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IRIS Phantom Flight Manual

IRIS Phantom Flight Manual

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Published by jw2222

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Published by: jw2222 on Jan 30, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IRIS Phantom FG.1 Flight Handbook v1.00Copyright © 2006 IRIS Flight Simulation Software. All Rights Reserved.
IRIS Phantom FG.1 Flight Handbook v1.00Copyright © 2006 IRIS Flight Simulation Software. All Rights Reserved.
IRIS Flight Simulation Software brings you our latest aircraft, the Royal Air Force & Royal Navy F-4 Phantom FG.1The latest Phantom offering continues our range of quality products from IRIS and is fully compatible with both MicrosoftFlight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.Thanks to our lead product researcher Steve Holland, who was a member of 56 Squadron during the reign of the almighty’Toom’, our Phantom features enhanced XML coding within the aircraft models to accurately replicate the inner workings of the aircraft. Items of note are working auxiliary intake doors on the upper and lower fuselage, pilots that disappear whenthe engines shut down, plus intake covers and other ancillary items that appear when you shut down the aircraft.For the Royal Navy Phantom, we have modeled the aircraft to rotate correctly when engaging the extendable nose leg priorto carrier launch plus display the launch shuttle and harness wires for launching!We have taken on board comments from FGR.2 customers and improved the Virtual Cockpit by increasing the resolution of the side consoles. Gone are the nasty looking FS98 gauges, we’ve created a completely new suite of gauges in XML formatfor higher resolution in 2D and VC views.Other features working switches, radios, levers and other effects and silky smooth gauge refresh rates on most systems. Alsoincluded is a 2D panel which comes with a VFR view for flying fast down low, and an IFR popup view with enlargedinstruments for ease of use when navigating from place to place! Tour the world with the IRIS Phantom!The exterior model has also retained our trademarked quality, which has been built from our established range of aircraft.As usual the product features a number of different models as has come to be expected from IRIS, including for the FIRSTtime in Flight Simulator, the EMI reconnaissance pod carried by the RAF Phantom FGR.2 in Germany during the cold warWe have also once again had the privilege to employ the sound genius of Christoffer Petersen who has provided us with someexcellent sounds for the Phantom recorded from the real deal which I am sure will have you playing with that volumecontrol!And for those with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX, we have optimized and adjusted Chris’ excellentsoundset for the Phantom to fine form in FSX featuring full 360-degree sound panning! Now hear the roar of the enginesfrom the rear of the aircraft and the jet whine from the front. Those tower flybys will NEVER be the same again!Our resident artists have provided you with some new paintschemes of the FG.1 and FGR.2 during its service from the wellknown to the unique ones not seen regularly including the famous ‘Black Mike’ of 111 Squadron.Finally, I would like to personally like to thank ALL the team who have put their collective talents together to bring you thisfantastic product.Please enjoy this product and feel free to drop us a line if you want to comment on the aircraft or any of our products.If you have any requests or questions regarding the IRIS Phantom FG.1, or other products available from IRIS FlightSimulation Software, please drop us an e-mail at david@irissimulations.com or visit our forums athttp://www.irissimulations.com/phpBB2/
David Brice
Product Manager
IRIS Flight Simulation Software
IRIS Phantom FG.1 Flight Handbook v1.00Copyright © 2006 IRIS Flight Simulation Software. All Rights Reserved.
These files are a commercial product and should NOT be treated as freeware.These files may not be copied (other than for backup purposes), transmitted or passed to third parties or altered in any waywithout the prior permission of IRIS Flight Simulation Software. Any breach of the aforementioned copyright will result in thefull force of law being brought to bear on those responsible.Copyright © 2006 IRIS Flight Simulation Software. All Rights Reservedhttp://www.irissimulations.com
Project Manager
David Brice
Lead Researcher
Steve Holland
Visual Models
David Brice, Marv Mays
Aircraft Textures
David Brice, Dag Roger Stangeland
 Christoffer Petersen, FSX adjustments by David Brice
Gauges Programming
David Brice
Flight Dynamics
David Brice
Beta Testing
The IRIS Beta Team
David Brice

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