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Leonardo Da Vinci's Great Water Projects

Leonardo Da Vinci's Great Water Projects

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Published by walkley8
Leonardo da Vinci planned water projects including canals that would have transformed the economy of Italy and perhaps would have unified Italy.
Leonardo da Vinci planned water projects including canals that would have transformed the economy of Italy and perhaps would have unified Italy.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: walkley8 on Jan 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE NEW FEDERALIST November 9, 1990 Page 8
American Almanac
Leonardo da Vinci's Great Water Projects
by Nora Hamerman
The portrait called
 Mona Lisa,
after 15! by Leonardo da Vinci! poses a tr"e eni#ma for hydra"lic en#ineerin# in the landscape bac$#ro"nd%
"Now we are supported by one of the two solid banks, and the mist from the river above shelters us, so that the water and the embankments save us from the fire. As the Flemish, between Wissand and Bruges, fearing the onrush-ing tide, make a shield to fore bak the sea! and as the aduans do along the Brenta #iver, to defend their towns and astles, before the $arentine  feels the thaw! in suh an image were they made.
 &ante Ali#hieri!
 %nferno, &ivine $omedy,
XV, 1-1, ! 1#10
Ever$ e%&!a'e% (er)o* +* Da*'e) %a$, 'e o(e*+*g o. 'e .o&r'ee*' !e*'&r$, /*e 'a' 'e grea' $%ra&+! e*g+*eer) o. E&ro(e +* 'a' era, ere 'e  Ne'era*%er) a*% 'e *or'er* I'a+a*)We* E&ro(e %e)!e*%e% +*'o 'e Dar/ Age +* 'e .o&r' 'o )+2' !e*'&r+e) a.'er 'e !oa()e o. 'e Roma* Em(+re, 'e %am), !a*a), a*% a3&e%&!')  b&+' b$ Roma* e*g+*eer) !oa()e% A.'er 'e (o+'+!a ba)+) .or ma+*'a+*+*g )&! (ro4e!') a% !r&mbe%, eve* 'e 'e!*+!a /*oe%ge 'o b&+% 'em va*+)e% 5eg+**+*g +* 'e eeve*' !e*'&r$, oever, a over E&ro(e, b&' e)(e!+a$ +* 'e Lo 6o&*'r+e) 7'o%a$) Ne'era*%) a*% 5eg+&m, a' 'a' '+me o.'e* !ae% )+m($ Fa*%er) a*% +* 'e vae$ o. 'e grea' Po R+ver a*% +') 'r+b&'ar+e) +* *or'er* I'a$, grea' a'er (ro4e!') bega* 'o be rev+ve% or b&+' a*eTe)e 'o reg+o*) be!ame .amo&) .or 'e+r (ro%&!'+ve agr+!&'&re, a*% 'e .a)'e)' &rba* %eveo(me*', +' 'e grea'e)' (o(&a'+o* %e*)+'+e), o!!&rre% 'ereao*g +' 'e grea'e)' !o*!e*'ra'+o* o. ge*+&) +* (a+*'+*g, )!&('&re, a*% m&)+!S+*!e 'e o&'brea/ o. 'e Per)+a* :&. !r+)+) +* A&g&)', L$*%o* H La-Ro&!e, ;r a) re+'era'e% 'a' o*$ a* e!o*om+! (rogram ba)e% o* 'e m&'&a +*'ere)' o. Arab a*% I)rae+ a+/e, !a* ea 'e o&*%) o. %e!a%e) +* 'e <+%%e Ea)', a*% (rov+%e 'e .+rm ba)+) .or (o+'+!a )o&'+o*) Te /e$)'o*e o. )&! a (rogram, a) ;o*a'a* Te**e*ba&m %eveo(e% 'e (o+*' re!e*'$ +*
 New Federalist,
