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2014_Same Page Coaltion Candidate Questionnaire_SMendoza

2014_Same Page Coaltion Candidate Questionnaire_SMendoza

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Published by: Editor on Jan 29, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles NOW PAC
California ID# 990464P.O. Box 7141 Van Nuys CA 91409-7141 (1! "9-"910
CALLAC/NLLAC, P.O. Box 433 Torrane CA !"#"$%"433 &'(3) *$*.#4*+alla-ant0er.o1 Also Part22at2ng 52ss 6e7olt2onar2es, Br2ng 8olly9ood 8o1e Fondat2on, andthe :n2ted For ;dat2on Coal2t2on 1ente<rana1sn.o1, L.A. Progress27e,Cal2<orn2a L:LAC =nst2tte &CL=), aale7anoaol.o1, Todos :n2dos,aa1entor'"""aol.o1;ndorse1ents y the SPC are ons2dered 21ortant r2>es 2n Los Angeles areaelet2ons. ?r2ng the '"(' elet2on yle, oth o< SPC@s endorsees, 6eresentat27eBrad Sher1an and long%shot Ste7e Fox 9ent on to 92n the2r raes. 6nn2ng ("ahead 2n the olls, Sher1an sent a last 12nte 1a2l2ng to e7ery ?e1orat2 and=ndeendent reg2stered 9o1an 2n h2s d2str2t tot2ng the SFV/N;LA NOWendorse1ent and 9ent on to eat h2s oonent, 6e. 8o9ard Ber1an, y anastond2ng '" o2nts on elet2on n2ght. ?r2ng the '"(3 Los Angeles 5n22alelet2ons, all <or o< the 1a-or 5ayoral and2dates soght and 9ere 2nter72e9ed ySPC <or endorse1ent. =n the rno<<, 92th the exet2on o< SFV/N;LA NOW 9h2h1ade a tr2le endorse1ent 2n the r21ary 9h2h ea1e a rno<< dalendorse1ent, all other SPC endors2ng gros endorsed 5ayor%elet ;r2 arett2<or the rno<<.A '""+ ro<ess2onal oll o112ss2oned y then%Asse1ly 1e1er C2ndy5ontane> de1onstrated that a1ongst San Fernando Valley endors2ngorgan2>at2ons, the 7oters ons2dered the SFV/N;LA NOW endorse1ent to ha7e theh2ghest 2ntegr2ty. SPC attr2tes the red22l2ty o< the2r endorse1ents to the2r str2tnon%art2sansh2 &1e1er organ2>at2ons ha7e 1ade ast endorse1ents o< ?e1orats, 6el2ans, =ndeendents, reens, and Peae Freedo1 Partyand2dates) and on<l2t o< 2nterest ol22es to 2nsre that 2nterested 2nd272dalsannot art22ate or 1st l212t art22at2on 2n se2<2 raes, e7en ased on a1ere aearane o< 21ror2ety.SPC reogn2>es that or -o2nt and2date Dest2onna2re 2s one o< the 1ostd2<<2lt 2n Cal2<orn2a ease 2t 2s o1letely s-et27e and annot e Esored.So1e and2dates r2stle at ha72ng to ans9er Dest2ons that ha7e noth2ng to do 92ththe o<<2e they are rnn2ng <or. Th2s 2s ease 2n the era o< Eter1 l212ts
ol2t22ans lay 1s2al ha2rs 92th greater <reDeny. Go 1ay e rnn2ng <ordog%ather today and state leg2slatre t9o years <ro1 no9. We do not 9ant to helyor areer 2< yo are d2a1etr2ally oosed to or os2t2ons on r2t2al 2sses. For o12ng elet2ons, SPC has added, 2n add2t2on to 2ts on<2dent2al <ae to<ae 2nter72e9, an ot2onal on%reord se12%<or1al ress on<erene 2n 9h2hand2dates see02ng the endorse1ent 92ll e enoraged to art22ate. All 1ed2a92ll e 2n72ted, t an e1has2s 92ll e laed on see02ng art22at2on <ro1alternat27e and s1all 1ed2a otlets, sh as o11n2ty ne9saers, on%l2nel2at2ons, and ethn2/non%;ngl2sh langage ress.Add2t2onally, SPC 92ll hart yor rogress 2n o<<2e to Ehold 2n1ents@ <eetto the <2re y o1ar2ng the ro12ses and reresentat2ons they 1ade dr2ng theendorse1ent roess to yor er<or1ane 2n o<<2e. SPC 92ll see0 er2od2 <ae to<ae 1eet2ngs 92th those eleted to re72e9 the2r e<<orts to 21le1ent the2r ro12sesand to hel 2ld l2 sort <or the re<or1s they ha7e de1anded and 9e exetyo to ledge yorsel< to sh er2od2 re72e9 <ollo92ng the elet2on.Ho2nt Cand2date =nter72e9 Co112ttee o< the Sa1e Page/52s1a Pag2na Coal2t2on'"(4 Cand2date Iest2onna2re
