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What Jesus has to Say... on Churchianity vs authentic discipleship

What Jesus has to Say... on Churchianity vs authentic discipleship

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Published by mcdozer
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century on Churchianity vs authentic discipleship
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century on Churchianity vs authentic discipleship

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Published by: mcdozer on Sep 28, 2009
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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……Churchianity
“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.”(Rev.3:15)
 You should be shedding tears in desperate prayer for all the heartless injustices, cruelties & torturous crimes that arebeing committed by the wicked every second of every hour of every day, and pray like a house on fire that you won’t befound guilty of their sins, too, by participating in their delicacies they derive out of other people’s pain.Sure, you are saved, all your sins are forgiven. But all the ones who will be lost because you were too busy entertainingyourself instead of doing what you could to get them saved will one day make you cry. Why do you think I have to wipeaway so many tears from My children’s eyes? Because they fail to weep & pray in intercessory prayer for them now.Because they fail to sow the seeds in weeping now. Because, if they would, joy would come in the morning, but great willbe the lamentation of those who fail to sow My seeds in this life, when this is what I would have wanted them to do. Greatwill be the sorrow of those who fail Me and the lost who are searching for Me, when it would have been in their ability tosave them, but they would not, simply because they were too busy entertaining themselves... Can you see the atrocity of this? Be not deceived into thinking that I will judge unrighteous judgment, for this is what My enemies on Earth say aboutMe: "What kind of a God is this, who rewards his rich, spoiled, pampered & indulgent children with heaven for exploitingthe poor? For refusing to share their wealth? For not only standing by in cold indifference while others suffer & die, buteven being the perpetrators & cause of their suffering, more often than not?" Can you blame them for rejecting Me &refusing to believe in the God of such a distorted picture of what is being portrayed as Christianity? Can you imagine howmuch that hurts Me? Can you imagine how sick with anguish it makes Me? No, you cannot.So, don’t be deceived by any means, into thinking, that all those lukewarm, selfish, self-indulgent so-called Christians willgo unpunished, and woe unto you, if you are going to be counted among them. Being spewed out of My mouth isn’t goingto be as glorious as they may picture heaven to be. Living in everlasting shame & contempt, while those they abused &neglected will find comfort in My bosom won’t be all that glorious, either. Only My faithful ones, those who truly give their lives in order for others to find Me will be rewarded richly.The others will even lose that which they think they have. Poor, destitute & naked, not rich & adorned, as she picturesherself to be. Oh, how Satan has deceived her into perceiving herself as a queen. His magic, fake mirror of false imagesdistorts grossly the reality of the way things really are & the way I see things. Soon that glass will be shattered, and therewill be great wondering, amazement, and the shock will be so great that there even will be half an hour of silence in all of heaven. The awe of her exposure will be so great... nothing will move... only silence. Imagine the whole universe staring atyou for half an hour, pondering the shame you have brought upon My name by your bad behavior: This will be the fate of the Laodecian church. The lukewarm Christians. Oh, be not counted among them, but get on fire & burn your life, like acandle at both ends, & give, give your life unto them for Me! Please! I beg you, for your own sakes, for lost souls’ sakes, for the sake of their eternal future and yours:Choose ye THIS DAY whom ye shall serve, for soon it will be too late. As certain and as truly as My name is the name inwhich every knee shall bow, as truly as My throne is established in righteous judgment, I swear by My holy name: I will notlet these injustices committed by My wayward children go unpunished. There will be no excuse. There will be no weaselingout of the responsibility & the guilt by lamenting, "Oh, but we were deceived! Satan has sent his emissaries to join our ranks & has deceived us. He has lured us away from the true path with his riches, with his splendor, with his lies &temptations!" Nay, but I will say unto them: "But I have sent you My prophets, to whom you would not listen! I have givenyou My Words, but you would not hear. You hardened your hearts every time You heard My voice in your conscience, youchose the easy way, the selfish way every time.Oh, yes, you gave a little bit of your money to your church, and you will be rewarded if this money was used to supportmissionaries who helped others to find Me. But what is that, compared to what you could have given, compared to whatyou could have done? You called Me, ‘Lord, Lord...’ every Sunday in your church, but I wasn’t your Lord. I was not your God. The god you trusted in was the god of this world, the god of money, the god of mammon, the gods of pleasure, your own bellies, your own luxuries. For if I would have been your God, you would have sacrificed these things unto Me, youwould have laid them on the altar, in order to help others to find Me, those, who knew Me not, those who were waiting,starving & freezing for My Word, for My gospel from your hands. Instead you tried to pay Me off with a little here & a littlethere... just enough to stop your conscience from burning like a prick in your sides. Just enough to deceive you intothinking that you were so good, so much better than those godless, ignorant, uncultivated non-Christians, those heathen,those pagans. YOU have turned My creation into hell; they didn’t! You have exploited the poorer nations of this Earth; theydidn’t. You professed to have known better, claimed to possess the exclusive truth; they didn’t. Well, it turns out youmissed an important part of that simple truth of Mine: Love!"Most church Christians are so suspicious of the Devil in every spiritual matter, they reject the gifts of the Spirit altogether!Nothing makes you as sick of lukewarmness, as being handed or fed a good mouthful of it yourself by someone else, and Isure hope it’s gonna make you hate it!It’s a problem when people read the Word but only pick out whatever they like or appeals to them & sort of ignore theheavy-duty stuff, or say that won’t apply to them.There comes a time in every life, when they see where they erred & failed to see the truth.
