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Blue Reason

Blue Reason

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Published by D.R.Warren
Charlie has never been more than two miles away from her home town. BUt all that changes when her long-lonst father steps into the picture
Charlie has never been more than two miles away from her home town. BUt all that changes when her long-lonst father steps into the picture

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Published by: D.R.Warren on Sep 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As I walk down the cobble streets of my hood, swirls of genresclothe me tightly. The deep beat of hip-hop coming from the passingrim fitted cars and the floaty notes of Señor Pueblo’s native beats. Notlong after I pass from the melodic rhythms of the Hill, my block’s hipshakin' harmonies of reggae fill the air. But right next door, Ms. Longgraces her Korean twangs to the public. This is my America. WhereAmerican doesn’t exist neither does rag head or Pollack. Kids heredon’t understand the significance of “nigger” and no one of Asiandecent has ever pissed in a cola can. Life in the New Jerusalem bringsa whole new meaning to melting pot. Down here south of theShenando’ and west of the Missouri, we take life slow as it comes. Thesociety within a country. A backwater town that no one more thantwenty miles away has ever heard of. We ain’t even on a map that’snot just Effingham County. But that’s ok. We don’t need any body. Wedefine ourselves, create for ourselves, name ourselves, and speak forourselves. Ain’t nothing like small town living (even if it’s really in thebig city). It’s MLKJ’s dream come true, if only with us. Yea it’s a family.One that’s grown quietly with no interruptions for over a hundredyears. No one’s left 'cept for death (have our own cemetery) and noone new comes ‘cept a baby. Yea, life’s pretty sweet with my people,shame everything changes eventually.
Charlie stared closely at the half pike. One chance, Charlie, Can you do it? It wasall or nothing, the big finish. Who ever walked away would have eternal glory. The loser would be led away on a stretcher and the laughing stock of the Skater World. Charlie pushed off against the ground hard, starting a continuous increasing speed. The face of the pike drew nearer as the pavement past faster. With one last push against the ground, gravity pulled and broke away to the sun shining and screaming for Charlie to wake up.
“Charlie, get up now. I know you hear me.” M’dear bustled around the roomthrowing up the shades and Charlie’s closet door. A chiming bell caused the old womanto bustle about even faster. “Charlie. Charlie baby. Get up.” She threw back the coversthat had been clenched tight around her grandchild. Charlie laid still, clinging to her dream. When the sun caught her eyelids she flipped over and buried her face into her  pillow groaning. The door chimed again. M’dear went up to Charlie’s mirror and preenedin one of the few reflective areas that wasn’t covered in pictures of her friends.
 I could  pass for forty, right?
Whoever was at the door grew impatient and began to knock hard.M’dear sighed and torn herself for her limited reflection. She spun around and took off her house shoe and started to smack Charlie across the legs. “I told you to get up, MissBlue. Up, up, up!” Charlie jumped up and tried to escape the taps from her grandmother’s swats. They didn’t hurt her, but it wasn’t pleasant. When M’dear stops sheconsidered the girl now a mess of curls. “I told you twice now. The third times the charm,missy. Don’t make it a fourth.” M’Dear left the room to answer the door.Charlie sleepily nodded not really hearing. She considered trying to catch fivemore minutes, but the sudden blast of Baba Fume’s boom box ruined that chance. Charliesighed and shook off the last sweet strands of her dream reluctantly. She trudged to her closet yanking a jacket off a hanger and pulled a pair of all black high tops out of thecloset and a pair of sharpie covered vans. Charlie pulled on her vans, jacket, and openedher door to head downstairs. Halfway there, she remembered that she needed more than just a bra and boxers on. Back in her room she pulled on a long light purple shirt witheven longer sleeves and a long black white beater with a cut out skull on top. She poppedoff her vans to pull on some black socks. Then she jumped back into her vans and ran outthe room. Only to return to grab her backpack and shoved her high top chucks on top of her homework. She looked back at her digit-clock that read ten passed seven. She wasseven minutes late to meet Sly, which meant that she had five minutes till she was late toschool. Charlie smiles glad to be awake. Today would be a good day.On the way out the door she’d grabbed three pastries and her board. Instead of hoofing it she skated into the street and grabbed the bumper of a passing car. This wouldgive her three extra minutes of leeway. As the car turned left she let go and swerved tothe right. Sly was stepping out his house looking’ fly as ever. Unlike most of the boyswho fit into the “skater punks”, Sly enjoyed having his pants from the mainstream stores.But to his parents dismay he would cut them in to calf length shorts. He always woremuscle shirts with button downs. His Latin features were best brought out in black so hewore it often. His Caucasian father had left his mom for his debutante fiancé before Sly2
 had been born. So Sly never wanted to be reminded that when his mother looked at himstanding next to the rest of his full Latin siblings, all she could see was the man who broke her heart. Charlie blushed as her looked her up and down his dark green eyesscrutinizing her. She already knew what he would say. “I’m sorry I’m late. Buttechnically I’m not, seeing as you’re late.”Sly covered his mouth as he chose his words. “Baby girl, if this moment couldhave been avoided you could have had us miss first period.” Charlie put her hands on her hips and tilted her head to the side. Sly looked down and at once Charlie could feel howcold her legs were in her very short boxers that she had worn to bed. Charlie didn’t even pull at her tops she just walked up and through Sly’s door, which he held open for her.“On second thought, nice legs.” His hand came around, feeling the bit of thighright below her butt and squeezed. Charlie glared at him and quickly ran up his steps tohis room as he yelled, “Third drawer on the left.”In the Milan residence there was limited space due to ten people living in a three bedroom flat. The family had plenty of money, but not enough to move into a bigger space. Sly’s room was host to everyone’s clothes. Which was ok cause he was the only boy and never had to worry about anyone stealing his duds. Charlie sifted throughlooking for a pair of jeans that were her style and might fit over her ass and hips but clingto her waist. She finally picked a pair and tried them on. They were really smooth, kneescut out and a flare at the ankles. But they felt snug.
 I’ll never be able to pop any serioustricks in these.
But there was no time. She put back the others and closed the drawer.Then raced down the steps to Sly.3

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