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Lighthouse January 30, 2014

Lighthouse January 30, 2014

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Published by VCStar
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County

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Published by: VCStar on Jan 30, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 14, No. 2 | Thursday, January 30, 2014www.thelighthousenews.com
A festival of color
Photos by AndreA howry / Lighthouse
By Andrea Howry
The Chapel of Faith at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC)Point Mugu is closing its doors, a victim of declining attendance,staffing issues and tightening budgets.While the sanctuary will still be available for baptisms, memo-rials and funerals, the last regular services will be held EasterSunday, April 27.Roman Catholic and Protestant services will continue at theSeabee Chapel at NBVC Port Hueneme.“I can’t stress enough that we are not ceasing opportunities toworshipatNavalBaseVenturaCounty,”saidLt.Cmdr.JeffreyHan,
Chapel of Faith atNBVC Point Muguclosing after Easter
Building will be available for baptisms,funerals; all regular services will beheld at Seabee Chapel
The self-service tax center at Naval Base Ventura County(NBVC) Port Hueneme is now open in Building 103, the head-quarters for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3 at HarrisStreet and 23rd Avenue.Volunteerswillbeavailabletohelpwithanytaxquestionswhiletaxpayers complete their own federal and state returns.The self-service program is available to active-duty servicemembers from all branches, their dependents and retirees. Theprogramisfreetoallservicemembersandtheirdependents;thereis a minimal charge for retirees whose adjusted gross income is
Self-service tax centernow open for business
Morethan300peopleattendedthefirst-everColorFestSaturday,Jan. 25, at Naval Base VenturaCounty, Port Hueneme. Above,BU2 Roxanne Findlay beginswork on the octopus that wouldwin a trophy for the Naval Con-struction Training Center. Atright is a flower drawn by ATCSEthan Clark of Fleet ReadinessCenterSouthwestandhisfamily.
Story, photos, Pages 14, 15.
Old computers, boxy television sets,even an old vacuum are among theitems recycled Tuesday, Jan. 14,during an e-waste recycling eventat Naval Base Ventura County, PortHueneme.
 Page 3
The Persian Gulf Tribute, shaped likebootprint, is under constructionin Wisconsin. Over the PresidentsDay Weekend, Paul Kokosz of theNaval Facilities Engineering andExpeditionary Warfare Center willbicycle down 46 miles of Californiaoastline in an effort to raise money or the memorial.
 Page 3
Tonga Defense Force Lancepl. Saili Laisolo and BU3 PaigeAbernathy, assigned to Naval Mobileonstruction Battalion (NMCB) 3’sonstruction Civic Action Detail inonga, exchange a high five afterompleting a row of block on aommunity center.
 Page 4
By Captain Larry Vasquez
NBVC Conn Oc
The LighThOuse is puBLished aT NO COsT TO The gOVerN-meNT eVery OTher Thursday By The sTar, Of CamariLLO,Ca. The sTar is a priVaTe firm iN NO way CONNeCTed wiThThe deparTmeNT Of defeNse Or The uNiTed sTaTes NaVy,uNder wriTTeN CONTraCT wiTh NaVaL Base VeNTuraCOuNTy. The LighThOuse is The ONLy auThOrized CiViLiaNeNTerprise Newspaper fOr memBers Of The u.s. NaVy,CiViLiaN empLOyees, reTirees aNd Their famiLy memBersiN The VeNTura COuNTy area. CONTeNTs Of The paper areNOT NeCessariLy The OffiCiaL Views Of,NOr eNdOrsed By,The u.s. gOVerNmeNT, aNd The deparTmeNT Of defeNse,Or The deparTmeNT Of The NaVy aNd dO NOT impLy eN-dOrsemeNT ThereOf. The appearaNCe Of adVerTisiNg iNThis puBLiCaTiON iNCLudiNg iNserTs aNd suppLemeNTs,dOes NOT CONsTiTuTe eNdOrsemeNT Of The deparTmeNTOf defeNse, The u.s. NaVy Or The sTar, Of The prOduCTsOr serViCes adVerTised. eVeryThiNg adVerTised iN ThispuBLiCaTiON shaLL Be made aVaiLaBLe fOr purChase,useOr paTrONage wiThOuT regard TO raCe,COLOr,reLigiON,sex, NaTiONaL OrigiN, age, mariTaL sTaTus, physiCaLhaNdiCap, pOLiTiCaL affiLiaTiON, Or aNy OTher NON-meriTfaCTOr Of The purChaser, use, Or paTrON. if a ViOLaTiONOr rejeCTiON Of This equaL OppOrTuNiTy pOLiCy By aN ad-VerTiser is CONfirmed, The puBLisher shaLL refuse TOpriNT adVerTisiNg frOm ThaT sOurCe uNTiL The ViOLaTiONis COrreCTed. ediTOriaL CONTeNT is ediTed, preparedaNd prOVided TO The puBLisher By The LOCaL iNsTaLLa-TiON puBLiC affairs OffiCes uNder The auspiCes Of TheNaVaL Base VeNTura COuNTy puBLiC affairs OffiCe.
