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Man's Praise More Than God's Praise.

Man's Praise More Than God's Praise.

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BY Alexander Gardiner Mercer

For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of
God. — John xii. 43.
BY Alexander Gardiner Mercer

For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of
God. — John xii. 43.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 01, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MAN'S PRAISE MORE THAN GOD'S PRAISE. BY Alexander Gardiner MercerFor they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. — John xii. 43. THE hunger of praise takes a thousand forms, and' is often disguised; but I think it is the most universal and deepest passion of our hearts, certainly of many hearts, and there is no nature, however dull, which is not keenly alive to it. It breathes through all souls, from the little child up. Not the most distin-guished actor on the most illustrious stage of the world, not the admired woman in the pride of her beauty, or the unadmired woman in the subdued yet eager aspira-tions of her heart, — not these are more marked by it than the begrimed sweep coming out of his home in the chimneys. The hod-carrier honestly prides himself on his quickness and strength, and he too is for having his admirers. We all, in different degrees, wait upon, hang upon, pant for good opinion. The affectionate heart longs for it in its highest shape of kindness and love; the vain long for their petty applause, and those who are too proud to own it, who pretend to
rest on themselves, are often half-dying for praise ; but then, it must be in some form choice enough and large MAN'S PRAISE MORE THAN GOD'S PRAISE. 2l^ enough to suit their pride. The clackings of a little town or a little newspaper satisfy some ; the trumpet of the ages is the want of others. To be sure, some of the higher order of men, in their love for pure truth or for humanity, outgrow much desire for mere praise. The true thinker loves his thought better than the pay or praise. When a traveller visited the study of the illustrious A. von Humboldt, he found all his splendid orders and insignia which were gifts from the most distinguished bodies and men in Europe, — he found them all thrown in a heap in the corner of the room. And yet even Humboldt would have been keenly sensitive to the loss of his true re-nown, and all alive to any real disgrace. Ineradicable is that feeling. In fact, few men ever realize how much it is to them. When deserted by some people we fall
back upon the good opinion of some others, and never until we have that rare experience of being deserted by all, and not only neglected but hissed by all, — not until that does any man know the deep dependence of his heart upon the opinion of his fellows. So deep a passion must have a great and benign pur-pose. The bad things in this creation of God always, if fairly looked at, betray a deep good below ; and so it is here. Praise sets the whole world in motion to useful ends. There are moments when if we have it fully we feel as if borne upon the most beautiful and softest cloud of the sunset, and sunk to rest within its gorgeous down ; but if we have it not, we are poor and 2l6 MAN'S PRAISE MORE THAN GOD'S PRAISE. naked. If the work of the world were actuated merely by the hunger and thirst of the senses, all work would stop except mere brutal clutchings, and man's life be-come as poor and cheap as the life of the beasts. On the other hand, were we actuated to work merely by

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