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Testimony of Art Brodsky (1/29/2014) Re: Ebook Pricing

Testimony of Art Brodsky (1/29/2014) Re: Ebook Pricing

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Published by LJ's infoDOCKET
Delivered at Hearing of a MD General Assembly.
Delivered at Hearing of a MD General Assembly.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: LJ's infoDOCKET on Jan 29, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Statement of Art BrodskyMember, Montgomery County Library BoardBefore the House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee on HB 2!anuary 2", 2#$Chairman Da%is, members of the Committee, &'m Art Brodsky from (lney, Maryland, a member of the Montgomery County Library Board) *ith me today is Marylouise Danieri, circulation manager for Montgomery County +ublic Libraries, hich has about -##,### acti%e card holders)& ould like to begin by thanking Delegate Eric Luedtke for his leadershi. on this im.ortant issue, to his cos.onsors for their su..ort, and to thank you, Mr) Chairman, for holding this timely and im.ortant hearing)/his .iece of legislation has one goal0 to allo libraries in the state of Maryland to sa%e money) &f enacted, it ould ease some of the .ressure on libraries hich ha%e seen their budgets increasingly stressed in the .ast fe years)Demand for e1books is rising e.onentially across the state) Let me cite a cou.le of eam.les, hich are illustrated in charts attached to my testimony) &n !anuary 2#$$, there ere $2,3 e1book checkouts in the entire state) 4igures from +rince 5eorge's County are not included because the county is not .art of the stateide e1book consortium) By the end of 2#$6, that number had risen to "#,27) &n my county alone, hich accounts for about a 8uarter of the checkouts in the state, there ere 6,#29 e1book checkouts in !anuary 2#$$) By the end of 2#$6, that number had risen to 22,29- e1book checkouts) /hose trends are .ro:ected to continue, .articularly as the digital1nati%e generation, those children and young adults raised ith tablets and hand1held de%ices, gro u.)/he .roblem is that not all books are created e8ual) &f you look at the .ricing chart submitted ith my testimony, you ill see hat & mean) !ohn 5risham's ne no%el, Sycamore ;o, has to sets of  .rices, one for .rint and one for e1books) /he .rices libraries .ay for .rinted books are ithin a dollar or so .er co.y of the .rice consumers .ay) But look at the dis.arity for e1books) Libraries .ay <79 for one co.y of the book, hile consumers can get the same book for as little as <3)") Similarly, Donna /artt's best1seller, the 5oldfinch, has %ery similar .rices for .rinted books) =et libraries .ay <"# for one e1book 11 the same book for hich consumers .ay as little as <-)9#)/o meet demands of their customers, libraries must s.end more and get less)/here are to grou.s ho o..ose the bill in its original form) /he books .ublishers o..ose this bill  because they belie%e e1books are softare, not books, and should be treated accordingly) /hey belie%e that e1books do not deteriorate as do .rinted books, and so :ustify their high .rice)Hoe%er, .ublishers miss three crucial .oints) 4irst, not all books deteriorate) Many books in the library are in %ery good sha.e and are readable years after .ublication)

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