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Goa,1556 catalogue of Goa-related books

Goa,1556 catalogue of Goa-related books

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Published by Frederick Noronha
Books published by Goa,1556.
Books published by Goa,1556.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Frederick Noronha on Jan 31, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Promoting the written word, in and about Goa | http://bit.ly/Goa1556Books
!atalogue "1#
G$%&% / '$!%' ()*+-(
Goa – Found and Imagined: Possibilities,  potentials, tips and tools.
Students of a post-master's inter-disciplinary course in urbanism from Sweden encounter Goa. They ask the question: “Could urbanisation propose other ways of interpretin the pre!ailin spirit between nature and culture"# They come up with an insihtful take on contemporary Goan society. $ith the %oyal &nstitute of rt( Sweden. &S)* +,-+-/,+-0-1 %s 1//
 Refiguring Goa: From Trading Post to Tourism Destination.
 Challenin our current understandin of Goan society and history. %ahu Trichur.
 As Dear As Salt 
 2%eyna Sequeira3. Goa was once famous for its salt. This book studies salt-farmin communities in three !illaes 2ar!addo in 4ernem( )atim in Tiswadi and rpora in )arde53. &S)* +,-+-/,+-06- %s 7//
Goa: Folklore Studies
 24. 4haldesai &S)* +,-+-/,+-11-+ %s. 1+8. 4p 1/3
 apusa: !esterda" and Toda" – A  Reminis#ent Tour
 29omnic 4.. ernandes. &S)* +,-+-/,+-7-7 %s 8/. 1/61.3 
 $and of t%e Sal Tree: Stories of t%e %istor", legends and traditions of Saligao, a t"pi#al Goan &illage.
 2r *ascimento ;. <ascarenhas &llus: <el 9'Sou5a &S)* +,-+-/,+-8-+ 61 pp. %s 8/3  book on Saliao !illae.
'e"ond t%e 'ea#%: T%e (illage of Arossim, Goa, in )istori#al Perspe#ti&e
2T 9'Sil!a &S)* +,-+-/,+-6/-0 %s. 6+8 4p 6,0.3
 Pi#ture*Post#ard Po&ert": +n%eard &oi#es, forgotten issues from rural Goa
 2<ani= *oronha &S)* +,-6-+/801--+ %s. 68/. 4p 6/. 4b.3
 Anot%er Goa
2rederick *oronha &S)* +,-6-+/80-1,-1 %s. 178. 4p 6+1. 4b.3
 Domni#s Goa
29omnic ernandes &S)* +,-6-+/707/-/-/ %s. 8/. 4p 107.3
-olonialism, igration and t%e  International -at%oli# Goan -ommunit"
 2Stella <ascarenhas->eyes &S)* +,-+-/,+-6-6 %s. +8.3
Goan Pioneers in 'omba"
 2Teresa lbuquerque &S)* +,-+-/,+-1-0 %s 1+83
 Into t%e Diaspora ilderness
 2Selma Car!alho &S)* +,-+-/,+-/1-6 11 pp. %s. 78.3 ?ooks at Goan miration in the @nlish speakin world. 1e.
Songs of t%e Sur&iors
 2A!onne Ba5-@5dani &S)* +,-6-+/801-7-6 %s. 1+8. 4p 1+/. 4b.3 The story of Goans in )urma in 6+71.
T%e $ast Prab%u: A %unt for roots ** D/A, an#ient do#uments and migration in Goa
2)ernardo @l!ino de Sousa &S)* +,-+-/,+-68-6 %s. 6+8. 4p 6,1. 4b.3
B$G%P0 /%*)$B$G%P0
 Diar" of an Infantr"man.
)ri. &an da Costa( BS<( %etd.