COmmaNdiNg OffiCer
Chief sTaff OffiCer
CmdR. SCott LoESChkE
COmmaNd masTer Chief 
puBLiC affairs OffiCer
LighThOuse ediTOr
aNdREa howRY
fiNd us aT:
adVerTisiNg deparTmeNT
N aVa L B a s e V e N T u r a C O u N T y
pl bt o qton o cont to Lto eto an how t lto@nv.l
800-221-sTar (7827)
     T     h    u    r    s     d    a    y  ,     J    a    n    u    a    r    y     3     0  ,     2     0     1     4
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e
    w    w    w .
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e     N    e    w    s
 .    c    o    m
Q: Why is it that we get so many power outages at Naval  Base Ventura County (NBVC) Port Hueneme? Days after we have a planned outage to upgrade wiring, power goesdown all day, then again a couple of weeks later. A: Thank you for the opportunity to address this issueand for your patienceOur Public Works Department is hard at work and has along-term plan to replace, repair or upgrade the infrastruc-ture at NBVC. The utilities infrastructure had a planned life of 50 years before replacement and is well past that, in some areas, at 70-plus years. We cannot afford to complete-ly replace the electrical lines at Port Hueneme and Point  Mugu at one time, but we are repairing sections as funding becomes available. Unfortunately, funding is a hurdle weare struggling to overcome, as are shore installations acrossthe country.
The Chief of Naval Operations’rst tenet is “Warght 
-ing First.” As a result, the Navy is taking a risk at the shoreto ensure continued operations at sea. Funding for preven-tive maintenance has taken a big hit, and we have experi-enced the effects as our infrastructure suffers. The recent  planned outages were coordinated to upgrade our electrical lines and were successful. The most recent unplanned out-age occurred during removal of older lines, and the other was a catastrophic failure of a transformer, a major part of the electrical distribution system. Public Works did anamazing job of coordinating with Southern California Edi- son and local contractors to repair and restore electricity ineight hours for a condition that normally requires 10 to 12hours to repair.We will continue to upgrade our services as funding isavailable and will move quickly when failures occur. Asbudget concerns begin to relax, we hope that preventivemeasures will be funded in the future.The NBVC Facebook page has been the most effec-tive way to get the word out during power outages, but wewould like your feedback if there is a better way to commu-nicate with our Sailors and their families. Do you have questions or suggestions? You can submit them via this forum at lighthouse@navy.mil, online using the CO’s Suggestion Box at http://cnic.navy.mil/ventura/in-dex.htm or at www.Facebook.com/NavalBaseVenturaCoun-ty. You can also follow NBVC on Twitter at www.twitter.
Why have there been so many power outages recently?
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e ew s 
. c  om
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e
 ur   s  d  a  y   , J   an u ar    y  3  0   , 0 
Just super!
