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Joe the Wop Cataldo

Joe the Wop Cataldo

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Published by AJ Weberman
In telephonic contact with Ruby.
In telephonic contact with Ruby.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: AJ Weberman on Jan 30, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In 1962 Geraldo (Jerry) Catena, the successor to Vito Genovese in the New York Mafia, arranged for Louie Jacobs to fund an attempt by Joe (the Wop) Cataldo
 a New York gangster to gain control of the Finger Lakes track. [Emprise notes,
Sports Illustrated 
 story, 5-29-72] Cataldo owned
Chandler’s Restaurant on East 49
 Street in Manhattan. On July 7, 1963, a call was placed from Jack R
 home telephone to Gloversville, New York. George Senator, seen on the left with attorney Melvin Belli, a close associate of R
 during the summer of 1963, was originally from Gloversville and this led some researchers to believe
that this call was placed by him. When the FBI investigated this call the Bureau found that the telephone number in Gloversville belonged to Joe
“The Wop” Cataldo, who the Bureau described as “a top New York hoodlum.” The Warren Commission, however, was more interested in George Senator and in its report stated: “It is difficult to know with complete
certainty whether Senator had any foreknowledge of the shooting of Oswald
.” A few days before the FBI traced the toll call, FBI informant number “KY
TE” advised that J
ack Ruby obtained talent for his Dallas
club through Joe “The Wop” Cataldo during the late 1950’s. The only
acts Cataldo booked were gangsters
who would “do a number” on anyone
who did not come with the vigorish on his usurious loans. On December 11, 1963, Joe Cataldo was exhibited a photograph of Ruby by the FBI. He denied any relationship at any time with Ruby. In May 1968 Drew Pearson reported on Senator George Smathers Hearings into
loan sharking: “Deputy Inspector Louis C. Cottell of the New York City
Police Department identified New York loan sharks as Salvadore
Bonnanno, Joe Cataldo and Carmine Lombardozzi.” [
Nevada Daily Mail 
 May 13, 1968
Google News Archives] Joe The Wop’s sons, Joseph Jr,
and Dominik were Mafia members. Little Dom not only was the brother of Colombo crime family mobster Joseph Cataldo but he was also the in-law of mob boss Albert Anastasia. In late 1973 Dominick Cataldo approached Anthony Bruno and offered $3,000 for New York State Supreme Court Judge William C. Brennan in a first degree robbery case pending before the appeals court  judge. Bruno went to Brennan who, after looking into the matter, told Bruno he would accept the $3,000. Cataldo gave the money to Bruno, who gave it to Brennan. In February 1974 Brennan suppressed identification evidence linking Cataldo to the robbery, which led to dismissal of the indictment.  After the dismissal, Brenna
n told Bruno, “[D]on’t let them kid you that they didn’t need me on this, they did.” [http://openjurist.org/798/f2d/581]
On September 10, 1987 two men walked into a Queens barbershop and murdered Vito Scaglione, 36 years old, who had ties to organized- crime figures and was suspected of being involved in narcotics trafficking.
“scag” is slang for heroin)
Mr. Scaglione was convicted in 1981 in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on a charge of providing an unlicensed 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol and a silencer to an undercover Federal
informer. Mr. Scaglione’s brother 
-in-law, Dominick Cataldo, who, the authorities described as an important figure in the Colombo crime family, was also convicted in the case. After pleading guilty, Mr. Scaglione was placed on probation. Mr. Cataldo was sentenced to eight years in a Federal prison.
On February 29, 1980, Joe “the wop” Cataldo, who was described
 as a New York City loan shark, was accused of participating in a million dollar
plot to sabotage the “Black Tuna” drug smuggling trial in Miami, Florida.
This alleged plot involved plans to assassinate trial USDC Judge James Lawrence King, pay off key government witnesses, and otherwise disrupt the trial. [FBI NY-1639-2396, NY44-974-152; NY 24016-655; NY 44-1639-1556; 44-1639 4p teletype 11.28.63 Dallas to Albany] JOHN GOTTI AND DOMINICK CATALDO In July 1980 Mafia hitman Gerard Pappa was shot to death in Brooklyn by a Colombo hit squad. It was for revenge of carrying out the murder of suspected Colombo crime family stool pigeon Ralph Spero. He was murdered by Dominick Cataldo and his nephew Nicholas and Joseph Cataldo Jr., the sons of Colombo crime fam
ily Mafioso Joseph “the wop”

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