In the end, there are going to be 2 in the field, one with My true anointing, one without...When I return, there will be shiners & shamers. Keep in mind what you’ll want to be on that day, & keep working towardthat goal: becoming a shiner for Me. It’s nothing you can work up in the flesh, but it can be achieved by faithfulness to Me.I don’t want you to be part of that System, or “established” to the point where you think you have to watch out for your reputation. I want you to burn free & be liberated from clichés of prestige & worrying about being accepted. It’slukewarmness & man-pleasing & everything I abhor.One of the greatest proofs of your love you can give Me is to share Me with others. Not like the jealous, prudish, selfish &possessive church Christians who hardly ever mention Me, much less share Me with anyone else. No wonder they don’tbelieve in sharing. They don’t even share their faith.The churches get people saved & then tell’em they can stay living right where they are, the same way they always have, just “try to be a good sample”...Most of the churches antagonize you, reject you and despise you. But why is that? Is it because they are more righteousthan you? They may
that, but that's only because they are deluded & deceived. In reality, they are the fornicators &adulterers, whoring and compromising with the System.They did not "come out from among them," nor did they ever "forsake all that they have" so that they could be My disciple,nor do they know what this means, that "all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution"! To whom do thoseScriptures apply? Who are the just that live by faith? Who are the called out ones, hated by all nations for My name's sake?Even My very own people, if they don't stay close to Me, can stumble, and become the very opposite of what they weresupposed to be, and become My very enemies!Anyone who doesn't stay close to Me can turn into an old bottle, and they can move from the arena into the grandstands,turn from martyr into persecutor, if they don't watch out!As soon as any person or group of "chosen ones" came to the conclusion that they were anything of themselves, they lostit, and became just one more curse instead of a blessing.Don't allow yourself to become a persecutor, instead of the persecuted. The line between potentially becoming either aCain or an Abel is very thin.People who take it for granted that naturally, they're the "righteous ones" aren't aware of the danger of how easily they canfall and turn into My very enemies if they don't watch out. That's why so many of My people wind up doing more harm thangood at times, because they simply don't stay desperate enough to make sure that whatever they do is because of Me andthrough Me, instead of some of their own holiness and righteousness or goodness that they think they have.The danger comes in when you think of yourself or your particular group as the only right ones and righteous ones. ThenI'll often allow you to make some mistake or blunder to remind you it's not you, but I that makes you anything, and I mayeven allow somebody else to walk around with the anointing that had been ordained for you, just to show you it's still Mineto give, to whoever I choose, yea, even to My former enemies, if need be. Look at Paul - a classic case of persecutor turning into the persecuted, which, of course, is the version that's more to be desired than the other way around!I want to give My disciples a life lived in fullness and abundance, but some Christians tend to take this to the extreme & gooverboard on this & actually tend towar downright covetousness & greed. That was not what I had meant, and the churchwill have to pay for this by destroying its name - besmirching My name and the name of Christianity and branding Me andMy followers in general as something that I am not, never was, and certainly didn't intend for My church to be.Sandcastle Christians build their houses on the shifting sands of disobedience.Show the world a house built on the rock of actually doing what I say!A lot of people are allowing the Devil to steal away from them many an opportunity for them to see & glorify Me in thingsthat they are afraid of & think are evil, and many an opportunity to use these things as a witness. Some people's concept &discernment of what is good & what is evil is slightly distorted.in My eyes, the reluctance of wealthy Christians to share their wealth with the poorer nations of the world, & to really makea difference, is more evil than what some of them point their finger at & shout about. They who know their Father's will anddid it not will be beaten with more stripes than those who knew it not.Christianity only makes sense if you put Me in the middle of it as the sum of all hope for any positive outcome of the wholething. Christians are generally lacking to make the difference they could & should, which is sad, and a lot of it is due tocompromise with the world.Just because someone isn't a Christian doesn't necessarily mean they're further away from the truth than some Christians.Just because someone isn't a Christian doesn't mean one cannot be a fighter for truth and for a just and righteous cause,against the evil in this world, much of which is perpetrated by those who claim to know Me. But if they would read andbelieve My Word & take it to heart, they would know that just claiming to know Me doesn't do the trick, but the way theytreat each of the least of My brethren determines how much of a Christian they really are.Don't worry about accomplishment & achievement. What's more important, is - as I told My disciples - that your righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes & Pharisees, that your sample is a better one than that of phony & hypocriticalchurch Christians, that your faith is something more real & living than false & dead religion! You can only be a prophet who calls out others to "come out from among them," if you have been "called out" yourself,first, and have obeyed the call, and have exited from the whorish System. It's like what I told My followers about the