+) arge-)!ae a'er +*.ra)'r&!'&re, 'o br+*g ma*-ma%e a/e) a*% r+ver) 'o 'e %e)er' <oreover, 'e +ve) o. b++o*) o. &ma*  be+*g) or%+%e + %e(e*% o* )ov+*g (robem) o. a'er )&(($ a*% a'er ma*ageme*' 5a*ga%e), +! )&..er) .rom 'err+be .oo%) a*% a)o a!&'e a'er )or'age), e2em(+.+e) 'e !ae*geA) LaRo&!e a) +*%+!a'e%, a!+ev+*g '+) obv+o&)$ %e)+rabe a+m, be*e-.+!+a 'o a, e*'a+) more 'a* a (ra!'+!a (robemTe e)'ab+)me*' o. gover*me*') ++*g 'o a(($ &ma* +*ve*'+ve ge*+&) 'o )ove )&! (rob-em), %e(e*%) o* 'e v+goro&) a))er'+o* o. 'e ;&%eo-6r+)'+a* *o'+o* o. ma* !rea'e% "+* 'e +v+*g +mage o. :o%," 'e
imago viva &ei,
+! a) 'e !r&2 o. 'e We)'er* E&ro(ea* Re*a+))a*!eTe or/ o. 'e mo)' &*+ver)a ar'+)') o. 'a' go%e* age e2(re))e) 'e a$ +* +! 'e +%ea o. grea' (ro4e!'), 'o%a$ a))o!+a'e% +' 'e *ame o. LaRo&!e, a) e%%e% 'o '+) *o'+o* o. ma*) %+g*+'$, 'e "%+v+*e )(ar/ o. rea)o*" +! +) 'e !rea'+ve (o'e*'+a +* ever$ &ma* be+*g No' o*$ %+%
a'er, 'e +*%+)(e*)abe ba)+) o. +.e, o% )(e!+a ae .or ar'+)'), b&' 'e !o*'ro o. a'er a) 'e ma4or (ra!'+!a area ere )(+r+'&a +%ea) a*% e!o*om+! (rogram !ame 'oge'erDa*'e) (oem, 'e
 &ivine $omedy,
a% a+% 'e !&'&ra ba)+) .or *a'+o*-)'a'e), +!, e arg&e%, +) 'e be)' or%er+*g .or &ma* a..a+r), b$ )a(+*g a )!+e*'+.+! ver*a!&ar a*g&age I' rema+*e% 'o 'e ea%er) o. 'e Re*a+))a*!e +* 'e !e*'&r$ a.'er Da*'e 'o +m(eme*' '+) !o*!e(', (o+'+!a$ a*% e!o*om+!a$
Leonardo's Water Projects
I* 'e .+r)' o. 'e)e 'o ar'+!e), I + .o!&) o* Leo*ar%o %a V+*!+, o a)  bor* *ear Fore*!e +* 1=>, a*% %+e% +* Fra*!e +* 119 Leo*ar%o) ear+e)' %a'e% %ra+*g )'&%+e) 'e vae$ o. 'e Ar*o, 'e &*r&$ r+ver +! .o) 'ro&g Fore*!e? +) a)' %e)+g*) +*!&%e% 'e 6a*a %& <+%+ +*/+*g 'e A'a*'+! 'o 'e <e%+'erra*ea* +* )o&'er* Fra*!e 7b&+' 10 $ear) a'er b$ 6ober'Leo*ar%o %a V+*!+) .amo&) m&ra o.
'he (ast )upper
+* <+a* a) bee* %e)!r+be% a) a )'&%$ +* $%ro%$*am+!) @* 'e )ame (age +' a )/e'! rea'e% 'o
'he (ast )upper,
Leo*ar%o ro'e %o* a (a))age o. Da*'e A+g+er+)
+! %e)!r+be) 'e ave) ge*era'e% b$ a (ebbe %ro((e% +*'o a ro&*% ve))e o. a'er, a*% !om(are) '+) 'o 'e .o o. a %+aog&e be'ee* 'o rea)o*+*g be+*g)I* Leo*ar%o)
 (ast )upper,
6r+)') !ae*ge 'o +) A(o)'e) 'o !arr$ o* +) m+))+o* a.'er +) %ea'? +) +*v+'a'+o* 'o 'em 'o (ar'a/e o. +) bo%$ %+re!'$ 'ro&g 'e E&!ar+)'? a*% +) !arge 'a' o*e o. 'e 'eve + be'ra$ +m, )e' o.. a ave mo'+o* a!ro)) 'e room o)e e..e!' +) )+m+ar 'o 'a' )ee* +* )ome o. Leo*ar%o) %ra+*g) o. a'er e2(er+me*') Te e2(er+me*') )oe% 'a' e* e !rea'e% %+..ere*' veo!+'+e) o. .o, '+) (rovo/e% a )e.-orga*++*g (ro!e)) +* 'e .&+%, )&! 'a' %o&be a*% 'r+(e e+!a "bra+%)" o!!&rI* 'e m&ra, e (er!e+ve (re!+)e$ '+) "bra+%+*g" e..e!' +* 'e a(o)'e) %+re!'$ 'o e+'er )+%e o. 6r+)'Leo*ar%o '&) !o*ve$e% a more (ro.o&*% !o*!e(' 'a* mo)' (eo(e rea+e I* 'e (a+*'+*g, )o+*g 'e .o&*%+*g o. 'e 6&r! b$ 6r+)' a' +) a)' mee'+*g +' +) %+)!+(e), Leo*ar%o evo/e) 'e (ro!e)) +* *a'&re +! re.&'e) 'e *o'+o* o. e*'ro($ 7Ne'o*) Se!o*% La o. Termo%$*am+!) B*%er )(e!+a !o*%+'+o*) o. '&rb&e*!e!ara!'er+)'+! o. +.e (ro!e))e) a*%  ($)+!a (ro!e))e) +* 'e ver$ arge a*% ver$ )ma*o' brea/%o*, b&'

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