 Patriotism in A#tion: Goans In Indias  Defen#e Ser&i#es
2Balmiki aleiro &S)* +,-+-/,+-/0-+ %s. 0//. 4p 77. 4b.3
 Its 'een A $ong Da": A /onagenarian  Remembers
 2&rene eredia( &S)* +,-+-/,+-77-6( 4p 677. %s 6+8( 1/61.3
Goa0s $iberation and T%ereafter: -%roni#les of a Fragmented $ife
 2Suresh >anekar +,-+-/,+-/-7 %s. 1+8. 4p 1,0. 4b.3
 | http://bit.ly/Goa1556Books
 1&er"t%ing is Gra#e. T%e Diar" of an  International Immigrant Priest.
Geore ranha.
&S)* +,-+-/,+-87-/.%s 7//.
'attles aged, $asting Dreams
 2Sil!ia )raanca &S)* +,-+-/,+-6+-+ %s. 8/. 4p 80/ 4b.3 Dn quino )raan5a( who fouht for the cause of )lack frica.
 ansion of Glass: T%e G2' Stor"
2>.G. Gupta &S)* +,-+-/,+-/- %s. 7//3
Girls in Green: emories from St ar"s
 2&S)* +,-6-+/80-11-, %s. 61/. 4p 660.3
+ndra u3a ama Folk Songs of Goa: An  Ant%olog" of Dulpods
 29r ;ose 4ereira( <icael <artins( ntonio Costa &S)* +,-+-/,+-10-, 4p 11/. 4b. %s. 1+8.3
Song of Goa -ro4n of andos
 2same authors as abo!e( 4p 7+0. b. &S)* +,-+-/,+-/- %s. 88/.3
%en t%e -urtains Rise
2ndre %afael ernandes &S)* +,-+-/,+-/6-7 %s. 6+8. 4p 160. 4b.3 Dn the
( a !ibrant form of modern &ndian theatre from Goa.
 edie&al Goa: A So#io*1#onomi# )istor"
 2Teotonio % de Sou5a %s. +8 pb. %s 7+8 hb.3
')-%)*- / G$%& 2)&G
5riente e 5#idente na $iteratura Goesa
 29r @ufemiano de ;esus <iranda &S)* +,-+-/,+-17- 1 pp. %s +83  detailed study of 1/th century Goan writin in 4ortuuese.
 odern Goan $iterature Pi&oting 5n t%e  Point of Return: An Ant%olog"
 24eter *a5areth 2ed.3 &S)* +,-6-+/80-18- %s. +8. 4p 7,. 4b.3 ascinatin antholoy.
 Fran#is#o $uis Gomes 6789*679 A Sele#t  Reader
2?uis ssis Correia( ed. &S)* +,-+-/,+-1-6 %s. 8/ pb %s 8// hb. 4p 780.3 &ncludes full-teEt translation of the no!el
5s 'ra%amanes
. 4robably Goa's first no!el.
 irror to Goa
 29onna ; Aoun &S)* +,-6-+/80-16-/ %s. 6+8. 4p 6,. 4b.3 n merican look at the work of Goan fiction.
-'G$& / %) / !0()%&)
ritten in Stone: ;esuit buildings in Goa and t%eir artisti# and ar#%ite#tural features.
2Cristina Dsswald. &S)* +,-+-/,+-60- 4p 7// %s 7//3
 Passion in Paradise: odern Da" -at%oli#ism in Goa
 2Christina ernandes. &S)* +,-+-/,+-70-8 4p /. b. Colour. %ich in photoraphs. %s 18/3
 " ;ourne"s T%roug% onderland
 2)renda %odriues &S)* +,-+-/,+-,- 70 pp. %s 78/.3 ccounts of an a!id lobetrotter.
 In 'la#k and %ite: Insiders Stories about t%e press in Goa
 2&S)* +,-6-+/801-/- %s. 6+8.3
 Rig%t to Information: A Step*b"*Step Guidebook 
 2* Sahai F B %aadia &S)* +,-+-/,+-+-, 1// pp. %s 1+83 1e.