Pharisees: what they tell you, this do, but don't do as they do, for they may say it, but they do it not! You can't really follow them, because there is nowhere to follow.Which body do you want to follow: the dying corpse of the old pharisaical church, or the vibrant, new & young body of Mycalled-out ones?It's the act of receiving and drinking in that makes a true believer out of you, an act way too difficult for someone too full of themselves to sit still and listen, too self-sufficient to be needing anybody's advice or help.They're the type of believers like Cain, who get angry at anyone insinuating that they can't do it on their own. They've gotto do it their way. They make their sacrifices to Me in their own way, they sacrifice what they deem worthy of being asacrifice: not that which I would really like, but some self-created effort of their own hand, some product of their hands andsweat they can take pride in and show off before Me and the whole world: "behold what I have accomplished!"They want admiration for what they've already accomplished, they want the praise & applause of the people, like Saul,instead of obeying & hearkening. They already know it all, so "What could that old prophet tell me, that I don't alreadyknow, anyway?"There have - throughout history - none been so blind and deceived as those who thought themselves to be enlightenedand able to see. After all, those who claim to have already found the truth are the ones who oppose & try to drown out Mytrue voices, not those who are still seeking & groping around in the dark.It's much more comfortable for them to concoct their own "truth." It makes a lot more sense to them than My humiliatingtruth, which always says the exact opposite of what their pride and their flesh, their carnal mind tells them.Those who refuse to drink in, to wholeheartedly receive My truth, are they who have heard My Word & received the seed,but then the Enemy distorts it in their mind & turns it into some gospel of their own, one which won't oppose him, but willlive in peaceful coexistence with all he stands for, and thus, will always sooner or later begin to work against Me. You have a higher calling than just to tickle other believers' ears & make them feel more comfy with their compromisingexistence of acceptance of half-truths & deceptions & following the Whore of false religion and spirituality down todestruction.Even though they claim to know My name, and they claim to know Me and claim that they're part of Me, they are not, for they have despised and rejected Me for this world. They've gone the way of compromise, the way of the flesh. They havenot had eyes for the spirit, all they could see was the carnal, they never clung to My Word, the Source of life.They find themselves fighting against God, and haven't become aware of it. They think they're in the right. Their own causeis all the cause they need, their own right, their own truth the only one that counts to them.The majority of American Christians are Americans primarily, and Christians secondarily, which isn't being much of aChristian at all, because either you follow in My footsteps as a pilgrim and stranger in this world, or you might as wellforget about the whole thing and stop pretending you're something you're not. Being proud of your country and at thesame time professing to be a Christian is hypocrisy, because it's like claiming to be fighting for one side while advertisingthe Enemy at the same time. It's treason.If you're a nationalist, you worship the flesh, you're bound to carnal ties, and you've been duped by the Enemy to fall intothe pride of life, instead of having been freed by My truth and My Spirit to be someone who is not of this world, and Youcan't be a true and sincere Christian and a flag-waving nationalist of any of the wicked nations of this world at the sametime! You're either advertising this world,
Me, the Alternative to this world, you can't do both. You can't advertise God
Mammon. You can't serve 2 masters.Some are just not interested in finding out what I have to say to shut up long enough to listen. The "god" theycommunicate with is just an extension of their egos, something they wish for Me to be. That happens to a lot of self-righteous people. That's why I said in My Word that I would have to say to a lot of people who claim to have been doingthis and that in My name, "I never knew you." They never knew Me, and I never knew them. All they thought they knew wasa figment of their imaginations, an extension of their own desires & what they figured I ought to be. Very few - incomparison - actually
want to know Me. I'm too scary, too strange, too different for most of them. That's why thereare millions of Christians who reject the true prophets. They just use Me as a label they associate with, but they don't reallyhave much of a clue Who I really am.It’s hard to trust sometimes, that a God of Love would ask you to do such irrational things, or would use suchunconventional methods, but that’s why only those with great faith can really trust Me -
My Word, for that matter. Somepeople consider the Abraham/Isaac episode an atrocity that doesn’t really belong in My Word. They didn’t really get thepoint. But when you can trust Me for anything, that’s what I’d call
.Having asked him to make that sacrifice, and his willingness to follow through with it, altered everything and made him seeclearly, and put everything in the proper perspective. These manifestations of faith are there to bring home a point. And bythe result you can tell that it was My voice and My hand in it, after all, no matter whether all the voices in the world aregoing to pipe up, ‘It was wrong of God to ask that of you or to tell you that!’ Or, ‘that was
the voice of God at all!’, justbecause it doesn’t make sense to them or eludes the capacity of their faith.The Enemy is not fighting them as hard, because they’re not nearly as big a threat to his cause as any of you are, whoembrace My full truth. The Enemy knows why he can freely let them loose on the world, because they’re not only workingfor Me and My cause, but unknowingly also for his, which is what happens to a good many sincere Christians.The whole church system is still based on the sermon principle, while I’m building My true Church on the principle of becoming a living sample of the truth, just as I was a living sample, and all My true saints were samples of My love and

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