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Published by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger on Feb 01, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NGP Campaign Office 12XSD Version: 2.4Printed 1/31/2014
Page 1
Campaign Finance And Public Disclosure Board
First Floor SouthCentennial Office Building658 Cedar StreetSt. Paul, MN 55155-1603800/657-3889TTY 800/657-3529
Report of Receipts and Expenditures forPolitical Party Units, Political Committees and Political Funds
Period Covered: 01/01/2013 through 12/31/2013
Committee or Fund Information
Registration Number:
Committee Name:
Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Treasurer Name:
thomas hamilton
Treasurer Address:
7856 Monroe St NE Spring Lake Park, MN 554322742
Report Options
 No Change SinceLast Report
The committee received no contributions and made no expenditures during the report period.
Previous Cash Balance:
Current Cash Balance:
This report amends a previously filed report for the same period.
The committee has settled all its debts, disposed of all its assets in excess of $100 and disolved.
Received by the Board January 31, 2014
NGP Campaign Office 12XSD Version: 2.4Printed 1/31/2014
Page 2
Committee Transaction Summary
Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
1Beginning cash balance 01/01/2013 (should be thesame as the previous year ending cash balance)229,741.30
2Total Contributions ReceivedSch. A1 - CR2,014,073.35
0.002,014,073.353Receipts from loans payableSch. A2 - LP0.00
0.004Receipts from miscellaneousreceiptsSch. A2 - MISC90,774.65
Total ReceiptsSum #2 to #4
CashUnpaid BillsIn-kindTotal
6ExpendituresSch. B1 - EXP2,176,846.9224,657.060.002,201,503.987ADirect Contributions to candidatecommitteesSch. B2A - PCC0.00
15,206.7515,206.757BApproved Expenditures forcandidate committeesSch. B2B - CAN0.000.00
Total Contributions toCandidate CommitteesSum #7A + #7B
0.000.0015,206.7515,206.758Contributions to political partiesSch. B2 - PTY7,597.98
0.007,597.989Contributions to politicalcommittees and fundsSch. B2 - PCF6,054.55
0.006,054.5510Independent expenditures - Seerequired form on page 22Sch. B3 - IND44,614.860.00
44,614.8611Ballot question expendituresSch. B4 - BQ0.
Total Expenditures andDisbursementsSum #6 + #7C thru#11
Ending cash balance on12/31/2013#1 + #5 - #12
 Loans and Unpaid Obligations Summary
14ATotal outstanding balance of all loans incurred during the current yearSchedule A2-LP0.0014BTotal outstanding balance of all loans incurred during any year prior to the reporting yearSchedule C0.0014CTotal outstanding balance of all loansSum #14A + #14B0.00
15ATotal unpaid obligations incurred during the current yearTo pg. 3, line 1324,657.0615BTotal unpaid obligations incurred during any year prior to the reporting yearSch. D0.0015CTotal unpaid obligationsSum #15A + #15B24,657.06
16Total debt of committeeSum #14C + #15C24,657.06
I certify that this report is complete, true, and correct.
thomas hamilton (Treasurer)January 31, 2014 Signature of Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer
Certified Electronically by Valid Person
Any person who signs and certifies to be true a report or statement which the person knows contains false information, or whoknowingly omits required information, is subject to a civil penalty imposed by the Board of up to $3,000 and is subject to criminalprosecution for a gross misdemeanor. 
NGP Campaign Office 12XSD Version: 2.4Printed 1/31/2014
Page 3
Schedule A1 - CR Contributions Received
Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
2nd Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20522)3058 Woodlark Ln Saint Paul, MN 55121
Date CashIn kindTotal
09/12/2013 400.000.00400.00
4th Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20049)1810 Ashland Ave #2 Saint Paul, MN 551046042
Date CashIn kindTotal
09/19/2013 2,500.000.002,500.00
5th Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20397)4309 30th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406
Date CashIn kindTotal
07/29/2013 1,000.000.001,000.00
6th Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20532)2465 Bunker Lk Blvd NE Ham Lake, MN 55304
Date CashIn kindTotal
07/31/2013 400.000.00400.00
7th Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20069)PO Box 322 Osakis, MN 563600322
Date CashIn kindTotal
10/22/2013 250.000.00250.00
8th Congressional District DFL (Registered Id: 20253)1775 County Road 17 SW Pequot Lakes, MN 564722214
Date CashIn kindTotal
03/01/2013 5,000.000.005,000.0004/11/2013 1,250.000.001,250.00
AFSCME Council 5 (Registered Id: 30593)300 Hardman Ave S South Saint Paul, MN 550752435
Date CashIn kindTotal
01/02/2013 250.000.00250.0001/02/2013 5,000.000.005,000.0001/28/2013 5,000.000.005,000.0004/09/2013 10,000.000.0010,000.0005/23/2013 8,116.000.008,116.0010/10/2013 10,000.000.0010,000.00
AFSCME Local 34 PEOPLE (Registered Id: 40753)PO Box 15222 Minneapolis, MN 554150222
Date CashIn kindTotal
09/05/2013 250.000.00250.00
Ashish Aggaral24112 Bryant Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408 Employment: Java Resources
Date CashIn kindTotal
10/23/2013 500.000.00500.00
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe43408 Oodena Dr Onamia, MN 563592236 Employment: Returned on 10/7/2013
Date CashIn kindTotal
09/16/2013 2,500.000.002,500.00

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