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Dangerfield Twintania

Dangerfield Twintania

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Published by Kyle Hand
You know what this is.
You know what this is.

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Published by: Kyle Hand on Jan 31, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Where to start, oh where to start. Well I suppose we can start at the beginning and move on from there. This will be my
recount of last week’s raid and my propositions for amendments as well as just general comments on certain aspects of
this tedious fight. I will also be including the cleaned up data from our several encounters as to give you a visual of what specifically is happening in the fight. The large majority of this is just to give us an idea, as tanks and healers as well as raid supervisors, of what to expect and when to expect it.
Phase 1:
Boom let’s just start off with some graphs:
 Little description of the graph. We are seeing a visual of what our typical Twintania encounter looks like. The first thing
to note is that we only really ever see two fireballs and have either wiped before that or wipe right after that. That’s not all that good, but hopefully we can make some progress on that during Sunday’s raid. The sec
ond thing to note is how
Death Sentence works. You will notice that, much like Titan’s landslide, death sentence will “hit” and then exactly 1 second later it will actual cause damage. This doesn’t mean much to you because the first “hit” is where it takes
 a snapshot of your health and buffs and decides how much damage you will take, but for the healers we are free to top you off all the way until the move actually causes damage. That being said, there is not point to you popping any cooldowns unless you can get them off before or during the cast time of the move. Likewise, if I start casting adloquium too late
 not going to do anything even if it hits you before you actually take damage. This is something that I had already noticed but now it is confirm
ed so that’s nice.
The next a probably most important thing to take away from this graph is when to use cooldowns. Problems arrive when Twintania cast DS then plummet and either sandwiches auto attacks or auto attacks in between. This however is not left up to RNG in the slightest. The first DS that she casts will ALWAYS be followed by a swift plummet as well as an auto attack. Given this time is normally when I am solo healing you, a nice solid cooldown would be useful and helpful in this time. After this one however, we have two very consistent breaks from this type of damage output in a short period of time. A DS followed by an auto attack is to be expected, but it is nothing that should cause any sort of alarm. So just to recap:
 DS = Lots of damage and only me healing
00.511.522.533.544.59:10:48 PM9:11:31 PM9:12:14 PM9:12:58 PM9:13:41 PM9:14:24 PM9:15:07 PM
Average Twintania Encounter
 DS = DS + Auto
 DS = DS + Auto So that should make that very easy aside from the actual RNG of liquid hell which seems to have 0 patterns associated with it. Continuing, the 4
 DS and every one following that are going to suc
k IF (very big if) we don’t time the phase transition
correctly. If we time the transition as we have been then phase 2 will be stupidly easy. If we miss the phase transition then every DS will be followed by a plummet and either an auto attack in between or encompassing the two moves. This including all the fireball damage and conflagration movement has the potential to make this phase very, very hard. But
we have been timing it fine, so I don’t think we should have any trouble here.
For phase 1 we expect the following EVERY time:
4 Death Sentences spaced almost perfectly 37 seconds apart, with the first one happening USUALLY 15 seconds into the fight, but with a 99% confidence interval between 14 and 16 seconds.
10 plummets not even spaced apart but with very predictable intervals between each, as shown below: As can be seen, plummets follow a similar sequence every time. It looks like it has a 12 second internal cooldown and any change in time will occur because of movement resetting the swing timer or death sentence being casted first, as is the case with the first plummet.
34 auto attacks averaging 3 to 5 seconds apart. It looks like the swing timer is 3.5 seconds which is why we get a mantra of 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 4, with variation coming from 1. An increase in 1 to 2 second between auto attacks when an auto attack lands prior to a death sentence and 2. An increase due to swing timer reset caused by tank movement. Anyway, not that phase 1 is all that hard anyway but it is good to know that we can predict times of heavy damage, the first being at 14-16 seconds into the fight and then the second being at 124 seconds into the fight. I want to also make a note that when all the times I have used for death sentence is for when death sentence lands, the cast time starts 3 seconds prior to that. So if you were to use a cooldown it should happen around 10 or 11 seconds into the fight and I will start spamming adloquium, around 12 seconds.
Oh and liquid hell seems pretty random but I also don’t have any good data on it because most of the time I’m not in
range of them to catch the cast bar. If I were to comment on it, it appears that they start casting it at 3 seconds and then wait 3 seconds between each to cast it again. Thus, an internal cooldown on each of 9 seconds.
   S   e   c   o   n    d   s    b   e   t   w   e   e   n   P    l   u   m   m   e   t   s
Time between Plummets
Phase 2:
Ahh yes, now on to where we suck and why we suck. Phase 2 is all about individual ability; can we play our class while dealing with mechanics that require us to look away at our cast bars, health bars, mp bars, pet bars, and raid bars? The
answer is yes but it is going to take time to get everyone on the level to consistently play that way. So let’s reduce that
time by making everyone aware of what is going to happen PRIOR to it actually happening. The way I lead new people through a Titan HM fight is to give them a brief overview of the abilities and then tell them exactly what to do (during
the fight) before they need to execute said move. This isn’t difficult to do as long as you know the fight very well and
reduces errors tremendously. So what happens and when does it happen? Fireball is an EXACT science. And I mean exact. Like the as exact as it gets kind of exact. The first fireball happens about 5 seconds after the new phase starts. This can actually be affected by death sentence if the timing is such that she hits
death sentence after you push her into phase 2. But it’s not a big deal because it has an internal
of 25 seconds. Not around 25 seconds, not close to 25 seconds, its just 25 seconds. That makes this phase reallllllllllllllllly easy. I think there is a 3 second delay between when the icon shows and when the attack actually hits so at around 20 seconds after the last one we all just need to stack and then not even have to look at the stupid bars. We completely negate any personal responsibility by telling people what to do and when to do it. Let me also add to this that the number of times that people will get hit by fireball will follow the pattern: 1
 one after the phase starts -> 50 seconds later because the 2
 fireball ran into conflag -> then again 25 seconds later - > then again 50 second later -> then 25 seconds later, and then the phase should be over. With our dps we are averaging 5 fireballs that will hit us during this phase with a total of 7 that actually happen (so this phase will last about 3 minutes).
Now on to conflags. We are looking at an average of 4 conflags in this phase; that’s just not that many. I’m going to be making some generalizations here as well as some guesses because conflags don’t have any sort of marker in the event
logs. Conflag, similar to fireball, appears to have a 3 second cast time between when the icon appears and when the ability actually hits the target. This would also be consistent with all the other abilities that she does such as death sentence. She TENDS to cast conflag 19 seconds after the first fireball of phase 2. That means that the mark appears 16 secon
ds after the first fireball hits. That’s all well and good but after looking at all the different encounters it seems that, like death sentence, the ability won’t be used until the first 10
-12 seconds after the phase starts. After this, it does the exact same thing that death sentence does. It averages a 37 seconds between each other and most importantly, it appears to sync with death sentences if the phase change occurs at the same time as a death sentence. It might be beneficial to phase change and then death sentence as opposed to death sentence and then phase change; that way we
should always see a conflag right before death sentence and we won’t have to rush you in there. Either way, it’s as
predictably unpredictable as death sentence which gives us something to work with.

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