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Fairy Tale Romance~a Novel by Rachel Schmidt

Fairy Tale Romance~a Novel by Rachel Schmidt

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Published by writergurl868

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Published by: writergurl868 on Sep 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1:
 Once upon a time there was a Middle school girl who was in love. The girl had fantasiesabout a boy who was in her grade at McCormick Junior High. The only problem was that the boydidn’t know she existed and was popular and she was a geek. The girl’s name was Anastasia. The boy’s name was Jacob. One day a twist of fate happened and it changed Anastasia’s life forever!That night Anastasia was sitting reading her favorite book “Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban” by J.K. Rowling when her cell phone beeped. She had a text message.‘Who would be texting me?’ thought Anastasia. She never gave her phone number to anybodyexcept her friends. She decided to read the text message. It said,
Unknown: I need your help would you be willing to help me? Anastasia: Sure but what do you need help inUnknown: Lets just say it’s a subject you know well  Anastasia: Wait how did you get my number?Unknown: I have my sources Anastasia: Wait can I ask you a ?Unknown: Sure Anastasia: What is your name?Unknown: I can’t say but I can tell you that I go to your school and you see me in the hallseveryday Anastasia: I have to goUnknown: Wait, how can you help me if you don’t know where we will meet? Anastasia: Ok where do you wanna meet?Unknown: How about the McDonald’s on 4 
Street? Anastasia: Sure how about at 4 o’clock tomorrow?Unknown: Sure I’ll be there bring all your supplies pens, pencils, and textbooks cause your  gonna need them Anastasia: All right I’ll see you there good night Unknown: Good Night 
‘Ok so I’m going to meet a total stranger at McDonald’s on 4
street at 4 o’clock tomorrow’ Anastasia thoughtWhen she told her mom that she was going to be coming home late tomorrow her momasked her where she was going. She didn’t want to tell her mom that she was meeting some totalstranger so she told her mom“I’m going to the library to meet a kid for tutoring.” Then her mom said“Ok as long as your home by 7 because I’m having my boss over for dinner.”“Not again” Anastasia groaned“Now try to be nice I know he isn’t the nicest man or the most interesting person either butI really need this raise.”“Alright”“OK have a nice time.”“I will mom.” Anastasia went to bed that night dreaming of whom it could possibly be thatwants to meet her.
Chapter 2:
The next morning Anastasia woke-up to the sound of her mom’s horrible singing comingfrom the bathroom“Mom quit that horrible singing!”When Anastasia finally got to see her friend Caddie before 7
period she told her aboutthe weird text messages.“The weird thing is you’re the only person that I’ve given my number to”“Wait a sec, remember last year when we were signing yearbooks and you signed Jacob’s?”“Yeah so?”“You put your phone number in his yearbook.”“So are you saying that it was Jacob who text messaged me last night?”“That’s what I’m saying Jacob wants you to help him study some subject that he isobviously failing”“Let me think a subject Jacob’s failing? I know what it is! Ok so I ‘m not exactly sure butthere are two possibilities Social Studies or Math. Well you never know”“I guess you’ll find out today at 4”“I’m kind of scared”“You’ll be fine. We better get to class before Mr. Jason gives us both detentions.”Just as they got in their seats, the bell rang for the class to begin. 5 minutes later they heard a book slam on the front desk they had a substitute, Mrs. O’Neal the meanest nastiest sub ever.“Oh no!” exclaimed Caddie and Anastasia quietly.“That was the worst class period ever!” complained Caddie as her and Anastasia walkedout of the classroom“I know! Why is she so mean anyway,” said Anastasia. Suddenly the whole hall fell silentAnastasia and Caddie turned around to see Jacob walking down the hall. Anastasia stoppedtalking after Jacob walked out the doors followed by his posse. Suddenly she heard this snappingnoise
 snap. Snap. Snap
 “Anastasia are you there?”“What oh sorry Caddie I guess I just spaced out”“Yeah you did; thinking about your meeting with Jacob in 10 minutes?”“What?! Oh crap I gotta go I’ll talk to you later Caddie”. With that, Anastasia ran out of school to get to the McDonald’s 10 blocks away
Chapter 3:
“Bye guys I gotta go somewhere I’ll meet up with you guys later,” said Jacob to his friends“What gotta have a make-out session with Olivia?” one of Jacob’s friends Zach asked“No Olivia and I broke up yesterday night I guess I forgot to tell you guys. Well I gottahurry I have to meet someone in 5 minutes” Just then, a girl ran by at 50 mph not bothering tosay excuse me. Jacob realized who it was, Anastasia. 
Anastasia turned around to see whom she had run into, Jacob. Anastasia ran even harder when she noticed Jacob.“Guys I really have to go, I only have 2 minutes to get to where I’m going and that’s 3 blocks away”“Ok dude we’ll see you at the pool at 7” another friend named Ian reminded Jacob“Ok dudes.” With that, Jacob was off.Anastasia waited patiently for her mystery person to show up she kept looking at the door until five after 4 Jacob walked in. He walked up to the counter ordered his food and while he waswaiting for his food, he searched around the room as if he was looking for someone. When hehad his food, Anastasia noticed that he was walking towards her.“Is this seat taken?” he asked“No not at all” he sat down and they sat in silence for about 5 minutes while they ate untilAnastasia decided to break the silence by asking him about the text messages.“So were you the one who sent the text messages?” Anastasia took out her phone andshowed him the text messages.“Yep that’s me,” Jacob said“Why the secrecy?” Anastasia asked confused“You would have found out it was me if you had looked in your yearbook where I signed”Jacob said“What do you mean?”“I signed your yearbook and put my cell number down.” Jacob said looking at her confused“You did!” Anastasia said shocked“I must not have noticed I was to busy staring at you” Anastasia said shyly a blush comingacross her cheeks“What did I have something in my teeth?” Jacob asked“No I just have had I crush on you since we met in English last year” Anastasia admitted“Oh” Jacob said not really sounding disgusted at the fact that Anastasia liked him“But I know you already have a girlfriend so I’ll stay away”“Actually I broke up with her I caught her with my neighbors son” Jacob said though notreally looking sad about it“Oh I’m sorry” Anastasia said actually being genuinely apologetic“It’s ok she was wanting to go a little farther in the relationship than I wanted to go” Jacobsaid making Anastasia shudder slightly“A little too much info there” Anastasia said with a look of disgust on her face“Sorry” Jacob said being apologetic“It’s ok so anyway what is this all about”“I need your help” Jacob said scratching his head nervously“What could someone as popular as you need my help with?” Anastasia said curiously“Something my popularity can’t help me with; my homework” Jacob admitted“I kind of figured that you needed my help in school,” Anastasia said shrugging her shoulders“Yeah well I’ve had tutors and they don’t help me so I came to you I figured find someonein middle school to help me with middle school” Jacob explained

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