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Eef 2013

Eef 2013

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Published by JDStuster
Ethical Failure 2013
Ethical Failure 2013

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Published by: JDStuster on Jan 31, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure
Department of DefenseOffice of General CounselStandards of Conduct OfficeUpdated July 2013
The Standards of Conduct Office of the Department of Defense General Counsel’s Office has assemled the follo!in" selection of cases of ethical failure for use as a trainin" tool# Our "oal is to pro$ide DoD personnel !ith real e%amples of &ederal employees !ho ha$e intentionally or un!ittin"ly $iolated the standards of conduct# Some cases are humorous' some sad' and all are real# Some !ill an"er you as a &ederal employee and some !ill an"er you as an (merican ta%payer# )lease pay particular attention to the multiple *ail and proation sentences' fines' employment terminations and other sanctions that !ere ta+en as a result of these ethical failures# ,iolations of many ethical standards in$ol$e
 statutes# )rotect yourself and your employees y learnin" !hat you need to +no! and accessin" your ("ency ethics counselor if you ecome unsure of the proper course of conduct# -e sure to access them
 you ta+e action re"ardin" the issue in .uestion# /any of the cases displayed in this collection could ha$e een a$oided completely if the offender had ta+en this simple precaution# The cases ha$e een arran"ed accordin" to offense for ease of access# &eel free to reproduce and use them as you li+e in your ethics trainin" pro"ram# &or e%ample  you may e conductin" a trainin" session re"ardin" political acti$ities# &eel free to copy and  paste a case or t!o into your slidesho! or handout  or use them as e%amples or discussion prolems# f you ha$e a case you !ould li+e to ma+e a$ailale for inclusion in a future update of this collection' please email it to socoosd#mil or you may fa% it to 45036 789:850#
 Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure
 is intended to sensiti;e &ederal employees to the reach and impact of &ederal ethics statutes and re"ulations# t is est used to supplement personal $erification of those statutes and re"ulations# t should not e interpreted as a indin" or authoritati$e presentation of the la!#
Note of Special Thanks
<e than+ the DoD OG for their case contriutions to the =ncyclopedia#3

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