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Published by alidachanduvi

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Published by: alidachanduvi on Jan 31, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100 ALIMENTE FARA CALORIIhttp://anatolbasarab.me/2012/06/1/100!al"mente!#ara!$alor""/1. A#"ne % normal"&ea&' (l"$em"a )" a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.2. A(ar % este *n (el e,tras -"ntr!o al(' s*b #orm' -e p*lbere. A*ns n or(an"sm absoarbe l"$h"-ele )" )" m're)te +ol*m*l $aptn- (r's"m"le )" &ahar*r"le. N* e -"(erat -e or(an"sm $" el"m"nat $* tot $* (r's"m" )" &ahar*r".Cant"tatea opt"m' este -e  ( pe &". 3e poate #olos" la s*pe )" sos*r".. Al(e mar"ne % $on4"n m*lte #"bre.5. Ananas % $on4"ne en&"me $are -"&ol+' (r's"m"le.. Anason % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l.6. An-"+e % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e st"m*lea&' se$re4"a b"l"ar'.. An(h"nare % -"*ret"$ s$a-e $olesterol*l.7. Ar-e" "*te % "ntens"#"$' metabol"sm*l.8. A+o$a-o! are prote"ne +e(etale *)or -"(erab"le.10. 9ro$$ol" % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.11. 9*s*"o$ % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l are $alor"" ne(at"+e.12. Ca"se % la,at"+e a*t' -"(est"a.1. Car-amon*l % este *n $on-"ment tra-"4"onal arab n*m"t )" hell;.Cte+a sem"n4e l*ate na"nte -e mas' $* 10 m"n*te st"m*lea&'-"(est"a "ar p*se n $a#ea ne*tral"&ea&' to,"$"tatea e".15. Carne -e $*r$an % are p*4"ne $alor"" )" p*4"ne (r's"m".1. Carto#" % se $ons*m' #'r' (r's"m" )" -oar $* alte le(*me.16. Castane % ar- (r's"m"le.1. Castra+ete % are $alor"" ne(at"+e el"m"n' to,"nele.17. C'p)*ne !el"m"n' to,"ne -"n or(an"sm a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.18. Ceap' % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l are $alor"" ne(at"+e.20. Ch"men % re(lea&' se$re4"a -e en&"me.21. C"$oare % st"m*lea&' -"(est"a.22. C"mbr* !-e(resea&' or(an"sm*l.2. C"re)e % s*nt -ep*rat"+e.25. Coa$a&e ne(re % ree$h"l"brea&' metabol"sm*l.2. Coa-a!$al*l*" % m're)te pro$esele -e el"m"nare a to,"nelor 26.Conop"-a % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.2. Cor"an-r* % re-*$e balonarea.27. Creson*l % se poate $ons*ma $a salat' s*$ s*p' sa* pentr* $on-"mentarea $'rn"" )" a le(*melor. Are e#e$t ant"b"ot"$ #'r' a a#e$ta #lora stoma$al' nt're)te s"stem*l "m*n"tar e *n b*n -"*ret"$ )" -eto,"#"ant )" a*t' la el"m"narea (r's"m"". Cea"*l e b*n )" $ontra t*se". Aten4"e planta *s$at' )" p"er-e p*ter"le $*rat"+e<28. C*")oare % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.0. =a#"n*l % are marea propr"etate -e a -"&ol+a )" el"m"na (r's"m"le "ar pentr* asta n* treb*"e $ons*mat n $ant"t'4" mar" $te+a Fr*n&e p*se n mn$are s*nt s*#"$"ente ns' treb*"e #olos"te #re$+ent pentr* $a e#e$t*l s' #"e +"&"b"l.1. =o+le$el % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.2. Fasole p'tat' % este p*r(at"+'.
