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51 shakti peeths

51 shakti peeths

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Published by miittal9
maa durga shakti peeths
maa durga shakti peeths

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Published by: miittal9 on Sep 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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After the completion of the oblation
by Daksha,Lord Vishnu had severed the corpse of Sati (Parvati) with his ‘Chakra’.Various organs scattered over different places. Later on these placeswhere the organs had fallen, became famous as ‘Shakti-Peetha’. Thesanctity of these places has been described in the following way.In the era of ‘Satya’, Daksha once performed an oblationnamed Vrihaspati, with a desire of taking revenge with lord Shiva.Daksha was angry because his daughter Sati had married Shivaagainst his wishes. Daksha invited all the deities except Lord Shiva andSati. This did not deter Sati from reaching at her father’s house. Sheexpressed her desire to Lord Shiva. He (Shiva) tried his best todissuade her from going but Sati was unrelenting. Shiva then allowedher to go escorted by his ‘ganas’ (followers).But Sati being an uninvited guest was not given any respect.Moreover Daksha insulted Shiva, by calumniating him. Sati becamesad by her husband’s dishonour. She gave up her life by jumping intothe altar of oblation-fire.When Lord Shiva heard about her death he became furious.He went to the place where Daksha was performing his oblation, alongwith his ‘ganas’ (followers). The oblation site was destroyed andDaksha was killed by his ‘ganas’.
Lord Shiva then carried the dead-body of Sati and startedwandering all over the place like a lunatic. Lord Vishnu severed thedead body with his chakra. Various organs fell at different place. Theseplaces became famous as ‘Shakti-Peeth, in due course of time.In the listing given below,
Shakti or Devi refers to the Goddess woshipped (a manifestationof Dakshayani / Parvati / Durga)
Bhairava refers to her consort, a manifestation of Shiva.
Organ or Ornament refers to the body part or piece of jewelrythat fell to earth, at the location on which the respective templeis built.
Devi's mind or brain fell here and the idols are Devias Kotari (Durga) and Shiva as Bhimlochan (Terrible eyed or thethird eye). The location is in a cave on the western part of Pakistan near Karachi.
Shivaharkaray or Karavipur:
Devi's three eyes fell here andthe idols are Devi as Mahishmardini (Durga the destroyer of Mahishashur) and Shiva as Krodhish (the one who can beangry). It is near Karachi in Pakistan, by rail the nearest stationis Parkai.
Devi's tongue fell here and the idols are Devi asAmbika (Mother) and Shiva as Unmatta (Furious). This is locatednear Jullundher in Punjab.
Devi's nose fell here and idols are Devi as Sunanada(Pleasing) and Shiva as Traimbak (Rudra). In the state of Bengalnear Barishal in Shivahri Karpur village Devi's temple is located
and Shiva's temple is in a village called Ponabalia, nearestrailway station is Jhalkati.
On Bhairabha mountain (near Avanti):
Devi's upper lips fellhere and idols are Devi as Avanti (Modest) and Shiva asLambakarna (Long eared one). It is located near Ujjain.
Attahas (laughter) :
Devi's lower lips fell here and the idols areDevi as Fullara (Blooming) and Shiva as Bhairabhvishesya (Lordof the universe). The place is in Bengal near Birbhum. Image of Devi and the Shiva temple is next to the Devi temple. It is amajor pilgrimage and tourist attraction.
Devi's stomach fell here and the idols are Devi asChandrabhaga (Throne of the moon) and Shiva as Bakratunda(the one with the bent staff). This is near Mumbai where alaunch goes to Bharoal which is near Prabhas.
Devi's chin fell here and the idols are Devi asBhramari (female Bumble bee or attendant of Durga) and Shivaas Vikrakatakkha (one with the crooked eyes or look). Othernames are Devi as Chibuka (the one with the chin) and Shiva asSarvasiddhish (the one who can provide all desires).
Godavari (river):
Devi's left cheek fell here and the idols areViswamatuka (mother of the world) and Shiva as Dandapani (theone who holds a staff).
Gandaki (river):
Devi's right cheek fell here and the idols areDevi as Gandakichandi (the one who overcomes obstacles orGandi) and Shiva as Chakrapani (Holder of the discus). Famouspilgrimage.
Devi's upper teeth fell here and the idols are Devias Narayani (the wife of Narayan) and Shiva as Sanghar.

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