uirements! Specific attention will be iven to ways in which disability may be viewed as a form of diversity! #dditionally$ important framewor%s and concepts includin the &ircle of &ourae$ social construction of disability$ self'determination$ inclusion$ collaboration with diverse families and person'
centered plannin will be explored in'depth! The course will additionally embed understandin of these concepts within the framewor% of (ermont)s Educational Support System model! The course will be delivered in a hybrid format! Students will wor% collaboratively both in a face to face format as well as in online learnin roups! #ctive enaement and participation reardless of learnin platform is expected by all students!
Course Objectives
&ourse *b+ectives:
Describe .istoric%l le'%l %nd 9.iloso9.ic%l trends %nd c.%n'es rel%ted to t.e delivery o s9eci%l educ%tion %nd ot.er su99ort services
Discuss 7%ys in 7.ic. 9.iloso9.ic%l 9ers9ectives inluence t.e 9rovision o s9eci%l educ%tion %nd %dult su99ort services %nd t.e 7%ys in 7.ic. t.ese  9ers9ectives rel%te to euity e;cellence %nd em9o7erment
Deine m%<or loc%l st%te %nd eder%l l%7s %nd 9olicies %nd t.eir im9%ct on t.e develo9ment im9lement%tion %nd continu%tion o 9ro'r%ms %nd services or individu%ls 7it. dis%bilities %nd t.eir %milies
E;9l%in t.e conce9t o =soci%l construction o dis%bilities> %nd t.e rel%tions.i9  bet7een diversity %nd dis%bility?e%rner C.%r%cteristics
&ourse *b+ective:
E;9lore t.e 'ener%l c.%r%cteristics %nd eli'ibility criteri% o t7elve dis%bility c%te'ories deined in t.e ermont S9eci%l Educ%tion re'ul%tionsInstruction%l content %nd 9r%ctice
&ourse *b+ective:
99ly tools to e;9lore =best 9r%ctices> or cre%tin' eective individu%li@ed educ%tion 9ro'r%ms or c.ildren 7it. dis%bilities 7it. % ocus on t.e Circle o Cour%'e %nd 4PS
Pl%nnin' %nd 4%n%'in' 6.e 6e%c.in' %nd ?e%rnin' Environment
&ourse *b+ective:
Identiy beneits o inclusion o individu%ls 7it. dis%bilities in sc.ool %nd community settin's %nd 9romote successul tr%nsitions rom sc.ool to %dult lie! Communic%tion %nd Coll%bor%tive P%rtners.i9s
&ourse *b+ectives:
E;%mine %mily systems %nd t.e rel%tions.i9 bet7een %mily v%lues culture %nd su99ort net7orks to t.e 9rovision o s9eci%l educ%tion %nd ot.er su99ort services to individu%ls 7it. dis%bilities %nd t.eir %milies
S9eciy st%te %nd eder%l re'ul%tions rel%ted to 9romotin' student %nd %mily  9%rtici9%tion in t.e 9rocesses o 9l%nnin' %nd ev%lu%tin' t.e eectiveness o educ%tion%l services or individu%l students
Aeco'ni@e sc.ool community %nd re'ion%l services %nd su99orts %v%il%ble to %milies 7it. c.ildren 7it. dis%bilities
Aecommend best 9r%ctices rel%ted to est%blis.in' coll%bor%tive rel%tions.i9s  bet7een %nd %mon' sc.ool 9roession%ls %nd %mily members
includin' %milies rom diverse cultur%l b%ck'roundsProession%lism %nd Et.ic%l Pr%ctices
&ourse *b+ectives:
Indic%te sel*%7%reness o et.ic%l r%me7orks %nd 9erson%l %nd cultur%l bi%ses t.%t %ect te%c.in' inter%ctions 7it. students %nd %milies %nd educ%tion%l decision*m%kin'
 Relationship of Course to Professional and Program Standards
6.e content re%din's %nd %ctivities o t.is course %re conce9tu%lly %li'ned 7it. t.e mission o /4Bs Colle'e o Educ%tion %nd Soci%l Services %nd it Proession%l Commitments  Dis9ositions! 6.e course %ddresses t.e ollo7in' St%nd%rds o t.e Council or E;ce9tion%l C.ildren: 1)8ound%tions 2) Develo9ment %nd

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