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Story to Reflect Upon 149, 150

Story to Reflect Upon 149, 150

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Published by Bro. Oh Teik Bin
Do sit back, relax and don't rush!
Wisdom Stories can teach us much.
Do sit back, relax and don't rush!
Wisdom Stories can teach us much.

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Published by: Bro. Oh Teik Bin on Feb 01, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Story To Reflect Upon 149
Work and Rest Smart
A young man and some old folks were chopping down trees in a  jungle The young man was !ery hard working "e always continued to work through his #reak "e was disappointed to see the older folks ha!ing to #reak a few times a day to drink and chat "e thought they were wasting their time $!er the days that passed% the young man noticed that the older folks were chopping e!en more trees than he did e!en though they had #reaks "e decided to work harder #ut the results were still the same & the older folks were more producti!e in their work$ne day% one of the old folks in!ited him for a drink during their #reak The young man refused thinking it was a waste of time The old man smiled and told him% '(ou were wasting your effort chopping trees without re)sharpening your knife *t+s a matter of time #efore you gi!e up ,cause you+ll #e so tired spending too much energy- Suddenly the young man reali.ed that during the #reak times% the older folks while drinking and chatting% were also re)sharpening their kni!es at the same time/ They were smart They could chop faster than him The old man smiled and ad!ised the young man% 'What we need is efficiency #y making use of our skill and a#ility intelligently $nly then can we ha!e more time to do other things-
Reflection0 "ow can one perform efficiently without sufficient rest2 3y taking a #reak% it is not to stop work #ut to rest and re)think our strategy to go a#out it from another angle% perhaps smarterThink smart% work smart and rest smart

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