For candidate convenience, the Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition will jointlyconsider candidates’ questionnaires and jointly interview candidates. SF/!"#$ !%&and C$##$C will ma'e their own inde(endent endorsements) C#* and +odos nidos
donot endorse as 501(c)(3) non-profits
, -ut (artici(ate or (ur(oses o (olitical educationor the (u-lic. +he (rocess -egins with your su-mission o res(onses to the ollowingquestionnaire !ame o Candidate Sandra Mendo0a%ice Sought C$ State $ssem-ly, istrict 23 Party ailiation emocratic Party%ccu(ation Pu-lic Sector 4 Program Manager %rgani0ational $iliations Mem-er o the !ational &omen’s Political Caucus, !ational%rgani0ation or &omen, C$ emocratic Party State elegateContact inormation or your cam(aign, including tele(hone, address, and email) nameso liaisons. Cam(aign Manager Mario 5eltran 26789:786;<;Cam(aign contact tel 37389728=772Cam(aign email sandraorassem-ly>gmail.comCam(aign mailing address 1<37 So. ermont $ve., #.$., C$ =;;;67
$?" @%$ M"M5"? %F $!@ %F +A" SPC P$?+*C*P$+*!B%?B$!*$+*%!SD #ist any such organi0ations you -elong to. * not, list theorgani0ations you would li'e to join. * am a mem-er o !%& and (lan to join C$##$C.
=sses=%Wo1en, LBT=  Fa12ly La9
1.eine Eeminism and state whether you are a eminist.Feminism as * view it, is us women see'ing gender equality culturally, (roessionally and (ersonally. * consider mysel a eminist.7.$re you G(ro8choiceD "H(lain your views on the ollowing issues IaJ legallyim(osed waiting (eriods or the termination o (regnancies I-J legally requireds(ousal and/or (arental notiications as a requisite or a minor to get an a-ortionIcJ -ans on s(eciic termination (rocedures, such as so8called E(artial -irtha-ortion IdJ residency requirements or women to lawully see' a-ortions IeJrestrictions on government unding IJ codiication o ?oe vs. &adeaJ* am o((osed to Eim(osed waiting (eriods. -JS(ousal and (arental notiication should -e voluntary and not required as arequisite to a woman’s (ersonal lie aecting decision as to what she wishesto do with her -ody.cJ$ny ty(e o -an on termination (rocedures in an invasion o (rivacy onwomen and should -e tough choices let -etween a woman and her doctor.dJ* o((ose such requirements as residency requirements as these are addedim(ositions on women’s health choices.eJPu-lic unding to health should include termination o (regnancies as theseare health related choices that may aect women long term i done illegallydue to lac' o unding.J* su((ort codiication o ?oe vs. &ade.3.Aow many -eds are availa-le in the jurisdiction you are running in or -atteredwomen and childrenD &hat will/can you do to increase availa-le acilitiesD oyou su((ort eHtension o unding or the iolence $gainst &omen $ct I$&$Jand how did you vote on it i you have already had an o((ortunity to do soD oyou su((ort eHtending $&$ to allow !ative $mericans to (rosecute non8 !atives or !atives rom other tri-es or domestic violence and related crimeswithin their tri-al court systemsD o you su((ort s(eciic wording indicating that$&$ (rotects #B5+K* community Isince 2;L o #es-ian victims o domesticviolence are turned away rom sheltersJD o you su((ort 'ee(ing (rotections or immigrant women such as with 8isasD3

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