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Attack on Space - Episode 1 (1000 Year Journey)

Attack on Space - Episode 1 (1000 Year Journey)

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Published by Reuben Lack

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Reuben Lack on Jan 30, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ATTACK ON SPACEEPISODE ONE: 1000-YEARJOURNEYWritten byReuben Lack[attackontitanvoices.tumblr.com]
“Dragons’s Win” from the Ender’sGame Soundtrackis playing in the background during the opening narration.Narration (try to get these first two lines in under a  minute)NARRATOREarth... left in devastation. We 1had destroyed our planet, not only through conflict but through excess. In the waning days of civilization, the leaders of humanity created three arks-- vessels to carry the remnants of the human race to a safe, new home. The mistakes we made could not happen again... as we had done on so many rocks and planets in our own solar system.CONTINUED NARRATION, ARTWORK OF THE SCENE FLASHES ON SCREENNARRATOR (CONT’D)We had to find a new place to live, 2a new place from which we could survive. But for our journey, we  were confined to those three ships-- Maria, Rose, and Sina. For now, they... were our home.Sounds of footsteps of multiple people, all walking to the bridge of the Maria. ERWIN SMITH(firm, annoyed)Why didn’t you tell me earlier, 3Lieutenant?HANJI ZOEOur sensors only just now spotted 4them. ERWIN SMITHWe need to alert the bridge crew; 5damn communicators aren’t working. We.. areunder attack.HANJI ZOEYes, sir.6
We go back to narration.NARRATORThough the journey was through the 7void of space itself... it was not  without incredible dangers. Radiation, meteors, and  malfunctions within the ship’s computers. These were the basic issues with space travel and could be handled by any capable crew. But nothing could have prepared the humans for what lay beyond the spiral arm... the Titans. Back to the scene where Erwin and Hanji are attempting to  walk to the bridge. More footsteps before they stop abruptly.KABIRIdentify yourself!8ERWIN SMITHI’m Commander Erwin Smith, and this 9is Lieutenant Commander Hanji Zoe. KABIRYou don’t have authorization to 10enter the command deck.ERWIN SMITHExcuse me?!11KABIRMy orders are crystal clear. No one 12is to enter the command deck.ERWIN SMITH(increasingly frustrated)We’re under attack- you will let us 13enter. Now.Back to narration.NARRATORJust as creatures in the oceans 14exist, even in the deepest of trenches, so too did monsters thrive in the depths of space. As the humans grew closer to their destination, it became increasingly clear that the nebula they had to travel through was all too filled  with these deadly creatures. 2.(MORE)

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