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The Right to Live

The Right to Live

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Published by kailashchsabat

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Published by: kailashchsabat on Feb 01, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Right to Live is not corruption
Let’s clarify Aurovind sir’s confusion
 Kailash ch Sabat-7207884783
I consider Aravind Kejriwal one of the outstanding politicians having valued  judgement on Indian people.But we must clarify ourselves as to what corruption is.You go to the constitution of sri Sarad pawar,ask people,how he is ,you get the answer.When we are telling democracy ,we must go with peoples verdict.If you apply arbitrary law simply because one is having overwhelming popularity it is not fair.So also Lalu Prasad yadav or say about shri chidambaram. Some people has greater ability to earn.Say Jag Mohan Reddy.I may give you an example.
Hanumaan Mandhania
 of Ashtech India Pvt ltd was a lay man.In Mumbai he collected fly ash of Gujarat industries and sold to Mumbai Industries as cement.He grew in to a crore pati because of the unique idea.Take your own example-You started anti corruption movement which is an unique exercise on this time.You succeeded where as other are in Q for the same.After few days many young men
may call you corrupted because simply they won’t like you.
So whether you are a law breaker or not,if there is no clarification ,let people’s
verdict decide that in a democracy not arbitrary law. People like sarad pawar live in politics.Like a fish lives in water.No body should take away that right except the verdict of people.The same standing we must conclude. Definitely Govt decision on Indian people are corrupted.Because Govt is cheating people on the name of facility provision.People have no  job,money,livelihood,education,health but govt.has no explanation. If I deserve and you are a cm ,I approached you and you are willing to admit my sincerity ,some people are shoutin that this is corruption.So they have to prove that but they are no where when the point of proof comes.Simply they want to use the Indian condtitutional power to stop somebody from living and this is greatly a deed
of corruption,let’s conclude that.
So what I see is the welfare of people is lacking and the prime work should be focused on that only. Say the home price in Crores of rupees or school fees in lacs or difference of income in huge volume or educational oppurtunities to the poor or communal and caste politics or genuine consideration to provide livelihood to poor and deserving and unnecessary stopping of parliament proceedings and public life forcibly are all corruption and this is entirely a Govt collective decision like Duryodhan to unclothe droupadi and all that witness that also become guilty and not olly senior parliamentarians arbitrarily to facilitate juniors. Earlier Govt concluded Rs 22 income a day in a family for poverty line is corruption where as to help poor deserved raising the gas to 12 numbers by Mr Rahul Gandhi is a positive policy. So also we must not use unfair means to missed people of this country so that one deserving man does not become The PM.

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