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Stories From Sex Industry

Stories From Sex Industry

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Published by ipruram

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Published by: ipruram on Sep 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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’m back from 2weeks holiday. Ihave just startedworking privatelyand that means Idon’t work for aboss. I need toorganise advertisingin the newspaper,answer phones, buycondoms (in 3 sizessmall, average andlarge), dams, lots oflube, sheets, lotsand lots of towelsalso hand towels,stationery, makebookings, (lots oftime management!)talking to guys onthe phone, stay in agood mood all dayand my favourite part
counting themoney at the end ofthe day! I’ve beenworking for 3 yearsand now I love beingmy own boss.Luckily I’m mostlybooked a day inadvance so I have topush myself to get out of bed in the morning if I had alate night! I start answering phones between 8.30amand 10am. 10am is when most places start but if aclient wants to have a 9am booking I’m happy tomake some extra money because I started an hourearly!When guys ask if I will do oral or sex without acondom I tell them I’ve been working for 3 years andwould see 1000 clients a year, if I said yes toeveryone that’s 3000 unprotected sex sessions
a big chance of me having some sexually transmitteddiseases so if I say yes to you I could have said yesto everyone! A VERY scary thought. I really try toeducate my clients about safe sex. Especially if theyare young (under 25). I think that men just don’t thinkclearly when they are having sex! They just want tocum and feel good and they forget about my health ortheirs, or that of my sexual partner and their wife orgirlfriend. That’s why it’s so important to cover yourarse!Saturday, my first dayback from holidays, Ileave for work and getthere at 9am and startanswering my phone. Idon’t have any bookingsuntil midday and throughpeople I’ve seen before Isqueeze in 2 quickbookings before then,followed by 2 two hourbookings in a row witheasy going clients, one Ihave seen before andone that is new. WhenI’m busy I have myphone off, with ananswering machine thathas me introducingmyself, a description,prices and telling them ifthey are interested theycan leave a mobilenumber that I usually textthem back on. I don’tphone people so it savesme money and is reallydiscreet. My clients likethe discretion. I have acall from a client I’veseen before and he sayshe wants to see mebetween 6-8pm. I make a few bookings for Sunday,Monday, and Wednesday, it is great coming into workwith bookings already there. Two hour bookings areeither people that are lonely or hate the thought ofrushing the service. I love it because you only havesex once or twice and the rest is talking, and justfooling around. I like to be relaxed and I’m very luckyto have really nice clients. I think because it is sohard to get in contact with me only the genuine clientswant to follow it up. It is now 4.30 and I have abooking from a guy that has been trying to meet upwith me for a while but it turns out I have met himbefore while I was working at an agency. I keephaving clients turn up that I have seen previously atthe last agency I have worked for. Clients shoparound, they may be a regular at one place but theystill seem to move around for a bit of variety.It is now 5.45pm and I am waiting for a call from theclient that wanted to see me between 6-8. I sit downand answer calls. I text back people that have leftmessages, and from them make bookings for the
Stories from the Sex IndustryStories from the Sex IndustryStories from the Sex IndustryStories from the Sex IndustryStories from the Sex Industry
A week in the life of a pleasure giver

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