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Issue 17 September 2009

Issue 17 September 2009

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Published by Grant Mullen

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Published by: Grant Mullen on Sep 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Information Technology Solutions
iCOACH Tasmania Newsletter
Grantos Speaks:“No one raindrop will takeresponsibility for the entire flood”
There is a bloke that I have beenmates with now for the best part of 20 years. We have known eachother since high school and wehave shared so many fantastictimes together over the past fewdecades that it seems he is in most of my standout memories. About 7years ago I moved to Tasmania andI saw him less and less. Westopped moving in the same circlesand stopped hanging out togetheras much. I noticed that whenever Ineeded someone, he was alwaysthere. It was usually when work was getting me down or whensomething was going wrong that Iwould call as he always had asupportive word and would alwaysbe there to back me up. There wassomething else that he would neverdo as well. He would neverchallenge me, not enough anyway.It seems that there was only acertain level that we would ever goto for one another before backingdown and just forcing anagreement. I always told myself that true friends just did that foreach other. One of the funny jokeswe always made over the years isthe we always seemed to be able topull things off at the last minute.We would have a deadline loomingand wait until the very last minuteto complete it, knowing that wecould do just enough to get us overthe line. I spoke with him just theother day and he told me of adecision he had to make regardingwork. This was a pretty big oneand I couldn’t help but think about what sort of plans were in place forhim and what sort of direction hewas heading. It occurred to me that he was in the exact place that I was5 or so years ago. The difference isthat I had started to surroundmyself with people who wouldchallenge me and get me out of themuck that I would wallow in.There was no one right on hand toagree with my nonsense and noone to support my self indulgence.There were deadlines for me tomeet and there were no excuses forlast minute stuff ups. My life hadchanged so much that I wascompelled to change within it. Achange that I had not noticed untilit was held up in front of my like amirror. I realized that for all of these years I had not been servingmy friend and that now it was timeto start. I had let go of any fears of losing his friendship by challenginghim and went ahead and did it anyway. I know he can now do thesame for me.
Last Minute Larry

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