T%e Art of -o#onut -raft 
 2Biaydatta ?otlikar &S)* +,-6-+/80-1-7 %s. 6+8.3
T%e Rise of India
 2@uenio <onteiro &S)* +,-+-/,+-1/-8 %s. 1+8. 4p 81. 4b.3
 | http://bit.ly/Goa1556Books
Sta" Safe, -"ber#iti<en=
 2?ucius ?obo( &llustrated by Biay >umar >akade. &S)* +,-+-/,+-1+- %s 1//3
 Follo4 e: (olume III 
 2r *ascimento ;. <ascarenhas &S)* +,-+-/,+-//-, %s. 78 hb. 4p EE H 71.3 9etails on the churches of Salcete and <ormuao.
T%e General Is +p.
4eter *a5areth's powerful no!el set in frica. 2&S)* +,-+-/,+-08-0 6,0pp. %s 1//3
Stra" ango 'ran#%es.... >s%ort stories?.
atima *oronha. &S)* +,-+-/,+-8+-8. %s 1//. Charmin short stories and reminiscences “with Goan sap#. %s 1//
T%e -r" of t%e 2ingfis%er
2)elinda Bieas &S)* +,-+-/,+-6-, %s. 6+8. 4b.3
;ust atata: A /o&el Set in 2en"a and Goa
 2)ra5 <ene5es &S)* +,-+-/,+-0-0 /7 pp. %s 1+83
 A atter of Time. 'renda -outin%o
&S)* +,-+-/,+-8-. Goin down memory lane and remindin us what it was like rowin up in a !illae in the Goa of the 6+/s. %s 1//.
 Pu#k " los il " +n Sue@os de un Solsti#o de (erano: +na )istoria agi#a de Goa
 2&n Spanish. na <achado de 9ios. &S)* +,-+-/,+-8-3 lso as
 Pu#k and t%e T%ousand and 5ne idsummer Dreams: A  agi#al )istor" of Goa
 2na <achado de 9ios &S)* +,-+-/,+-81-03 @book.
)y *iel ernandes.  suspense-thriller. &S)* +,-+-/,+-01-8 %s 1//
 Pirates= 'e4are=
 2Capt. *orbert %ebello &S)* +,-+-/,+-7-1 71 pp. %s +83
T%e Tulsi... and ot%er S%ort Stories from Goa
 2@dila Gaitonde &S)* +,-+-/,+-18-/ %s. 6+83 Stories of Goa.
S%ades it%in S%ado4s:
2lan <achado&S)* +,-+-/,+-1- %s. 8/. 4p 1,0.3
 InsideB5ut: /e4 riting from Goa.
2;. ?ourenco=. 9irkin( eds. %s. 6+8. &S)* +,-+-/,+-66-3
Goa asala An Ant%olog" of Stories b" -anadian Goans
 2)en ntao( ed. &S)* +,-+-/,+-/7-8 %s. 6+8. 4p 1,1. 4b.3
Skin. A /o&el.
 2<araret <ascarenhas &S)* +,-+-/,+-/8-1 %s. 1+8.3
T%e Sting of Pepper#orns: A no&el
2ntonio Gomes &S)* +,-6-+/80-1+-0 %s. 1+8. 4p 1+0.3
 2;ohn uiar &S)* +,-+-/,+-/+-/3
T%e Perfe#t at#%
 2<aria de ?ima 4ereira &S)* +,-+-/,+-/+-/ %s. ++ 4b.3
 Fuloos Pla"s 4it% t%e Sun
 2nela errao( 61 pp( colour( %s 8/3.  colourful story about a baby camel. &deal for 0 years and below.
 1spi ai Is Stu#k Again and 5t%er Goan Tales
 2nita 4into &S)* +,-+-/,+-80-7. %s. 6+8. 4p 67. 4b.3 Charmin short stories( for 8 to 66 year olds( all set in Goa.
 1spi a" Porot Cirkoli ani Go"#%eo %er kannio.
%omi >onkani !ersion of the abo!e book. 2&S)* +,-+-/,+-88-, %s. 6+8.
T%e Golden Gate and ot%er stories
 is a set of delihtful tales for e!eryone. %s 6+8.
 irrorred Refle#tions
 by ntonio Gomes 2forthcomin3. &S)* +,-+-/,+-07-+ 4oetry. %s 1//.

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