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XML Tutorial

XML Tutorial



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Published by ramakantsawant

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Published by: ramakantsawant on Sep 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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XML Tutorial
XML Tutorial
XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language.XML is designed to describe data and to focus on what data is.In our XML tutorial you will learn about XML and the difference betweenXML and HTML. You will also learn how to start using XML in yourapplications.Start learning XML!
XML Examples
Learn by examples! With our editor, you can edit XML and click on a test button to view the result.Try-It-Yourself!
XML Quiz Test
Test your XML skills at W3Schools!Start the XML Quiz!
Table of ContentsXML Basic
Introduction to XMLWhat is XML, and how does it differ from HTML?How XML can be usedSome of the different ways XML can be used.XML SyntaxThe strict and very simple syntax rules of XML.XML ElementsXML Elements, relationships, content and naming rules.XML AttributesHow XML attributes can be used to describe elements or provide additional information aboutelements.XML ValidationThe difference between a well-formed and a valid XML document, and how a DTD is used to definethe structure of an XML document.XML ValidatorA simple on-line tool for syntax-checking XML.
XML Browser supportAbout the XML-support in the most common browsers.Viewing XML in BrowsersHow to view XML files.Displaying XML with CSSHow to use CSS to display an XML file.Displaying XML with XSLHow to use XSL to display an XML file.XML embedded in HTMLHow to embed XML inside HTML documents.XML in Real LifeA real-life example of how XML can be used to carry information.XML ParserTo read and update, create and manipulate an XML document, you will need an XML parser.
XML Advanced
XML NamespacesHow to avoid element name conflicts using XML namespaces.XML CDATAHow to tell an XML parser not to parse the text.XML EncodingHow to encode your XML documents.XML ServerHow to generate XML on the server.XML ApplicationsHow to use IE to navigate in an XML file and how to create a complete XML application.XML HTTP RequestsBy using the XMLHttpRequest object, a web developer can change a page with data from the serverafter the page has loaded.XML Save Data to an XML FileUsually, we save data in databases. However, if we want to make the data more portable, we canstore the data in an XML file.Behaviors for HTML and XMLHow the CSS behavior selector can be used to create dynamic content.XML TechnologiesXML-related technologies.XML EditorWhy you should use an XML editor when you edit XML documents.
XML SummaryThis chapter contains a summary on what you have learned in this tutorial and a recommendationon what subject you should study next.
XML Examples/Quiz
XML ExamplesLots of XML Examples !!XML Quiz!Test your XML skills at W3Schools!
Introduction to XML
XML was designed to describe data and to focus on what data is.HTML was designed to display data and to focus on how data looks.
What You Should Already Know
Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following:
JavaScript or VBScriptIf you want to study these subjects first, find the tutorials on our Home page.
What is XML?
XML stands for E
XML is a
markup language
much like HTML
XML was designed to
describe data
XML tags are not predefined. You must
define your own tags
XML uses a
Document Type Definition
(DTD) or an
XML Schema
to describe the data
XML with a DTD or XML Schema is designed to be
XML is a W3C Recommendation
XML is a W3C Recommendation
The Extensible Markup Language (XML) became a W3C Recommendation 10. February 1998.You can read more about XML standards in ourW3C tutorial.
The Main Difference Between XML and HTML

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