. Fasole +er-e % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.5. >h"mb"r % "ntens"#"$' metabol"sm*l.. >"nsen( % el"m"n' to,"nele.6. >raham % are m*lte #"bre.. >rape#r*"t !$ont"ne en&"me $are -"&ol+' (r's"m"le.7. >*l"e % re(lea&' n"+el*l (l*$o&e".8. ?rean % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l.50. @"" % este p*tern"$ ant"o,"-ant.51. L'm"e % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l are $alor"" ne(at"+e.52. Lemn -*l$e % st"m*lea&' #"$at*l )" se$re4"a +e&"$"" b"l"are )" mb*n't'4e)te -"(est"a. 3e #olose)te r'-'$"na )" se $ons*m' $a $ea" "n#*&"e: 2 l"n(*r"4e la o $an'. 3e bea -*p' mas'. Aten4"e m're)te #ert"l"tatea "ar $ons*m*l pe o per"oa-' ma" mare -e $te+a s'pt'mn"  poate -*$e la h"pertens"*ne sa* e-eme<5. I&ma % are e#e$t r'$or"tor.55. Man-ar"ne % re-*$e "n-"(est"a.5. Man(o % are $alor"" ne(at"+e56. M'$e)e % al*n(' oboseala.5. M'$r") % este -eto,"#"ant.57. M'rar % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l are $alor"" ne(at"+e.58. Me" % are m*lte#"bre.0. Ment' % are $alor"" ne(at"+e este -"*ret"$'.1. Mere % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.2. M"ere % s$a-e po#ta -e mn$are.. M"(-ale % s$a- $olesterol*l.5. Mor$o+" % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.. M*re % s*nt la,at"+e.6. M*)e4el % *)*rea&' -"(est"a.. Nap" % -"*ret"$ p*r"#"$' sn(ele.7. Ne$tar"ne % a* p*4"ne $alor"".8. Ore(ano % "ntens"#"$' #*n$4""le hepat"$e.60. Ore& basmat" % "ntens"#"$' -"(est"a r'$or"tor.61. Ore& br*n % "ntens"#"$' -"(est"a.62. Or& % "ntens"#"$' #*n$4""le hepat"$e.6. Bapaa % re(lea&' (l"$em"a.65. B'-*$el % re-*$e a$"-"tatea (astr"$'.6. B'p'-"a % "ntens"#"$' ar-er"le.66. B'strna$ % este -"*ret"$.6. B'tr*nel % are $alor"" ne(at"+e el"m"n' (r's"mea.67. Bepene ro)* % este -"*ret"$.68. Be)te % re-*$e $olesterol*l are (r's"m" b*ne.0. B"per % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l.1. Borto$ale % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.2. R"-"$h" % a* $alor"" ne(at"+e.. Ro-"" % s$a- $olesterol*l.5. Rosmar"n % este -"*ret"$.. Ro)"" % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l
6. 3alata +er-e % st"m*lea&' metabol"sm*l.. 3al+"a % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.7. 3$h"n-*# % se $ons*m' sem"n4ele sa* #r*n&ele p"sate )" ameste$ate $* mn$are. A*t' la -"(est"e )" s$a-e n"+el*l $olestrol*l*". 3*b #orm' -e $ea": 2 l"n(*r"4e la o $an' $* ap'D are e#e$t ant"t*s"+ )" la,at"+ se bea $'l-*4 -*p'  ore -e "n#*&are.8. 3$o"$" % re(lea&' #*n$4"a t"ro"-"an'.70. 3$or4")oar' % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l.71. 3e$ar' % (r'be)te -"(est"a "ntest"nal'.72. 3em"n4e -e -o+lea$ % a* e#e$t -e p*r"#"$ator "ntest"nal.7. 3em"n4e -e #loarea!soarel*" % a* (r's"m" b*ne n* n(ra)'.75. 3em"n4e -e "n % -renea&' "ntest"n*l.7. 3em"n4e -e s*san % pre+"n osteoporo&a.76. 3#e$la % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.7. o+r# % este ton"$ (astr"$.77. 3pana$ % are $alor"" ne(at"+e )" m*lte #"bre.78. 3paran(hel % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.80. o#ran % a$$elerea&' metabol"sm*l.81. Tap"o$a % este *n #el -e #'"n' ob4"n*t' -"n t*ber$*l"" man"o$*l*"$are a*t' la s$'-erea $olestrol*l*" )" la re-*$erea strat*l*" a-"pos.82. Tarhon % -"&ol+' (r's"m"le.8. To#* % $on4"ne #"bre.85.el"n' % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.8. Gr&"$a % e -eto,"#"ant' )" la,at"+'86. Gst*ro" % -e(resea&' or(an"sm*l are $alor"" ne(at"+e.8. Har&' % este -"*ret"$' )" p*r(at"+'.87. Har&' $h"ne&eas$' % are $alor"" ne(at"+e este #oarte s'4"oas'.88. Har&a -e 9r*,elles % are $alor"" ne(at"+e.100. H"nete % $on4"n m*lte #"breOTRAHABro#. =r. In(. Teo-or LEGCA=ean o# the Fa$*lt o# Ele$tr"$al En("neer"n( an- In#ormat"on Te$hnolo(Gn"+ers"t o# Ora-eaA--ress: str. Gn"+ers"tat"" nr. 1 &"p $o-e 51007 Ora-ea  Roman"aTel: 005!028J 50712Fa,: 005!028J 507507Me&el*r"le salam $arnat" par"&er polone&" $rem+*rst"J N* ma" p*tet" sp*ne $a n!at" st"*t<N* pot #" -"(erate -e t*b*l -"(est"+ -e$t n &e$e an". E#e$t*l "me-"at este apar"4"a (astr"telor )" a *l$erelor -ar )" a $ele" ma" *rte #orme -e $an$er % $el $olonore$tal; sp*ne Men$"n"$ops$h".3e$retele "n-*str"e" $'rn"": $h"m"$alele -"n salam*r"A-"t"+"" s"ntet"$" -"n sem"preparatele -"n $arne r'mn n or(an"sm $h"ar )" &e$e an" pentr* $' t*b*l -"(est"+ n* le poate -"(era.Cons*m*l an*al -e me&el*r" n Romn"a este -e apro,"mat"+ &e$e K"lo(rame pe $ap -e lo$*"tor $eea $e nseamn' $' n #"e$are &" *n romn m'nn$' $am 27!0 -e (rame -e  pro-*se -"n $arne.

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