 TheDenver Broncos and theSeattle Seahawks willbattle it out on large-screen TVs in Liberty Centers atNaval Base Ventura County. SingleSailors can enjoy free hot dogsand burgers. Kickoff is at 3:25p.m. Information: Coffee Net, 982-6695; Surf Net, 989-0919.
sWeetHeArt 5K:
Lunchtime run put onby Morale, Welfareand Recreation. 11a.m. registration; 11:30 a.m.run, BeeHive Gym, NBVC PortHueneme. Info: 989-8098.
Got A GreeNtHuMB?
 NBVCReligious Ministriesis putting together acommunity relations event to cleanup the Oxnard Senior Garden, 531E. Pleasant Valley Road. Eventruns from 8 to 11 a.m. To sign up,call the Seabee Chapel, NBVC PortHueneme, at 982-4358.
sprING CAreer FAIr:
Transitioning servicemembers and military spouses can plan nowfor this event, slated for a newlocation: the BeeHive Gym. Morethan 75 companies and educationalinstitutions are expected. 9 a.m. to2 p.m. Info: Fleet & Family SupportCenter, 982-5037.
By Andrea Howry
The TRICARE Service Center (TSC)at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC)is one of 189 walk-in centers nationwidethat will close April 1.Theservicecenterisinatrailerbetweenthe Naval Branch Health Clinic and thebaseball fields at NBVC Port Hueneme.There is no TSC at NBVC Point Mugu.Manager Carla Cotsis said an averageof 750peoplevisitthecentereachmonth.Those people will now use the Internet ormake toll-free phone calls if they need tocontact TRICARE.“SincethefirstTRICAREServiceCen-ter opened in the mid 1990s, we’ve seen ashift in how you get information,” theTRICARE website states in announcingthe closures. “With today’s technology,anything you can do at a TRICARE Ser-
TRICARE walk-in centers closing in April
NBVC’s is one of 189shutting its doors
Nearly2,000poundsof electronicwastefrom boxy television sets and cellphones to a vacuum cleaner and a coffeemaker — were recycled Tuesday, Jan. 14,as the Naval Construction Training Cen-ter (NCTC) partnered with Naval BaseVentura County (NBVC) to host a free-waste recycling event.Government property could not be re-cycledat this event; only householdwastewas accepted.“Thisisagoodwaytohelpourhousingresidents,” explained Cmdr. Dan Cook,commanding officer of NCTC. “We rec-ognizethatitismoreconvenientformanypeople to have this opportunity onbase.”This was the third e-waste recyclingevent organized by Angela Mora, the en-vironmental coordinator at NCTC.As with previous events, this one yield-ed old DVD players and printers, but no
2,000 pounds of e-waste recycled at NBVC event
By Andrea Howry
It’s a long drive from Naval Base Ven-ura County to Neillsville, Wis., but theimpression of a Soldier’s boot might nar-row that 2,067-mile gap.A retired lieutenant commander whoworks at the Naval Facilities EngineeringandExpeditionaryWarfareCenter(NAV-FAC EXWC) is bringing word of thebootprint to California.Over the Presidents Day Weekend,Deputy Emergency Management OfficerPaul Kokosz will bicycle down 46 milesof coastlineinanefforttoraisemoneyforthePersianGulf Tributeinhishomestateof Wisconsin.He’shopingtheridewillbringattentionto both the bootprint-shaped memorialand the Persian Gulf War of two decadesago as well as the more recent conflicts inIraq and Afghanistan.“Thisisn’taWisconsin-onlymemorial,Kokosz says of the bootprint, which ispart of a larger veterans memorial parkcalled The Highground. “This is a placefor healing. It’s what any memorial isabout — the ones in D.C., everywhere.Therearenogeographicallimitsonwherehealing happens.”The Persian Gulf Tribute is the newestaddition to a park that broke ground in
Presidents Day ride raises funds for memorial
There are nogeographical limitson where healinghappens.
— Paul Kokoszon the Persian Gulf Tribute
pHoto Courtesy JeAN Moseley
The Persian Gulf Tribute, shaped like a bootprint, is under construction in Wisconsin at a memorial park called The Highground.
FItNess sCAVeNGerHuNt:
 Try out classesat the Bee-Fit WellnessCenter and swim at one of theaquatic centers to win a prize inMarch. Details, Page 18.

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